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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 The Black Bow of Susumu

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Susumu Yamazaki


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PostSubject: The Black Bow of Susumu    Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:47 pm

Susumu jumped from rooftop to rooftop, doing his best to keep his footfalls silent. It was around midnight, the time where the night is at it's blackest as Susumu patrolled the city looking for something to kill. The stars were out and shining against the sheer black of space. He brought his hand up to feel the eight point cross on his wrist as his black over shirt was blown around in the wind. If it wasn't attached to him by the sleeves it would've been long gone. His black slacks and tennis shoes blended in with the rest of his clothing perfectly as his hair blew around in the wind. He stood on one of the rooftops, lost in thought for a moment about his targets, the hollows. He quickly shook himself out of his thoughts however and continued on to his hunt.

Soon his keen senses felt a creature not too far away. He moved in the direction quickly, and silently. Doing his best to hide his reiatsu so the hollow wouldn't notice him and try to eat him. He quickly jumped over a few more roof tops and soon discovered that the one creature was actually four. He stopped immediately and looked at each one of them. All of them were about three times the size of a fully grown human male. Their large tongues slithered out in front of them as they hunted for humans to devour on their own search. One of them stepped out in front and spoke up "Come my brothers, we must find something around here. We will eat and continue to grow." He said as he searched around the area. The other two seemed to merely nod their heads in agreement as they searched as well.

These creatures did nothing but anger Susumu, simple trying to satisfy their base desire for hunger on him flesh and soul. He drew up his right arm and willed his bow to life. There was a flare of reiatsu as his bow came to life and the hollows all turned toward him in an instant. It would be far too late though as Susumu simply fired off three quick shots directly into the hollows mask. He grinned softly as the disgusting creatures were destroyed. "Destroy the mask" Ayume had said to him before. "That is the easiest way to defeat a hollow." He nodded as his thoughts and then moved on the continue his patrol of the city. He decided to move toward the busier part of the town as people would still be around at this time. He moved quickly across the roof tops, once again suppressing his reiatsu as he ran through the dark town.

He arrived in downtown Karakura Town in only a few short minutes and already felt like something was very, very wrong. He pushed his senses to their fullest and tried to find the reason. It was all simply too quiet. He knew some of the businesses around were twenty-four hour stores, there had to some noise. He searched around until his senses something above him. He looked up in time to see a rather large, and rather fast follow free falling toward him to pound him into the dirt. He rolled aside as the creature landed, arming himself instinctively. He fired off a few quick shots but the creature dodged them easily. Susumu watched the hollow carefully. It was twice his size and had long arms, it's legs were long as well and the creature looked powerful, and extremely hungry.

The creature suddenly sprung forward and raised it's arm to strike at Susumu. He quickly rolled aside again and fired a few more quick shots. These once again were dodged. The creature continued to assault him again and again as Susumu did his best to dodge the attacks, however eventually he knew one would finally hit him. That however, came far sooner then he would like as he was suddenly and unceremoniously slammed into a wall hard by the creature. He stumbled to his feet and came up with a quick plan to try and kill this hollow. The hollow ran for him again. This time however Susumu turned, ran up the wall a few steps and kicked off, landing in the hollows head as it caught itself against the building. Susumu then acted quickly as he drew an arrow and shot it point-blank into the top of the hollows mask. The arrow pierced right through and then he jumped off and landed behind the creature. The hollow screamed loudly as he rapidly deteriorated into nothingness. It was at this point that Susumu decided it was time to call it a night. He began moving towards a safe place he knew of to sleep and recuperate after the fight.
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The Black Bow of Susumu
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