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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Day Three: The Secrets of the Orb

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Flannagan Sionn


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PostSubject: Day Three: The Secrets of the Orb   Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:34 pm

In his room, Flannagan sat with a pile of new parts beside him. He pulled out all the spherical parts he had from amongst the pile, slowly organizing the bits how he wanted them. Kuraku groaned from the other side of the room. "Is this all you ever do? I mean we got back from getting the parts yesterday and you already built one of those sphere things. You even said it was 'complete this time.' What does it even do?" Flannagan merely smiled at the questioning, almost flattered at the questions tossed his way. "Well... I need one for practice and one for and emergency or show. As for what it does... That can remain a surprise." Kuraku squinted his eyes in annoyance. "You get too peppy over these things... I am heading out lame-O." He raised his hands as he left the room.

Flannagan continued his work in silence, connecting half of the sphere's outer shell. Slowly he slid his hand through the hill of parts. 'Chips, wires, holders...' He listed off in his mind. Once he he found the necessary parts, he set them aside and fit together the other half of the sphere. Taking his index finger, he slid it gently across the cracks on both halves of the sphere, gathering a slight amount of reiastu at the tip to heat up the edges combining them permanently. He smirked as he started to connect the microchips and wiring together in the manner he desired. "I will fix you right up, deary." He said with a smirk. As he finished connecting the insides of the device, he placed them properly in the shelling of the sphere. He sat there for a moment twisting the halves of the device back and forth, listening to the clicks carefully. He smiled as it all fell into place perfectly. 'A small test of physical actions maybe?' He thought quizitively. He twisted half of the orb ninety degrees, causing it to make a snapping noise, extending the halves from each other, revealing a weird sonar-like device on the inside.

Flannagan closed the device with joy and set it on the bed. He bent his knees and leaped in the air, shaking his hands mid air with joy and excitement. "Booooooooooooooh-Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah!!!" He screamed, overjoyed. The sound of his joy echoed through the halls. The door to the room slid open quickly, showing an utterly confused Kuraku. "What in the world has you going now? Still that 'thing'?" He asked as he walked in, closing the door behind him. Flannagan grabbed the orb and shook it in Kuraku's face. "You have no idea what this is! But this is going to be common amongst all shinigami! Just you wait and see. Hell! Even commoners can buy a charged one! It will keep them safe, or it would just be so useful in those tight situations!" Flannagan was overflowing with excitement, almost like a small child receiving a gift.

Kuraku sighed while shaking his head. "So what does it do? Go ahead and show me your 'great' invention." He said while motioning his hand in the air for Flannagan to continue. Flannagan burst into an uproar of laughter. "Show you?! Now?! Well I cannot do that!!! It isn't even charged!!!" Kuraku shot a glare in Flannagan's direction. "You expect me to know that? How can you boast when you haven't even tried it yet?" Flannagan cocked his head in confusion. "Well, how about you charge this one? You hold it and focus your energy into the sphere... And then it will be charged and it will all make sense." Kuraku rolled his eyes. Kuraku placed both his hands on the orb and began to flow his energy into the sphere. "When do I stop?" Flannagan motioned his hands to continue. "When it feels just right. When you feel yourself in the sphere." Kuraku shook his head, unsure of what that meant. He continued to charge the sphere taking a deep breath until he felt slightly exhausted.

Kuraku set the orb down on Flannagan's bed and then shrugged. "Alright, now what?" Flannagan looked at him confused. "That's it? Really? I was expecting you to put out more, 'tough guy'..." As Kuraku raised his arm with a fist ready, Flannagan motioned him to stop with a smile. " It was a joke, tough guy. It is finished. This is what it is. It holds spirit energy!" Kuraku lowered his fist and had an annoyed look on his face. "That is it? Can you at least absorb it later? Like a back up energy source?" Flannagan shook his head and laughed. "Don't be ridiculous! It does nothing of the sort!" Kuraku was tired of Flannagan and began to leave the room. "Forget the thing. I am out." He stated irritated as he left.

