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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Day One: Ruthless Wit

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Flannagan Sionn


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PostSubject: Day One: Ruthless Wit   Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:36 am

Entering the Academy grounds smirked a young shinigami eagerly while carrying a box of his possessions. "Well I made it, just in time. The place hasn't burned down yet." Flannagan Sionn said, almost mockingly, towards the lightly worn condition of the academy. A glare from a short distance met his face. "Sorry... It was a joke..." He said quickly. He cocked his head and sighed, 'Tough crowd that can't take a joke... Great.' He noticed odd looks were already blazing in his direction; he merely laughed it off and continued walking, for he was pretty sure it was due to his flaming red hair and his tattoo. He knew he looked like a deviant to the normal members of society, it was not a new fact to him.

Within a short distance he spotted a bench, to which he rushed over to set his box down on it and take a seat. ' This doesn't quite look like the friendliest place around. Perfect for training killers I suppose.' He thought while rolling his eyes. Flannagan began to dig through the box for a small orb-like structure that had many wires sticking out of it, as well as the occasional spark. "Found you baby!" He spouted excitedly with hints of extreme attachment. Wiggling excitedly in his seat he reached over into the box with his free hand, a giant grin painted on his face, searching for a screwdriver. He pulled the tool out of the box as well as a wire clamp. He looked up at the sky, "I believe I have enough time before I need to meet up with the instructor to show me around... Might as well finish this beeeeaaaaauuuuuty!" Yet again a shiver of excitement shot down his spine as he began connecting wires on the device. His mood shifted to annoyance as a group of what he assumed to be classmates walked in front of his lighting. Their jaws were in constant motion, their voices seemed annoying. 'Just calm down Flannagan, the device is almost done. All you have to do is charge it..' He thought to himself as he connected the last wire and popped it shut.

Flannagan took a deep breath and began to channel is spiritual energy into the device. The classmates in front of him began to chatter incredibly loud, breaking his concentration. Flustered from the screw up, he looked up and prepared to yell; not knowing he cocked the sphere in the incorrect direction causing it to crack. There was a blinding light for a second as the device released the spiritual pressure as well as a miniature explosion knocking Flannagan off the bench and the classmates in front of him forward. As Flannagan looked up, he saw the scattered pieces of his device and panicked with heart-break. He hurried to gather the pieces. He tossed what he had into is box and went to grab the last piece that remained on the ground. Right before he grabbed it a sandal slammed down, crushing the piece. Flannagan looked up to see three classmates glaring down at him. "I believe you whelps are stepping on the last piece of the puzzle to my wonderous device. I'd step off quickly before you regret it..." He grumbled, even if he was clearly the one in the bad spot.

The male, who was the obvious leader of the small group, was utterly furious. "I'll take care of this idiot, you guys go on to the next class. I'll catch up..." The other classmates didn't object and stormed off. The leader shook his hands furiously in the air. "What the hell is your problem? You can work on whatever the hell you want without screwing me up while I am... Ugh! Why should explain myself?! You-!!!" The student was obviously flustered, due to his odd behavior. He seemed relatively young, with long black hair combed back. Sharp features, with very dark blue eyes. He had such a cold air about him, even though his voice was incredibly warm. This was obviously someone who wouldn't normally pick a fight. The student moved his foot off of the now final pieces of the device. "Well... Explain yourself."

Flannagan grabbed the pieces and turned to put them in his box. "There is no problem I have. Only a problem that was around me. I was concentrating on something and your group's talking was loud, leaving room for errors." He looked at his fellow student and pointed at the device. "This is a highly sensitive device that I have been working on... I understand you are upset with me, and truth be told I am not having any positive feelings towards you either. Flannagan Sionn is my name... I am an inventor. Well, I am trying to be. You are in my way of progress." Flannagan said calmly, now with a cold look upon his face. He usually detests being serious, but he detests these kinds of situations more. The student's eyes seemed to light on fire. His anger was excruciatingly apparent. "I can tell this may be a misunderstanding.. But seriously?! How can you be so arrogant? We meant you no harm! You blew up behind us! Literally!!! And then you expect us to not get at least annoyed and frustrated? Especially when your little explosion knocked me into the girl I was trying to hook up with... I mean seriously now... I , Kuraku Nasui, do not need to be interrupted in that kind of event... I mean seriously..." Kuraku pointed to his right cheek showing a rather large hand print. " I invaded her space due to that explosion, ruining all my chances with her." Kuraku stopped in shock, as he realized Flannagan was fiddling with his boxes instead of looking at him when he talked.

