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 my school days(Solo)

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PostSubject: my school days(Solo)   Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:02 pm

Early morning, the sun's rays were heating up the town. The Sun rays fell on Lilith's face as she lay'd on the bed in a dead sleep through her window. In a loud grunt and moan lilith woke up lifting up to look around "dam sunlight" Lilith said as she lifted up throwing the cover off of her as she turned over to stand up with a yawn. She began to walk towards the window slamming it shut as her room fell back to its usual dark status (wood windows). Lilith began to walk over to her clothing cabinet, her clothes were already ready laying on her cabinet. White single tank top, her school uniform and a pair of black leather shoes were layed out on a table near the cabinet. Lilith slowly walked to the bathroom after checking her clothes once again. She yawned loudly as she began to brush her teeth staring herself down in the mirror for awhile. She quickly finished up and hoped in the shower she was getting ready for school and she liked to be perfect every day.

Lilith finished up putting her clothes on and after checking herself in the mirror grabbed her cross and backpack flinging in over her shoulder. "might need this.." she said as she picked up her cross and walked out her apartment locking the door behind her. she shrieked as the sunlight it her eye's a little to bright for how early it was but Lilith did not mind after her eye's adjusted to the light she began to walk down the road slowly looking at all the other people going about her day she smiled. today would be a good day she could feel it she turned the corner and in a sigh she dropped her backpack staring down a hollow a very big one at that who was eating humans it was weird that she did not notice it before. Lilith stared the hollow down as it spotted her and began to walk towards her set to eat her since she had more spirit energy then the other humans in the area. Lilith lifted her hand forming her baby blue energy bow she quickly vanished from view do to her quick speed moving to the left off the hollow she fired 3 shoots just to test his speed, and even though she was faster then the hollow he easily dodged the arrows with a simple step to the left and began to charge at Lilith with blood lust in its eyes. Lilith jumped up and fired another arrow at the hollow trying to slow it down, but the hollow just looked up and stopped the arrow hitting where he was suppose to be he went to run again but he stopped mid step as the hollow noticed that she was trying to draw him in. the hollow looked at the girl and opens his mouth to speak but closes it again. Opening his mouth again he actually speaks this time "you think you are the only long range fighter" he said as he lifted his palm and shoot five small beams at Lilith as she fell mid air. Lilith even though she was not surprised the hollow had a ability gasped and kicked her leg hard to the left using the momentum to spin herself dodging some off the beams but one hit her scraping the side of her face as she spun and landed on a nearby building pushing off it towards the hollow she caused ripples in the area she kicked off of moving quickly towards the hollow she fired another three arrows at him then landed in front of him sliding under him and in between his legs she aimed another arrow to split through him. The hollow was smart though and jumped into the first three arrows only to dodge the second attack he yelped in pain as he begin to bleed from the arrow holes the in rage ran at Lilith trying to jump on her and crush her. but Lilith was ready to end this she spun on the ground to the left and began firing arrows at the hollow as he jumped down and with no way to dodge the hollow was hit and fell to the ground with a hard thud.

Lilith got up catching her breath as she put her bow away and ran over to pick up her backpack she pulled her cell phone from her pocket and looked at the screen "dam late for school" she said as she took off for the high school thinking the hollow was dead. She was running for awhile till she spotted one of her friends who was also running to get to class Lilith ran up to the side of her as both off the girls ran to school. "Late too huh Yuki" Lilith said to the girl as the both turned the corner and the school was in sight. the girl looked at Lilith with a smile and begin to speak "yea im late....but why are you always late Lilith" the girl said with a chuckle as the 2 got to the school gate. "it's cause i work late you know that Yuki" Lilith said as she ran into the school and the two split up, each going to there classes.

Lilith busted through the door off her class gasping for air under her breath she looked up only to see everyone looking at her. "what are you looking at" she said in a sly tone as she walked up to the teachers desk and grabbed a paper he had held out for her "we have a test today Lilith....hope you at least try'd to study" the teacher said as he handed Lilith the paper. "of course.." Lilith said with a fake smile as she walked over to her seat which was way in the back near a open window. She sat down with a thud and pulled a pencil from her backpack and began to work on the test "i hate test" she said under her breath. "what did you say talking during the test" the Teacher said looking up for a moment at her direction, Lilith simply gave a shrug and went back to her test finishing it quickly she stood up and handed the test to the teacher and went back to sit down falling asleep for about a hour she was woke up by the loud bell and the sound of the other students getting up. lilith got up with a loud yawn and began to walk out of the class room till she heard a loud sound which caused her to drop all her stuff. "I know your In there Quincy!!!!" she heard it all through her skull then she looked outside to see the hollow from before "how is he alive" she said as she started to run through the halls to the school front door. She quickly got out off the school and ran over to were the hollow was the beast spotted her quickly he was filled with the hole's from the fight before and yet he was not dead and giving Lilith no time to react he slapped at her sending her flying into a nearby tree he seemed faster then before. Lilith shoot up spitting out blood as she formed her bow and launched four arrows at the hollow they hit dead on striking the hollow in the chest but he just kept coming slapping Lilith far to the left once again she flew like a rag doll bouncing as she hit the street and once she got up she gasped only to find out the hollow was in her face already kicking her high into the sky she flew up with a huge gush of blood shooting from her mouth this guy is on a whole other level then me she thouht to her self as she flew up into the sky from the kick. "i cannot die here" she said as she began to fire arrows at the hollow from above about 7 which once again hit dead on but the hollow just kept standing jumping into the sky in a huge leap he began to punch Lilith higher mid air then grabbing her he flung her back down into the street were she landed with a hard smash followed close by the hollow. Lilith struggled up to her feet and began to run with the hollow following close she turned around and fired another arrow aimed for his face but unlike last time he tilted his head dodging the arrow. That was it she had to get a face shoot for this hollow to go down and know Lilith could take the offense she stopped and began to aim at the hollow powering up one strong shoot she waited till he came in for another swing then fired, the arrow ripping through the hollows head taking it completely off but as a huge shock to Lilith he kept coming picking her up in his hand even with no head Lilith fell limp ready to give up just as the hollow fell dead and she gasped falling to the ground on one knee "what the fuck...some sort of adrenaline rush i guess" she said as she got up and began to limp back to her house. it was not to long till she made it back opening the door she slammed it behind her and walked in falling on her bed she almost died today.....
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my school days(Solo)
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