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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Just another solo.

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PostSubject: Just another solo.   Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:00 pm

Leaving the great white tower, Tatsu looked behind wondering if he would see this place again, he most likely would but not from this close. It was surprising how a beautiful tower like this one could have such a sinister task. The great white tower fading in the distance Tatsu felt better and better his spiritual energy coming back to himself bit by bit, he was to go fetch his zanpakuto back at the second division barracks. The streets were silent and the air was heavy, he held his wrist holding back the pain that it caused him, that tattoo that was radically slapped on him as a mark of obedience was more painful than the task tied to it.

The day was young and most shinigamis were still asleep and the sun was struggling to show its first rays. The sky slowed tainted its colors to an orange hue. Small fog rolling in to mark the mornings beginning. Turning his glance towards the new view he had earned himself he sighed, relief filled his lungs as his legs were still shaking, still afraid this was all a show of horror that would bring him back to his execution grounds. Yet no one came and the samurai was left alone. His honor had been shaken and mostly stripped, he had yet to find a way to regain his righteous path. The newly made living man needed to find a means to regain his lost honor, afterall he had made a pledge of loyalty above Kaiyoís just to remain alive, it had to be worth something afteral.

His steps echoed on the routes of the seireitei, slowly making his way to the second division barracks where his zanpakuto would be given back to him, for sure there was a slight chance that the guards would recognize him, but it mattered not he wanted to recuperate his lost belongings. He had managed to keep the red ribbon in his hair, which was one of the things he was proud with in this whole situation, not keeping his promise with the dead captain surely would have provoked him to kill himself with his newly found zanpakuto. After a long walk from the tower made of sekki sekki stone the samurai was finally in front of the guarded gate of the second division of the gotei. It didnít take long before a guard approached him and talked to him asking him what he was doing.

ĎíWhat are you doing here? Werenít you ordered to be executed?íí

Shrugging off as if nothing happened Tatsu looked at the guard. ĎíI doubt they would let me out if I was still to be executed, Iíve come to fetch my belongings, I hope you donít mindíí

Without further ado the samurai moved on forward towards the gates of the barracks which slowly opened in front of him a smile on his face with the inner enjoyment to be given his sword back he moved on forward a hurried tempo to his footsteps. Entering the barracks he walked the opposite steps he had walked about a week before, making it back to where his cell was. The guard seemed surprised to see Tatsu, but he didnít say a single word anyone would know why he was there at that point. Nodding to the samurai the squad person turned around and opened the cabinet where the white wrapped sword had rested for a week. A large smile on his face Tatsu took his sword and unsheathed it, simply to admire the blade its designs the smooth white cloth that wraps around its sheath. Resheathing it he bowed to the man keeping the cells and left without further waiting, there was something he wanted to do, something he needed to do. Something that absolutely needed to be done. Wrapped sheath in hand he walked off outside the barracks towards the south towards his old division barracks.

By the time the shinigami had reached the gates of the eleventh division. He didnít know what to honestly think, something inside of him was tearing apart, chosing between Kaiyo and Kuro was a hard thing he wished he didnít have to. He glanced back in his footsteps and took a deep breath this wasnít what he had planned for. Turning tail he he started walking back towards the division he had left just a moment ago.

His steps were slow and his heart was in turmoil he didnít know why he was doing this deep down it felt like bretrayal. He knew that the symbol on his wrist meant alot of things that he would provide help to a third party other than his division. Taking a deep breath he put more courage into his heart and his steps came to a normal rhythms. It didnít take long for the samurai to rejoin the second divisionís barrack once again, but his heart was still in turmoil.

He knew that he could make it within the second division, and he also knew that his skills would be put to the test correctly in such a place..but it didnít reflect who he was and who he wanted to be. He owed the captain of this division a great deal and lending him oneís skill might be the best way to repay that debt, not that he could repay the life he had given him, because Kuro was not one to be on the border of death that often...or so he thought.

Approaching the guards they had this surprised glance on his face, as if they thought they would never see him again...not that the samurai wanted to see them, they were not his kind of people stealthy not bound by honor or by steel...he hardly cared about them. People who could not fight their foes head on did not deserve to pick up the sword so easily.

Without waiting for them to actually greet him he just walked in, shunpoing accross the wall if need be. All he really needed was to speak to Kuro to get a seat that would suit him the most and he would follow the captain as long as he drew breath.
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Just another solo.
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