Flannagan sighed "I don't have time for this really... We can discuss this later. I have to meet up with an instructor to find where I will be staying, as well as the roommate I will be dealing with for the rest of my stay here." Kuraku was utterly disgusted. "You don't have time? Really? What is your problem, man? You stand there and down talk me when you don't even know me. You talk like you are some kind of big shot... Your 'stay'? What does that even mean?" Flannagan picked up his box and started to walk off, turning around to give his final response. "I think I can understand enough. You stated your name as Kuraku Nasui, obviously a student here. You specialize in Zanjutsu. This is clear because of the calluses formed on your hands. There are no burn marks on your finger-tips so you don't spend a lot of time messing with most kidou. Is it because you are not very good? Your slight limp and bad posture also hint you are not the fastest shinigami around." Flannagan raised his hand quickly. "Granted, I am horrendously slow. You have a very shaky tone in your voice which hints at a low self-esteem; most likely why you attempted to put on that boss of the group facade. In reality, you aren't much at all. As for what I meant when I said my stay... I plan to pass all of my courses right away and get out of the academy as quickly as possible. You do not seem like a bad lad, Mr. Nasui. I am just running late..."

Kuraku stood in awe at what was just said, wondering if he was truly that much of an open book. As Flannagan turned around, he bumped into a large older man with an incredibly warm smile. "I found you!! Oh my... I was worried you got lost, and when I heard that explosion earlier I thought there would be trouble.. Mr. Nasui! Good! I am glad you are here. It is highly convenient you two have met each other! I thought I was going to have to hunt you down, as well. It is so wonderful that you met your roommate already! I am sure this is a sign of a wonderful friendship! This way, this way! On to the dorms." The jolly old instructor began to walk away, signalling for them to follow. The look of utter despair hit both Flannagan and Kuraku's faces. They both solemnly followed the instructor into the dormitory.

The instructor , Dr. Murai, showed Flannagan around the academy grounds. Both Flannagan and Kuraku were very unhappy with the arrangement of things. Flannagan was not looking forward to the noise that would interrupt his tinkering, while Kuraku still was bitter over his hurt pride. As they made it to their room, they both walked silently. Dr. Murai bowed and told them a polite farewell, leaving for the afternoon. This left the two students alone in annoyance. Flannagan began to dig in the box and pull out the pieces of the sphere that were remaining. As he pulled out his tools and began putting all his efforts into remaking the sphere with the original parts; Kuraku scoffed at him. "Do you need help with something?" Flannagan stated, mildly annoyed. "I believe that is how a spoiled child tries to get attention." Kuraku grumbled under his breath and turned away, polishing his Zanpaktou.

Flannagan set the sphere down on his bed; it was somewhat retaining its old shape. "It's no use. It is gone beyond repair..." He said with a sigh as small sparks danced around the device as he tried to activate it. "I guess you'll need to come with me to get new parts tomorrow so I can rebuild it..." Kuraku dropped his Zanpaktou at the statement and spun around. "You seriously think I am going to help you of all people?" He snapped, truly confused. Flannagan merely cocked his head in confusion to the response. "Why, yes... Yes I do. I mean your chattering is what broke my concentration in the initial build, as well as you stomping on a bulk of the thing. I felt you'd at least gather the honor to do that much." Kuraku shook with anger that such a comment would be made. "You know what... I will meet you in the Sparring grounds in ten minutes... We will settle everything there. I will forgive you... Once I beat the living snot out of your corpse. Then you will respect me for what I am." Flannagan merely chuckled at the proposition. "Well, I wont back away from such a challenge. That simply wouldn't be in my nature. IF I win... You will go with me tomorrow for the supplies, and you will be the one to pay for them. How about that?" Flannagan's normal cocky grin grew on his face. He already knew the result. Kuraku rolled his eyes and nodded his head. "Sure fine, I am alright with this. I mean it is obvious who is going to win." Kuraku stormed out of the room, leaving Flannagan sitting alone with a mischeivous smirk.

