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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 A job

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PostSubject: A job    A job  I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 01, 2012 12:44 am

Chicago, New York

He looked like anyone else awalking the busy street. A blue hoodie a pair of carptener jeans and he blended in perfectly. Just by looking you wouldn't know he was an assassin. Who would guess the bland looking youth was a killer of hire. Still even if you dind't believe it, it was his job. It was an interesting job. Not something you would write on your resume. They don't get any awards, but the money was good. It didn't take alot of money to end a life, but the difficutly and risks paid for the blunt of it. Right now Koleri was on the clock. His newest assignment had him in the bustling city. Assassins have few codes, and rules. Movies romanticized it too much. It's pretty damn simple; kill the target and don't get caught. Leave no trace, no trail, not even a hair to lead it back to yourself or the client. SO just on principle most assassins prafer to perform in a private setting. Killing someone while they're alone may not sound as cool as jumping through a window with a dagger in your mouth, but it was less a mess and less work. Everyone tried for less work for high pay. Koleri was no different. But this job wanted a more public death. The client had demanded it and put down an extra $250,000 just get it. Who was he to disagree. More money usually helped counter the risk of such dispalys, but he even more the fact it increased the possiblity investigation. Koleri sighed as he he stopped in front of a run down apartment building. This was the place. As someone was buzzed into the building he slipped in his foot in the the slowly closing door. It took only a second for him to slip in. Having a security door on such a run down place seemed like a waste of time. The face no one noticed him slip in wasn't too alarming. It probably happened alot. The place wasn't too neat, but it seemed better than any slums he'd passed on the way here. He pulled his hood over his face as he head straight for the stairs. No one looked at him or bothered to stop him as he climbed flight affter flight. Just another person in the large city. He gave a small nod to a child that stopped to look at him down the hallway. The kid waved back, but Koleri was already gone.
He stopped to take a rest on the sixth floor. Only five more to go. He looked down at his watch, there was plenty of time. He didn't want to be late, but being too early was a bad thing too. Without thinking about it any more he finished his ascent to the roof. He'd only been inside for a matter of minutes, but had already forgotten how bright the sun was. Thankfully the hood shaded his eyes enough to look across the city. Plenty of tall buildings dotted the horizon.

Hundreds of glass windows reflected the light. They all looked the same from the distance, but there was only one to worry about. The fifth building from the right of the tower. It was well over ten blocks away. Koleri counted his way up the windows. Twenty floors up the second window on the left end. He recounted it twine and looked at his watch. Almost time. He pulled the blue triangle from he pocket of his hoodie. He raised his left hand and emblem became a bow in his hand. A quincy bow of pure energy. As he pulled the string back with his right hand an arrow took shape. He closed his left eye and used his right to aim at the window. He stood there holding the arrow ready looking at the window. Koleri didn't move an inch, he stood like a statue. Anyone looking out there window wouldn't see the bow, so they'd just think him some oddball. His watch suddenly beeped and he released his arrow. It streaked across the sky like a rocket, there was a hiss as the energy rushed from his bow. The speed it traveled distance between bow and the window was closed within seconds. His target was a criminal loan shark. A man that spent his days as stock broker. When he wasn't trading shares he was exploiting people and crushing his oppositions. The window Koleri had shot at was to a meeting room. The boss like to sit with his back to the window. Not a wise thing to do when you step on so many toes. But this glass was bullet proof the man feared nothing. But then he didn't expect an energy arrow. It took so little for the arrow to cut through the glass and straight through the man's chest. The arrow had came so quickly the glass didn't have a chance to shatter before the man fell over dead in his chair. Those in the meeting room were in an uproar just as the window broke behind him. When they went to check on their boss they would only see a hole in his chest. The arrow had already faded. Koleri didn't have to wait long to reiceive message of the kill. His phone rang twice. That was the code. He turned back and walked down the stairs. Easy money. He wondered if there were any good resturants around.
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A job
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