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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 A Sword In The Rain. [Solo]

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PostSubject: A Sword In The Rain. [Solo]   Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:01 pm

The weather hadn’t been very nice to the samurai, it had been raining for weeks and the mountain top where his shack was located, ended up being covered in mud. He had been stuck there hiding away from the Gotei forces for quite a while already, and he wished he could maneuver around town to help the shinigami’s present over there with some relief without them actually knowing it. Boredom had filled the mind of Tatsu and he almost felt like he was in depression, hiding away all this time always leaves a scare in people’s mind, making them feel unwanted.

Taking a look at his shack, which was also leaking water just about everywhere gave him a reason, after many days moping in the rain to pick up in zanpakuto and walk outside to face the rain head on. Lightning pierced the sky as the booming noise resonated with the sonic boom that proceeded into a thunder noise. Shortly after the samurai had found the courage to head into the heart of Karakura, even thought the rain never stopped he could feel multiple reiatsu within the area but none of them he actually knew, which surprised him because he met all kinds of people within karakura. There were, as usual a high numbers of hollows in the area but none of them actually seemed to cause trouble to whoever was there, after all karakura seemed to be the cradle of fucked up things.

Although he hoped this day to be of somewhat special nature, he didn’t seem impressed by anything, a jaded expression on his face he walked on thin air towards the city. Without much time the spiritual energy that belonged to the shinigami present in town flared up and approached the samurai at impressing speed. It took very little time for the shinigami to post himself in front of Tatsu and speak. ’’Who are you, and what are you doing here’’ Tatsu looked at the man with his iron expressionless face and spoke simple words. ’’Tatsu Chirako, I’m here for no reason really, just came to see if you needed help’’ It was true, the samurai wondered if a trained shinigami needed help, he had seen countless number of epic battles taking place in these surroundings, and yet everything seemed so calm.

Brandishing his soul slayer the shinigami in front of him pointed his weapon in Tatsu’s direction in a very hostile way and spoke in a stressed manner. ’’You’re -u-under arrest, d-don’t resist and come with me. Tatsu quirked an eyebrow and looked at the man not sure if he understood everything that was happening, he was offering his help and the first thing this man does is arrest time, of course he wouldn’t let this happen. Slowly unsheathing his zanpakuto Tatsu stared at the shinigami with his glacial look. ’’I resist your arrest’’ and without further ado he shunpo’d in the man’s face clashing his sword with his. ’’You should’ve accepted my offer’’ The other shinigami was surprised by Tatsu’s sudden attack, but he had seen many fights himself.

The actual fight began with Tatsu defending from a blow that would’ve sliced his throat horizontally. The shinigami was aiming to finish the fight as fast as possible, even if it meant Tatsu’s death. Tatsu on his side, didn’t want to harm the shinigami, but it seemed like he was forced to defend himself from a shinigami that was equally skilled it seemed. Spinning on himself and dropping down to his knee’s the samurai aimed a blow at the knee-caps of his enemy, but this one had already shunpo’d up high to prevent such a blow and counter him with a high oriented attack aimed towards his head. Tatsu a small step behind dodged the attack to the enemy shinigami’s surprise, leaving an opening that the samurai didn’t exploit since it would most likely be a deathly blow. Shunpo’ing away the other shinigami was sure that Tatsu would use this as an advantage to slay him right there, but he did not, many questions popped in his mind but he didn’t ask them, instead he followed his guts and shouted. ‘’Crush him!’’ The samurai figured it was a release phrase because the man’s sword changed to look like a boat anchor. ’’Oh dear’’ The samurai would say before being hit with the full weight of the weapon. Sending him flying all the way to ground.

Falling to the ground, Tatsu stood back up, he really did not want to hurt this shinigami, but that shinigami really wanted to hurt him as much as possible. Using the smoke screen to his advantage to think this through. He thought of the best solution possible, he started to run away, using his full speed and most of spiritual energy to shunpo away. The other shinigami on the other hand didn’t actually think about this outcome. He could not consider in his mind that a rogue as wanted as this one, actually wanted to run away from a fight, he didn’t not understand the process of thoughts behind the samurai’s mind. ’’Wait!’’ He shouted as he began to pursue the rogue into his familiar territory.

