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 A Short Visit (solo)

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PostSubject: A Short Visit (solo)   Sun Jul 15, 2012 5:30 pm

Dray looked around the park looking for a place where he could be out of the way and comfortable. The park was one of the few to have a small lake in it, the rest of it was pretty much just green grass and trees. He managed to find a small place under a tree within sight of the lake that was relatively comfortable and in the shade and somewhat out of the wind, he wasn't that good at meditation himself, his mind was too active so he tried to get rid off all the potential things that could distract him as he was trying to calm himself and enter his inner world. He sat down in the spot and set his spear on his lap and took a deep breath and closed his eyes and tried to calm himself, unfortunately for him the instant he cleared his mind he became painfully aware of the fact that he itched, he knew from experience that if he just scratched them it wouldn't do much and he would still be distracted so he just ignored it and focused on his zanpakuto and entering his inner world.

He opened his eyes and saw before him his inner world, It was a city, or what a city might look like after a large earthquake, the streets were cracked and in disarray the street lamps bent at odd angles, the houses and buildings were partially destroyed and had a haunted look about them. It was covered in a stormcloud overhead that occasionally flashed with lightning, there was almost no light in the city save for one or two lamps that were not destroyed and the occasionally Lightning flash, it gave the whole city a really dark and depressing feel, even more so that it was completely abandoned.

He started walking the streets of the city looking for Arashi, his Zanpakuto spirit. After a bit of searching he found her, she was in her normal spot in an alleyway, just sitting there, She looked like a girl about the age of 18 although he had no true clue, she was lightly tanned and had purple hair and teal eyes, her clothes were also the same purple to match her hair with teal accents that matched her eyes. She looked up at him and said, "It has been a while since you last visited me..." Dray rubbed his head sheepishly and said, "Yeah I'm sorry about that, it's been busy." "I know, I've been watching." Dray stared at her for a second then shook his head, she stared at him back and said, "What, I get bored, you don't visit me that much and I can get lonely." "That's why you're always in shikai form isn't it." He asked, "Yep." She replied. "Do you think it might be possible to not electricute people when they touch you, it's been causing some problems lately." She looked slightly annoyed, "I don't like them touching me, maybe if you visited me more I might let you switch it on and off but for now it's staying as it is."

Dray looked at her slightly frustrated, and she smiled at him and said, "If you can beat me in combat then I'll let you switch it on and off." Dray looked at her and knew that she would keep her word, but also knew that he would never be able to defeat her. "I'm up for a friendly spar." She smiled and summoned a copy of his spear to her hand and walked out of the alley, he followed her out. She started by doing a quick series of spear thrusts, releasing bursts of electricity with every thrust, Dray wasn't able to keep up and dodge and parry them, taking a blast to the chest sending him flying back and paralyzing him for a split second as she leapt forward doing a variety of sweeping slashes and thrusts, sending out blasts at random moments towards him, it made it pretty much impossible to dodge both the strikes and the blasts so he started trying to parry like mad, unfortunately he wasn't that good at parrying and ended up getting knocked around a bit, but he managed to toss in a few blows of his own, which got easily dodged unfortunately. The problem was he used his abilities for long range support and she used them as an offencive melee type. They fought for a little while longer in melee until she got bored and stopped holding back, She was a lot faster than he was and he just started to get cut up bad, the electricity paralyzing him long enough for her to get the next hit in, over and over she made little cuts on him, eventually just holding the tip of her spear at his throat and saying, "I win." He had to give it to her, she really could fight, much better than him at least.

They chatted for a little while, they really didn't have much to talk about seeing as she already knew all the stuff he had been doing lately. She made him promise to visit more and then he broke the meditation, he knew he should get his cuts attended to, seeing as anything that happens in your inner world body also effects your real body. He got up, and looked himself over the cuts hurt pretty bad even though they weren't that deep and figured it would be best if he got himself patched up, so he headed over to the 4th squad barracks to get healed up so he could resume his duties.

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A Short Visit (solo)
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