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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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Ezrachek Rayone


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PostSubject: Rebellion   Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:25 pm

The cool breeze rolled in through the window that was open in Ezrachek’s window. He was already awake this morning, earlier than usual. He was pushing his workout even harder this morning. It had marked the 3 month since his first defeat as a shinigami. Ezrachek thought about that day. He was only an academy student and a stubborn one at that. He visualized the battle and played through the actions in his head. He should have seen it coming. He cursed as he threw his fist towards the floor. Sweat rolled down his chest as he sat on the floor, recovering from the push-up position. Another cool breeze rolled in through the window, making impact on the sweat on his chest, sending a shiver down his back. Ezrachek shook it off and rose to his feet, walking over to his dresser and got dressed. He grabbed Ansatsu from the dresser, tying it to his waist as he quickly left his room. He made his way towards the Academy, when he heard a loud clamor of noise coming from the 11th squad barracks. The 11th Squad took advantage of having the barracks closest to the sparring arena of the Academy due to the fact of their heightened skills in fighting. Ezrachek walked closer to the barracks, pressing himself against a wall. He stuck to the wall as he listened in for details about what was going on. He peeked around the wall to see three men standing around. He quickly retreated his head back when one of them started to turn around.

”Rawlen Shuhiro of the 11th squad, 17th seated. We here by accuse you of the murder of 15th seat Kojimaru Noro. You will come with us to be presented before the Central 46. Your fate will be decided there.” One of the men said calmly as the two made their way closer to retrieve the traitor.

”Hell no! I didn’t murder no one! You can’t- You won’t take me anywhere! Get away from me! Rid this world of filth. Burn! Kasai Ganbo!” Rawlen exclaimed as he released his shikai. The blade melted down, making the metal move freely as Rawlen swung it towards the first guy. The blade wrapped around his arm, slowly melting it off due to the molten metal. The man let out a scream as he slowly faded from existence. The second man started to run as Rawlen whipped the blade towards him, cutting a deep slash into his back. Rawlen walked towards the man who was now crawling on the ground, pleading every moment for his life. The blade that was once melted down, retracted into the previous state, steaming as it cooled. Rawlen bent down, snatching the hair of the wounded warrior, pulling back to raise his face from the dirt. Ezrachek peered around the corner as he watched the man slash his blade slowly across the wounded man’s throat; slowly enough for the man to feel every second of misery before drowning in his own blood. Ezrachek became sick for a moment, having the aroma of burnt blood come to him from the first victim. He hadn’t smelled something like that since his visit to the universe of Ansatsu Oji, where he first met his zanpakuto spirit. Ezrachek turned the corner to face the man. ”Hado 4! White Lightning!” He called out as the bolt of lightning whizzed towards Rawlen. Rawlen heard it at the last second and turned sideways as it zipped past his chest, just barely grazing him. Rawlen glared at Ezrachek for a second, watching him charge towards him. Three other men rushed over after Ezrachek had charged towards him. Rawlen turned his back and ran off into the distance. Ezrachek was right behind him, struggling to keep up; matching his speed, but never reducing the distance. They made their way through the Seireitei with quick speed, arriving at the edge gate in no time. The guardian, not knowing of the betrayal, saw the shinigamis running towards the gate and assumed it was urgent business. He opened the gate with haste as they ran right through. Ezrachek pushed his muscles to move just a little bit faster to reduce the gap, and just as his legs started to give way to exhaustion, Rawlen stopped. He bent over gasping for air as his lungs burned with despair for oxygen.

Ezrachek studied the character that was Rawlen, He was tall in height with medium length black hair. His zanpakuto was 4 feet long.
Rawlen Shikai:
Ezrachek noticed that Rawlen was in pain as well and played it off as a victory. ”I was wondering when you were going to drop. Ezrachek said with a smug laugh afterwards. Rawlen finally caught his breath and stood up, drawing his zanpakuto. ”You think I care what you think? As far as I’m concerned, you die here. I won’t waste any time with you.” he said as he jumped towards Ezrachek, swinging his katana downward towards the dome of Ezrachek’s skull. Ezrachek easily rasied up his sword and deflected the attack, serving a counter as he thrusted his foot forward, kicking hard into Rawlen’s abs, sending him airborne flying back into a tree trunk. Rawlen stood, shaking the pain from his chest, wiping the dirt from his uniform. He grabbed his zanpakuto from the floor and looked back towards Ezrachek, who was already charging in for an attack.

Ezrachek swung downward with his blade, as Rawlen quickly moved to the side, bringing his blade over towards Ezrachek’s chest. Ezrachek then bent over backwards as he watched the silver blade pass over, inches from his face. Ezrachek lost balance and fell backwards, knowing that a second attack would come. Ezrachek rolled sideways in the dirt as his hands raised from the dirt he made his move. ”Bakudo 5! Senko!” He called out as a flash of light jumped from his hands, blinding Rawlen easily in the process. It blinded Ezrachek as well, however the time for them to recover gave Ezrachek the time to recover to his feet and prepare for his next attack. They wiped the light from their eyes and looked towards each other, waiting for the other person to make the first move. Rawlen got annoyed by this, knowing that others would be coming soon. ” Rid this world of filth. Burn! Kasai Ganbo!” He called out as flames erupted around his blade, slowly melting the blade into a golden color. Rawlen whipped it around, bringing it towards Ezrachek’s left side. Ezrachek quickly dodged it, being careful not to come anywhere close to this blade. Any prolonged contact with it would be his imminent doom. Ezrachek looked at Rawlen as the anger built up inside between the two of them. Rawlen swung his blade to attack once more as Ezrachek refusing to dodge, met the attack with his own zanpakuto. The blades hissed as the heat began trading between the two blades. Ezrachek attempted to pull back on his blade, but Rawlen’s blade was already wrapped around the Blade. Ezrachek threw his blade forward, knocking Rawlen off balance. Ezrachek charged towards him as he attempted to regain his balance. ”Burn the blades that have been lost! Hado 8!” Ezrachek yelled out as a blade of flames erupted from his hands.

Ezrachek dove forward, driving the blade into the chest of Rawlen, as his insides slowly started to burn. Rawlen let out a final gargling cry as his zanpakuto began to slowly fade to its original state. Ezrachek released his hands as the blade of flames burst into ashes. He walked over to pick up his zanpakuto which laid on the ground. He sheathed it and looked at the corpse that was now laying on the ground. ”Some fighter you are from the 11th squad. Disappointment, however, Didn’t get a chance to use shikai on you.” Ezrachek laughed as he picked up Rawlen’s Zanpakuto. He made his way back to the gates of Seireitei and requested the entrance. The doors opened and Ezrachek walked calmly with a good pace towards the 11th squad barracks. Once arrived, he placed the Zanpakuto in the hands of the Vice Captain, with an apology. There was no way that he was going to return alive. Ezrachek gave his condolences and set off to return to his barracks dorm. Once there, he untied Ansatsu Oji and placed it on the dresser, where he had his sword rack made especially for his zanpakuto. He lied down on his bed, staring at the ceiling as he let out a sigh of relief.
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