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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Shakaku's Mission Report (solo)

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PostSubject: Shakaku's Mission Report (solo)   Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:31 pm

The rain poured down in heavy sheets of precipitation on top of Shakaku's head as she patrolled the barren streets of Karakura Town for any signs of hollows, though it was difficult to see though the ceaseless rain. It seeped it's way through her clothes in a matter of seconds right after she hopped out of the Senkaimon and landed in the muddy earth beneath her feet. Despite the lack of comfort, she enjoyed the rain very much and it was pleasant to make her way through it on her hollow expedition.

The city was fast asleep, the rain like a lullaby, lulling all the inhabitants of Karakura Town into a deep slumber. The dark and the rain made it next to impossible for Shakaku to see a thing so she relied heavily on her ability to sense spiritual pressure to gauge where the hollows would appear. For now, everything was quiet. She took shelter under a store awning and leaned against the brick wall of the shop, gazing out into the murky darkness of a rainy night. The sound of the rain against the awning above her head and it's pitter-patter on the cement below her feet was comforting. Sounds of thunder echoed in the distance just after the sky lit up silver with a flash of lightning. How wonderful. It rarely ever rains in the Soul Society so it's nice to see a downpour again, Shakaku sighed. She could listen to the sound of the storm forever.

Shakaku was jarred from her thoughts as her soul pager began to beep rapidly. "A hollow. It's close by, too," Shakaku murmured and stepped out from her shelter into the weather once more. "Are you looking for me?" A cackle came from behind her. Turning on her heel, she drew her sword and faced the hollow who was sitting up on the awning she was just under a moment ago. It sure was an ugly thing. The hollow was deep blue and resembled a fish, except with long, spindly legs. "So there you are. I was wondering when the likes of you would show up," she growled and stood her ground, awaiting the hollow to strike. "Big talk for such a little Shinigami!" It jumped down from above, soaring over her head and landing behind her. She followed his movements with her eyes and kept her senses alert. This was her first hollow to face alone so anticipation tickled at her muscles. "You know, I love the rain so much." Shakaku's eyes widened as she saw the hollow absorbing the water on the ground and began forming in a ball in it's open mouth. "What the-" she was cut short when the torrent of water shot out of it's mouth, aiming right at her. She jumped to the side to dodge but was slightly too late for it clipped her right shoulder and sent her reeling backwards into the brick wall. Groaning, she jumped back onto her feet and ignored the throbbing pain that now echoed in her bones and the warm blood that seeped from the exact spot. "Why you..." She extended a finger towards the hollow. "What you don't understand is that water has a tendency to conduct electricity. Hado no. 4! White Lighting!" A bolt of vibrant energy shot from her fingertip and hit her target with precision, leaving him screeching and writhing in pain. "You little brat! Arg!"

The hollow's massive tail swung at Shakaku, catching her off guard. She gasped as it slammed her into the ground, knocking her sword out of her hands. "Now I've got you, little Shinigami! Hahaha!" Shakaku panicked, struggling to reach her sword. Right as the hollow's large mouth was about to engulf her, the took hold of her zanpakuto and blocked it's giant jaws from attacking her. "I'm not going that easy," she growled, fighting with the hollow. She could feel her energy leaving her body as the tail crushed her harder into the ground. She only had one option left but... I haven't mastered it yet. If it doesn't work I'm finished! Shakaku's breath came out in hard gasps as air struggled to make it's way into her lungs. The puddle of water she was in was growing, making the ground slippery so she couldn't push up onto her feet. I've got to do it. It's now or never! Using her stronger hand, her left, she held onto the sword fending off the hollow's giant mouth from eating her alive and pressed her index finger from her right hand to her lips. "What do you plan on doing you silly Shinigami! It's all over!" The hollow began pressing down with full force on her body, making it next to impossible to breath. She had just enough air to choke out the incantation. "The bonds that bind, 13 blank ropes bound to these 7 pegs to the one who deserves nothing but the fullest of recourse. Bakudo no. 14! Hanzennaseigen!"

The hollow shrieked as it's arms and legs were bound together, immobilizing it. Shakaku scrambled to her feet as the weight of the hollow shifted and took a couple quick gasps of air before she advanced on it. "It's over, hollow!" With one swift slash, the hollow screeched, blood poured from the slashed skull and it denigrated into the air. Everything was silent. She gulped for air, her whole body shaking from the adrenaline that coursed through her veins. At last it dawned on her; she had mastered Hanzennaseigen! Shakaku laughed at the realization and collapsed to her knees. The energy exerted from preforming the high level kido left her weary, not to mention the wounds she had suffer from her battle. The aching in her bones didn't bother her, though, because the fact she had finally mastered such a technique was good enough for her. Gripping her bleeding left shoulder she made her ways to the shelter of the awning she sat under before the hollow struck her. She used the extra bandages from her pocket and wrapped up the wound. Luckily, it wasn't as deep as she expected to it be but she felt the muscle had been torn because movement of her arm caused her breath to become laborious from pain.

The rest of her time spent on her mission was peaceful and, when she finally returned to her captain to give the report after being treated by squad 4, she began. "Well, the mission was successful! It went like this..."
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Shakaku's Mission Report (solo)
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