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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Sentenced (Solo)

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PostSubject: Sentenced (Solo)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:24 am

For his crimes and his actions against the Soul Society, He had been summoned before a private counsel of his peers for the summation of his sentence and his crimes.

"Hello Gravelle." Teisu grinned, speaking his words with as much malice as possible. "I am head of this counsel, here to inform you of your crimes and punishment."

He sneered as Gravelle was forcibly seated on the floor before them. Today was perhaps not one of his luckier days, as the counsel of his peers seemed to be made up of Teisu, Osu, and three other people he had never met. He looked around the small room, ignoring them.

"So what do you want with me?" He asked. "It's not like anything I have to say will change what's going to happen. There's no voice for anyone here."

Teisu smiled wickedly.

"You have disrespected the academy, drawn your weapon against fellows, assaulted members of the Academy, and killed a respected Soul Reaper. You have also been implicated in numerous other inappropriate situations, such as initiating brawls in the Rukongai, fighting with respectable Soul Reapers of the Gotei Thirteen, involvement with a ryoka, handling of illegal items, and this also includes your unapproved visits over the years to various parts of the world of the living." Teisu paused to add "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"That you're an incorigable old geezer who's a relic of the past?" He retorted.

Teisu only seemed to smile.

"As punishment, you are stripped of all your possessions. Your living quarters in the Rukongai will be cleaned out, your status as a student will be removed, and anyone whom you have contact with will be informed that to contact you will be a crime against the Soul Society. Your zanpakuto will be taken from you, and you will spend an indeterminable amount of time in the Nest of Maggots until you are deemed rehabilitated. If it is concluded that your crimes were performed with active intent to harm the Soul Society, you will be likely incarcerated for life to the Nest of Maggots, or executed. I'm leaning towards the latter myself."

"Sounds like fun." He interjected. "Take me away now before I die of your boring lecture, Teisu. You've always been quite the bore."

“If only.” Teisu sighed. “But you have until the end of the day to enjoy your freedom.”

And for this, he formulated a plan. He had the brilliant idea that he would smash his zanpakto when no one was around and hide it on his person. He knew that a broken sword would eventually regenerate, and it would allow him a means to fight and survive the place. He had it figured out when hands clamped down on his shoulders. He snapped from his short scheme and looked at the two men who held him.

“What the hell?”

“Oh, I lied.” Teisu smirked. “These officers will be personally escorting you to the Nest of Maggots now. I hope you like your new home.”

Then he vanished, along with the two men from the room. Teisu remained seated and smiling wickedly, though even Osu, whom the student had once attacked, did not seem too impressed. Neither did any of the other three who had presided over the sentencing. Though no one voiced their opinion, they each thought the sentence a little harsh, but they none of them were given the full details of the crime, only the sentence and the rulings.

“EXECUTION IS EXTREME.” Osu, showing some kindness, shouted a little less loudly. “DO NOT YOU THINK KARAME?”

“No. I believe that the bad weeds should be found and uprooted as soon as possible before they sprout thorns. It just took a little too long with this one. His thorns pricked too many already.” Teisu replied to her.

“IS IT REALLY A CRIME TO SEE HIM?” Osu asked Karame Teisu.

“No. I added that part myself.”

Nest of Maggots

So, He thought. This was it, the Nest of Maggots. He had been prepared for some sort of mega-prison like on earth, but instead, it was an island. True, there were guards posted all over the island, each smelled somewhat the same, stale, compared to the sweet smells of the island. They led him further into the island, which was actually just a piece of land separated by a moat. As they enclosed further towards their true destination, a new smell arose, one of greater stagnation that pricked his nose in an awful way. He was led closer to the place, and was finally shown a single door placed in the side of a ledge. Two guards moved, and opened the door, and he was taken by the new guards and led into the place beyond the door. Behind them, it was closed.

He was led to a place, and stripped naked and hosed down. The even shaved his body down, and then handed him a white kimono with black obi and told him to wear it. He obeyed and donned the garment for warmth and found none. He was then led to another area of the place, where many people milled about, dressed similarly to himself. Some of them had short hair, and others had longer hair. Some still had only fuzz on their heads, and others were ancient in appearance. He realized that these were the prisoners he would join in confinement. The guards left him, returning through the door and leaving him alone amongst the prisoners.

Many of them looked up at him, unable to contain his own spiritual pressure, he appeared ridiculous to them, as they had all learned long ago to suppress their own. Feeling somewhat awkward, he stepped down the stairs and into the crowd of prisoners. Most parted, not because they feared him or anything, but because they had no interest in dealing with him. He looked around to see all of the disinterested faces and continued on his way. There was no one here who would likely want to talk to him, so he pressed onwards, deeper into the facility, looking for a place to be alone. He eventually found it, and sat by himself on an outcropping far deeper into the facility than anyone else, in a corner that was neglected and disused. And in that corner, he curled up in that corner and went to sleep, and dreamed darkly of his inner worlds.
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Sentenced (Solo)
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