Flannagan grabbed a flew supplies that took minimal preparation. He left the room and walked to the place that he was shown just a mere two hours ago. There he saw Kuraku practicing some kind of speech. "How cute, practicing your victory speech for a battle that hasn't even happened yet." Flannagan heckled from across the training grounds. Kuraku turned beet red as he turned around completely flustered. "That isn't your concern... You will hear it soon enough." He spouted. "Wait... Are you wearing rubber gloves? Take this seriously!" Flannagan spat out mockingly in retort, "Oh I am taking you seriously, these are so you don't hurt me."Flannagan merely chuckled as they both walked to the center of the sparing grounds. "Ready when you are." He stated as light-heartedly as can be. Kuraku didn't say a word when he pulled his sword out, slashing at Flannagan using a quick-draw technique. Flannagan pulled out a hardened leather drinking pouch to knock the blade away slightly, so he could step away in time. Water splashed on Kuraku. He shook the water from his face, looking up to see that Flann had backed away, leaving an even larger distance between the two than before.

Kuraku furiously began to charge at Flannagan. Flannagan aimed his left hand at Kuraku's head, and his right hand at Kuraku's feet. "Hado #1 Thrust! Hado # 2 Reel!" His left hand fired the thrust knocking Kuraku's head back, while his feet were pulled forward by the reel cast by his right hand. As Kuraku flung back onto the ground, his Zanpaktou flung towards his head, landing by his head, grazing his cheek. "See, this is why we don't play with sharp objects." Flannagan spouted mockingly." Kuraku flipped up, yanking the Zanpaktou from the ground. "You are in it now!!!" He thundered. "I don't know about that." Flannagan spouted yet again in a heavily mocking tone as he reached into his sleeve and pulled out another hardened leather water sack throwing it at Kuraku like a boomerang. Kuraku cut it by accident trying to knock it aside, yet again coating him with another splash of water. "Why won't you take me seriously! No one ever does. I am an amazing swordsman yet you make me look like a fool. You haven't even drawn your blade!" He looked up with fury; resolve was burning in his eyes.

Kuraku had a new air of confidence about him. "I will win... I will prove myself. It will all be over with this one move." Flannagan nodded in agreement. "I feel the same way. Let us come to our conclusion." Flan stated in a very serious tone. Kuraku channeled all of his spiritual energy into his legs as he charged at a great speed, leaving flannagan one chance to make a move. He reached into his sleeve and pulled out one last object from it. As the sword met it, a bright light flashed. "My ace..." It was the broken orb. When the objects had collided Flannagan activated the broken device causing a small electrical discharge followed by a minor explosion. Kuraku was electrocuted, due to being soaked, and then blown away by an explosion in a matter of seconds. He began to force himself up opening his eyes to see that Flannagan had gotten up first and was waiting for him. With Flannagan's hand over Kuraku's exhausted face, he muttered the last words of the fight. "Game over... Hado # 1 Thrust." The wave thrusted Kuraku's head into the ground, knocking him out. The fight had ended.

Thirty minutes later, Kuraku opened his eyes to see Flannagan over him bandaging his wounds. "Way to add insult to injury..." He stated looking away. Flannagan merely smiled, "Eh, what are friends for, asshole. Sorry about your speech. Save it for someone else alright?" Kuraku was shocked at what Flannagan had just said. 'Friend?' He turned his head away in embarrassment. "Hey, don't flatter yourself though... I just don't need you whining when you are carrying the supplies you buy for me tomorrow. See you in the room, bud." Flannagan said in a burst of laughter as he smacked Kuraku's wounds and walked away. "You asshole!" Barked Kuraku in pain. Flannagan raised his hand and waved as he continued to walk away. "What are friends for." He repeated. Kuraku turned his head to the side and thought about it for a moment. "Eh.. I guess he isn't soo bad."

Kuraku finally made it back to the room to see some items on his bed. He walked over to the bed to find it was a bunch of mechanical pieces and the pair of rubber gloves, with a small note. 'What the hell?' He turned to see Flannagan passed out in his bed. He turned back to his bed and picked up the small note. Leaning in close and squinting his eyes to read it.

'I wanted you to have these as a reminder of the events today. The pieces that remain of my prototype I have dubbed 'Karma' in your honor. I felt it was only logical to beat you with the item you initially ruined, the thing that sparked our friendship. To teach you that Karma truly, truly, truly is a bitch.
PS: I told you the gloves would keep me safe from you.'

Kuraku looked up from the note, infuriated yet again, grabbing the nearest items he could find and throwing them at Flannagan. Of course Flannagan began to return fire as soon as he woke up. The noise of their ruckus echoed through the halls. Thus beginning a wonderful partnership.
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Day One: Ruthless Wit
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