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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Obtaining Shikai + Loss of Eye

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Ezrachek Rayone

Ezrachek Rayone

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Obtaining Shikai + Loss of Eye Empty
PostSubject: Obtaining Shikai + Loss of Eye   Obtaining Shikai + Loss of Eye I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 03, 2012 1:05 am

Ezrachek awoke in a start, panting and breathing heavily. Sweat drops rolled down his face, and down his bare chest. He heard a growling noise and looked over towards his zanpakuto. He confirmed that it was making the noise. Ezrachek hesitantly rose and moved his way towards his blade. ”Blood! Blood! I demand blood!” A faint hissing whisper came from his blade as he moved his hand towards it. He unsheathed the blade and laid it down in front of him. He moved his hand towards it and touched the metal shining in the moonlight. Darkness closed in from the corner of his eyes, and suddenly the room began to spin.

Ezrachek awoke to find himself in a place that was a dark crimson red color, with a sticky crimson residue covering the whole area. He looked down, not yet having full control of his senses. He touched it and pulled his finger towards his nose. He breathed in deeply and smelled the true horror of this place. It was blood! This place was covered in blood. No. This place was made by blood. It stunk of death, and his stomach began to give way. Ezrachek hunched over and vomit flew from his mouth, covering the floor in front of him. ”Well, that’s not very respectful! You enter someone else’s home and first thing you do it vomit? How weak of you!” Ezrachek rose his head, after wiping his mouth clean. He looked upon the person that was standing there.


Ezrachek remembered discussing this with a mentor from back when he was in the academy. He was told that he would find himself in a scarily new place, with someone who he didn’t recognize. He would have to fight him to establish dominance, and only then would he gain his Shikai and learn the name of his zanpakuto. If he failed to impress his zanpakuto, he would die. Ezrachek felt a shock from his chest as it finally hit him. This was his zanpakuto. He stood up and wiped the fear from his face and from his mind. ”What do ya say we skip the bullsh- and let’s just get to the name.”

”I’m afraid it’s not that easy Ezrachek. You know very well what you must do to win me over.” The man said as he unsheathed a sword that was the released shikai form of the zanpakuto. It was dark, with silver edges. The blade was jagged at the end and wildly sharp. The blade from end to end was only 4 feet long, which seemed to complement their speed.


Ezrachek stood up and figured that it would be useless to argue. He unsheathed his sword, which was still in its basic form. He steadied his stance and pointed the blade towards the man standing in front of him. ”come at me!” He called out as he readied his mind for the attack that may come. The man charged towards him with great speed. It was hard for Ezrachek to read his movements, but saw the blow that was coming. He raised his sword to deflect the attack from the man, swinging his sword around with a counterattack of his own. The man easily dodged it, thrusting the released zanpakuto towards Ezrachek once more. Ezrachek bent over backwards, as the blade slid across his face, just missing contact. Ezrachek collapsed to the ground from lack of balance. He fought for control of his body, as he rolled out of the way of the next attack from the zanpakuto. Ezrachek stood to his feet quickly. He readied himself again, and this time he wasn’t going to wait for the man to attack. He charged towards the man, and planted his foot in front of him. He swung his sword full force towards the man, who quickly ducked to dodge it. Ezrachek rose his other leg, driving a knee hard into the man’s face. Just before falling backwards, the man slashed forward with the released zanpakuto, digging the blade deep into Ezrachek’s chest. Blood poured from his chest as Ezrachek let out a pain-filled yell. The man fell backwards and wiped the pain of the knee from his face. He stood and faced Ezrachek. He began to laugh. ”Well well. You have impressed me! My name is Ansatsu Oji and I am your Zanpakuto.” Ansatsu said as he held out the released blade out to Ezrachek. ”Don’t dare think that I approve of your weak butt for just a second. The fact that you even managed to land a hit on me is good enough for me. You will still have to earn my respect.” He told Ezrachek the chant for the release as he walked towards him.

