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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Pulling Patrol duty (Solo)

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Ezrachek Rayone

Ezrachek Rayone

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Pulling Patrol duty (Solo) Empty
PostSubject: Pulling Patrol duty (Solo)   Pulling Patrol duty (Solo) I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2012 10:02 pm

The mind of a warrior is cold and unforgiving. The warrior does whatever it takes to stay alive. To put it simply, in the warriors mind, anything goes. Some warriors put false idols such as honor and respect in their way of fighting, but the most dangerous warriors of all are those that fight purely as a need to survive. They worship nothing other than the struggle of battle, and love nothing more than the sight of blood spilling from the wounds of their enemies. The most primal creatures express this warrior mindset, and in the case of Ezrachek Rayone, it was his upbringing. His past life before becoming a shinigami, was paved with the path of bloody battles and horrific wars. He was killed in cold blood, and was brought into the academy to become a shinigami. He went through the academy at the fastest rate of his class, graduating quite early and having only lost one spar against a shinigami member of the 12th squad. He cherished his fighting skill but was slowly humbled once he made it to the real world of being a shinigami. Upon graduating, he enlisted himself into the ranks of the 2nd squad. He enjoyed the idea of being a member of the stealth squad, for it would hone his fighting skills. He went on his first mission with the Captain, and quickly discovered that he wasn’t as strong as he thought he was. He went on through many different missions; some even destined to fail, and had come close to failure many times. He decided to find some other way to better his fighting skills, and to rack up some victories.

He personally volunteered for patrol in a city that was known for having a high amount of hollows. He made his way through the portal that separated the human world from the spiritual realm and quickly relieved the current patrol from his duty. They exchanged the needed intel on the current situation of the city. There hadn’t been many hollows who had shown up, but the night was still young. The shinigami left to return to the Seireitei and Ezrachek began his rounds. The night was boring as expected. The number of hollows had decreased all around and the 12th squad was attempting to discover the reason behind it, or so they said. Ezrachek finally found a group of weakling hollows in the streets below. The humans had already retired from their shops and had retreated into their homes for the night. Ezrachek jumped down into the street and quickly drew his blade, swinging it in circles at his side. He had unwrapped the lacing that surrounded his hilt and began swinging the blade faster around his side, making larger circles. The closest hollow heard the whooshing of the wind that was created by the blade and turned towards Ezrachek. Before it could make a move, Ezrachek had snapped the blade forward, sending it plunging into the skull of the hollow. It let out a roar of pain before bursting into black dust. The other hollows had now all turned their attention to Ezrachek. They all advanced towards him as he effortlessly flung his blade around, slicing fatal wounds into the bodies of the hollows as they burst into dust. Ezrachek snapped his blade forward once more towards the last hollow, who was much quicker than the first and dodged the strike. Ezrachek pulled back on the lacing and just before the blade snapped back towards him, something had broken the connection. Ezrachek looked towards the ground and saw a blue bolt just as it struck the ground. Ezrachek looked up towards the adjacent building and saw a body standing on the ledge. Ezrachek quickly turned his attention towards the remaining hollow. He placed his hand on its face and called out ”Hado 4! White Lightning!” as he blasted the lightning bolt into the skull of the hollow, destroying him immediately.

Ezrachek then quickly retrieved his zanpakuto, retying the lacing around the golden hilt. He sheathed his blade and kicked off of the air, making his way towards the rooftop to encounter the quincy.

(OOC: Will be continued in different thread)
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Pulling Patrol duty (Solo)
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