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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Security (solo) WIP

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Ezrachek Rayone


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PostSubject: Security (solo) WIP   Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:37 pm

Ezrachek awoke with a calm exhale of breath from his lips. This was the way it had been for the past month or so. Not really stirring in his bed until waking up like most people, but rather just opening his eyes and he was awake. It was simple, and fit Ezrachek quite well. He was content with it as he sat up, sliding his feet off the side of the bed. He sluggishly rose to his feet and got dressed. He had lots of things to do. He rubbed the drowsiness from his eyes as he grabbed Ansatsu Oji from the stand on his dresser. He walked towards his door, stopping momentarily as he slid it to the side. He stepped outside, closing the door behind him and turned towards the Office. He took a few slow steps and then slowly increased his pace until he was at his normal walking pace, which thanks to his long legs, was the equivalent to someone else’s slower walk. He didn’t need to move very fast due to the distance his longer legs would cover. Although, he wasn’t as tall as Vice-Captain Okibi, he was one of the tallest members of the 2nd Squad, which was unorthodox for the body type of ninjas. They were usually shorter types with quick feet and strong arms. Ezrachek fit in with the strong arms and quick legs, just a bit taller than most of the 2nd squad members. He looked around the path, noticing his distaste for the routine scene of his travels to the office. He was currently on probation from traveling to the World of the Living after he left on his own accord to meet what he found out to be a Quincy, having Vice-Captain Okibi end the day with dragging him back to the Soul Society. He watched as the other shinigami slowly passed him by as they were in a hurry to get to their posts. Ezrachek was in no real hurry as he knew what awaited him. More paper work. He arrived at the office to see the Captain and Vice-Captain already busy at work. Ezrachek had arrived for his shift roughly five minutes early and decided to waste no time. He sat down and quickly started to review the paper that was on his desk, making any necessary revisions to it before passing it down the line. Ezrachek sat there and continued on this monotonous day of work for the next ten hours, finally finishing his work.

He stood from his desk and walked towards the door. He turned back towards the group, giving a respectful bow to the Captain and Vice-Captain before leaving. He walked sluggishly back to his room and entered without a sound. He passed out on his bed after placing Ansatsu Oji back on the stand like every night before. Tonight, however, He would not dream. He wouldn’t have a nightmare. His mind was completely blank, a black void of emptiness flowed around and surrounded his thoughts and killed them off. Ezrachek fell into his slumber with not a single thought in his mind.


Ezrachek awoke with a start as his chest pounded with his heart beating strong. He looked around as his eyes struggled to focus on anything. After a few moments his eyes fixed on his Zanpakuto, and then the rest of the room came into focus. ”Get the hell out of my head Ansatsu! Stop f-cking with me!” Ezrachek called out as he rubbed his eyes. The zanpakuto did not respond, as he didn’t need to. They both knew that it wasn’t possible, as the spiritual connection forced them to be mentally connected as well. Ezrachek stood and got dressed. Today was his day off and he had no idea how he would enjoy it. He decided to go talk to the Captain however. He grabbed Ansatsu Oji and exited his room.

After a few moments, he had finished talking things over with the Captain and his probation was lifted for the districts of Rukongai. Ezrachek thanked the Captain and left the room, having clearance for today to go specifically to the Third District. He bowed and quickly left the Captain’s Office. Ezrachek was now walking at a quick tempo, as he moved swiftly towards the gate. The gate was opened immediately after Ezrachek presented his clearance. Ezrachek calmly stepped through and set off for the third district. He quickly raised his pace to a sprint has it sped along the path, eventually reaching the forest that separated the 2nd and 3rd district. He jumped airborne, landing softly on a branch and immediately kicked off to the next one. Slowly, he made his way through the forest, breaking through on the other side to see the busy streets of the third district. Many men and women walked quickly across the street as they made their way to the next destination. Muscular men stood on stages flinging rods with both ends lit on fire as a group of smaller group of presumably men dancing in a dragon costume. Ezrachek came to a skid beside to main road that ran parallel to the edge of the forest. A group of small children accompanied by what seemed like a group of adults passed by him and waved with cheerful smiles on their face. Ezrachek laughed and waved back. He moved his hand to his hair as he slicked his hands back through the hair, feeling the straps of the eye patch tightly around his head. He waited for them to pass on before crossing the street. He was still wearing his uniform and had Ansatsu Oji tied to his back. He moved past the crowd, having to squeeze through some tight spaces at times. He finally broke through the main crowds as he made it to the more private sector of the festival, where the more permanent shops were placed. He moved about trying to find a place to eat. He turned a corner to see a tall man, wearing a tight black uniform with a blade tied to his body. A rogue shinigami, no doubt. Ezrachek moved slowly towards the man who was demanding money from a teller. The man turned around and saw Ezrachek and began to run. Ezrachek laughe as the man made it too easy. "Hado 2! Reel!" He called out as the man was yanked backwards. He slid along the ground as the kido force dragged him backwards towards Ezrachek. He stopped as Ezrachek released the kido just as the man lay at Ezrachek's feet. Ezrachek unsheathed his blade, preparing to strike the man down.
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Security (solo) WIP
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