Flannagan sat in the room alone for a moment very confused. "I don't understand, I was going to show him." He grabbed both of the orbs and stashed them in his bracers. He left the room and started to wander the hallways looking for Kuraku. It wasn't too long before Flannagan heard yelling from around the Kidou grounds. He dashed through the halls following the shouts. He recognized Kuraku as one of the voices. As he found the location, he saw a larger man in shingami garbs standing over a defeated Kuraku.

The man was obviously very strong, with eyes that were blatantly cruel. "Don't you bump into me again you little runt! You shouldn't even be in the academy..." Flannagan shook his head as he walked towards the buffoon. "You should get expelled for that. You do not deserve any powers as a shinigami." The larger man turned his attention to Flannagan. "Oooooh really? Who is going to tell them? It would be smart just to keep your trap shut. It is not my fault he had an 'accident' in the training grounds." The oaf stated, the obvious lies slithering from the pit he called a mouth.

Flannagan shook his head as he saw Kuraku moving his head slowly on the ground to meet Flannagan's eyes. Kuraku motioned his hands slowly for Flannagan to get out of there. "What are you, a fool? Well... Both of you! I will take you down, moronic oaf... As for you! How dare you tell me to retreat... It isn't my style. I will win with that 'thing' from earlier." Flannagan said in a mocking tone. He reached in the sleeve and pulled out the spherical device from the night before. "The Siren's Bauble." Flannagan said calmly. He twisted it slowly and pushed a button. "Prepare yourself for this one. I spent all night charging it." The bauble clicked open, releasing an overwhelming amount of reiastu. The amount rattled the walls and made both Flannagan and the larger man fall to their knees. Flannagan snuck the orb back into his bracer and placed his hand over the right side of his rib cage. "Hado #1 Thrust..." The pressure of the kidou cause a large snap that echoed through the hallway.

Flannagan fell flat on the ground coughing up large amounts of blood from his obvious broken ribs. The larger shinigami looked up shocked at the move Flannagan had just pulled. "Why the hell would you-?" He began to say as he stood up. Before he could finish his statement, the group was surrounded by people trying to figure out what just happened. Instructors ran to Flannagan and Kuraku. "What happened?" The instructors stated, knowing it was most likely the doing of the larger student. "What the- You seriously don't think..." The large student stuttered. Flannagan looked up and grinned solemnly at the instructor. "We didn't fight him back we promise... Kuraku accidentally bumped into him and... Well, this all happened. This is no one who should protect the innocent..." The instructors nodded in unison at what was being said. It was obvious they agreed. "You are no longer welcome here. Come with us to the main lecture hall for our final verdict. Hurry and get the 4th squad members stationed here to tend to these students." Flannagan smiled and gave thanks as he lost consciousness.

A few hours later, Flannagan woke up in the medical ward with Kuraku standing over him. "You ok, moron? It was my turn to watch over you..." Kuraku said in appreciation. "I am sorry about how I acted earlier. I guess your thing was of more use than I expected." Flannagan laughed at his apology weakly. "You are sorry? You shouldn't get too mushy on me... It is a little weird coming from a guy. You can go... You don't need to worry about me. It doesn't suit you." Kuraku didn't think it would be necessary to be offended at the moment, and felt it would be best to give Flannagan's cliche line as a retort. "What are friends for?"

Flannagan shook his head. "Pity you stole my line... Now I am going to have to remove you." Kuraku had confusion painted all over his face. "What the hell does that mean?" He murmured, completely lost by Flannagan's mischievous grin. Flannagan pulled out the sphere from earlier that day and cracked it open, turning the switch to let the energy release at a slower rate. He quickly hid it back in his sleeve as he began to call out. "Help! Dude, calm down, it wasn't my fault! I promise you just need to calm down!" Kuraku was furious when he caught on to what was going on. "What the hell?" His anger let slips of his reiastu flare out. The medics came running in the room. Pushing Kuraku out of the room. "Are you all right?!" They questioned Flannagan. "Yes I am fine... He just got a bit over-excited about earlier. Don't be too mad at him." Flannagan turned away smiling. 'What are friends for?' Screams could be heard from the hallway. "Yoooouuuu twit!" Kuraku howled. Flannagan merely made himself more comfortable and went to sleep, for he was so happy to have such a good friend.
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Day Three: The Secrets of the Orb
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