Tatsu couldn’t help but still sense the shinigami’s reiatsu after him, what did this man want with a fleeing rogue, shouldn’t he just warn the gotei 13 and get some backup, what was with this man! He thought. With the man’s shikai active there was no way the samurai was about to get away from this fight, now at the bottom of the mountain he decided to turn and fight, he wouldn’t let this shinigami where his hideout was. Tatsu heard a loud shout behind him and turned around just in time to defend himself from the heaviest anchor hit he had never received, aimed to actually tear him apart. ’’You leave me no choice shinigami, if I have to fight back to make sure I live through this, I will!’’ Surprise could read in the other shinigami’s face when Tatsu spoke those words, as if he hadn’t been fighting up till now.

’’What? As if I’d let you go!’’

’’Then I’m sorry, Awaken’’

A huge sword replaced the small zanpakuto that the samurai had in his hand, to the shinigami’s disbelief. Tatsu’s held his sword with both of his hand, still holding that iron gaze at him. Taken up by fear the other shinigami franticly wailed his zanpakuto at him, and the hits were still very heavy, hard to block since it was a damned anchor. It took a moment for Tatsu to find the opening he needed to attack the man without harming him, most of the man’s hit were aimed to kill, yet Tatsu’s only hit was aimed with the flat of his blade to the man’s chest, which was sadly blocked. A huge smile on the enemy shinigami’s face.
’’You believed me, I just wanted to see how strong you were’’ He said laughing at the samurai, who didn’t want to slay this man, and had been holding back for what seemed like ever.

The enemy shinigami kept his smile, landing hits on Tatsu’s defence, until one hit was landed behind him. Tatsu thought it was the perfect time to strike, but in fact, it was the perfect time to run away, since the shinigami activated his ability for the first time. A huge wave of energy pierced through Tatsu, sending him on his knee’s instantly, wounded at stomach level, bleeding heavily from many wounds left from a single attack. Shunpo’ing out of harm’s way many time’s Tatsu went up the side of the mountain, back towards his home, without quite thinking of the consequences.

It did not take very long for the shinigami to catch up to the samurai, and as soon as he did, he wailed his sword in the air, launching an energy attack straight at Tatsu, who proceeded to smile and turn around. The energy attack was powerful, and Tatsu seemed to face it. Bringing his massive sword in front of him, he twirled it in a circle in front of him, making a shield that met with the energy attack. The attack faced the shield for a small amount of time, until it fizzled and became nothing. Letting the shield fall Tatsu proceeded to shunpo in the man’s face and dropping down his sword on his left shoulder. Leaving him in awe, and also falling to the ground writhing in pain.

Without waiting any longer Tatsu dropped himself bringing down his sword in the man’s other shoulder who proceeded to fall down unconcious to the ground. Looking at the man, and at his own wounds, he knew that neither of them would survive without being tended to. So he brought the man up the side of the mountain, soon seeing the welcoming sight of his shack and the water coming down a little. Walking in the opening he shunpo’d in the entrance of his shack where water was less present there.

The samurai took the man to the bed, and proceeded to heal him without further ado. It took many days for Tatsu’s meager healing abilities to heal the man’s shoulder and the man himself slept for the whole time. Tatsu’s wound weren’t as deep as he thought and didn’t need to patch himself up that much. It seemed like everytime someone was brought to his shack it was for medical help. Chuckling to himself Tatsu surrendered the thought and concentrated on healing the man.

When he came to the man was panicked, because the first thing he saw was a man tending to his wounds, who had been his enemy shortly before, before he could speed anything Tatsu looked at him and spoke a few words. ’’Maybe you should go, before they send anyone, remember, I didn’t kill you when I could’ve’’ The man nodded and stood up, wincing about his wounds he held his left shoulder with his right hand, nodded to the samurai and vanished in a senkai gate.
At that point, Tatsu knew it was all over. They would know where he was and what he did, that man would tell him, in a certain way, he felt like it was the right thing to do, instead of letting him die. The storm soon picked up again, roaring through the sky with adamant dominance. And through the darkness of the night, a white light shone, letting a squad of onmitsukido and a captain slip through..
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A Sword In The Rain. [Solo]
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