Ezrachek was confused. He only hit the man once. How was this the end? Ezrachek shrugged the thoughts from his mind and stood up. He stumbled towards Ansatsu, feeling the pain in his chest slowly dwindling down. He called out the name as he grabbed the released form from Ansatsu.

Ezrachek opened his eyes, finding himself back in his room. He looked down at his chest, seeing that the wound was gone. He then moved his eyes towards his sword, which was still in the sealed form. He moved towards his bed and went to sleep.

He awoke the next morning and got ready for his day patrolling the human world. He went through the gate and made his way quickly to his post. Once there, he relieved the shinigami who was previously there. Ezrachek took charge and began his rounds. It was the middle of the day before he got his first interaction of the day. It was also going to be his only, and the most challenging so far.

Ezrachek was walking through the streets when suddenly he felt a strong aura around him. He turned to see a hollow with a wicked look. It looked like a human, but with more of a monstrous look. Ezrachek quickly unsheathed his zanpakuto to face it. He stepped towards it when it suddenly burst into black dust. Ezrachek then saw the arrow of a quincy. He cursed under his breath as he saw the quincy approach him. It wasn’t going to be an easy battle, but it was definitely going be a battle. Ezrachek jumped towards the quincy, getting a closer look at him.


Ezrachek charged towards him, bringing his blade in an attack position. Once close to him, he swung his blade forward, aiming for the midsection of the quincy. He easily dodged it. The quincy jumped away, pulling back on his bow. Ezrachek charged towards him once again, this time much faster. The quincy released and Ezrachek didn’t have the time to react, for his was betting everything on stopping the quincy before his attack. The arrow soared right into Ezrachek’s left eye. Blood poured from his eye and he fell to the ground. He saw the blood drip onto the road that they were standing on. Anger filled Ezrachek as he ripped the arrow from his eye. ”Take your seat in the high Throne Blood Prince! Scream Ansatsu Oji!” He yelled out as the zanpakuto released into the shikai form. Ezrachek could feel a great rise in strength as he felt the additional reiatsu flow through his muscles. He charged towards the quincy once more, making sure to make unpredictable movements. He finally made his way near the quincy, after dodging the arrows that were shot towards him. He slashed upwards towards the quincy, making contact and slicing through the flesh and bones. The quincy’s arm flew to the floor as Ezrachek finished through, severing the arm completely off. The quincy jumped back, and in a defeated tone, he quickly ran off through the woods on the outside of town, retreating from the battle. Ezrachek went to chase him, but remember the dangers of the forest. Ezrachek contacted the Central 46, requesting a replacement for his patrol, as he made his way back to the gateway back to the Soul Society.

Once there, Ezrachek stumbled his way to the 2nd squad barracks. Once there, The medics took a look at him and nodded to each other. They took Ezrachek back to a medical room and began their work. Ezrachek was knocked out with medicine and didn’t have any clue what they did to him.

He woke once more, only able to out of one eye. He looked around the room to see that he was alone. Just then, a doctor came into the room with shiny glasses perched on his nose. He was carrying a clipboard and scribbling notes on the paper. ”Ezrachek Rayone. 2nd Squad. 12th seat. Pleasure to meet you. I want to apologize for your injuries. It seems that there wasn’t anything that my team could do anything to help you. How did this happen?” The doctor asked as he looked up from his clipboard. ”I honestly don’t know doc, what’s the damage?” He was obviously lying, but he was too embarrassed to tell the truth about him taking damage in the battle. The doctor looked at him and rolled his eyes. ”You have lost your left eye. Severe damage was done to the nerves inside and so my team was forced to remove it. We supplied one of our finest brands of eye patches for you. It’s secured tightly around your head so that it doesn’t fall off during battle or any other activities. You have been released back to your barracks. Do try to be more careful next time please.” The doctor said as he turned and left the room.

Ezrachek stood up and walked over towards the door. He turned when he noticed a mirror in the corner of the room. He walked up and looked at his reflection.


He smirked when he looked at his reflection. It did give him a cool guy look, and he kind of liked the look. He accepted it and walked out of the room. He returned to his barracks and slept for the rest of the night.
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Obtaining Shikai + Loss of Eye
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