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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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PostSubject: Located!   Located! I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2012 6:42 pm

Tatsuya looked up from his book and out the window as Zamoreus' private jet flew above what remained of the Sengoku forest. Last time he was at Sanagu he had an encounter with a powerful hollow, making him unleash his shikai and burning the forest to ash. Though the wind had pushed the fire away from the city it didn't ease the guilty feeling of having to set the forest on fire. And to be honest, he wasn't even sure if the hollow had died; a vain effort, he thought. He left before he could confirm the death. Both of their injuries were sure to have been fatal. It was only because of Sumiko that Tatsuya was still alive, so the hollow should have surely perished with the rest of the forest. A soft chime in the plane's cabin brought Tatsuya back from his thoughts. He set his book on the small table in front of him before reaching for his seat belt. "We will be landing in a few minutes. If you would please fasten your safety belts." The pilot's voice could be heard throughout the cabin. Tatsuya already knew what that chime had meant. He had been flying all too often nowadays that he didn't really need the reminder, but the crew was very professional when it concerned the safety of themselves and the passengers. Out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw a bright light in the burnt forest. Turning his head to the window, he focused his eyes on where he thought he saw the light, but saw nothing of note. "Something the matter?" Sumiko asked from across the small table as she watched Tatsuya stare down into the forest and quickly taking a glance for herself through the window. "No, I think I'm just seeing things." Tatsuya honestly answered with a smirk as he turned his head back to Sumiko, she simply returned his smirk thinking nothing of it. Not long after the plane started to descend for its landing.

Sengoku Forest

In the burnt remains of the forest, there appeared, of out thin air, a set of japanese sliding doors. The senkaimon doors slid open and a bright white light appeared from behind the newly opened doors. A single hell butterfly could be seen flying out from the senkaimon, soon followed by thirteen men and four women dressed head to toe in black form fitting uniforms. "Tch. It may be faded, but the stench of his reiatsu is beyond foul." One of the male omnitsukido members spoke when they all made it out of the senkaimon. "I believe that maybe the hollow's reiatsu you are speaking of." Replied one of female omnitsukido members as the senkaimon closed behind them and disappeared into thin air. "I've smelled plenty of hollows before today, and this particular hollow smells like a rich, fine wine compared to his murderous stink." He turned his head to look at his compatriot, the faint outline of a grin could be seen on the black mask. Before she could say anything, the man in front interrupted them. "That's quite enough. Let's get the data that we came here for and get back to Seireitei. I'm sure the clan heads are getting frustrated with us. This is the best lead we've had so far. Let us regain our honor." The apparent leader spoke without turning to face the group and with a quick swing of his left arm the group dispersed throughout the forest in teams of two, leaving him alone.

Some time passed as the omnitsukido members searched the burnt forest for data. "I think I got something over here." One of the male omnitsukido called out to his female partner, who was looking for data just a ways off. "What is it?" She asked as she jogged over to him. "His reiatsu is more prominent in this direction. I think this is the area where he fought the hollow." He stated as he walked to where it felt stronger. "You're right. Seems they had the same feeling too." She pointed to two other members walking towards them from the opposite direction. "Since it looks like we found Ground Zero, you go on and get Leader and the others." He turned to her and gave a quick motion of his head, telling her head off. "Right." She acknowledged and quickly turned, running off to inform the rest of the unit. Once she left, the other three started to collect the data they were sent there for. It was quiet as they worked, all the wild life that had lived there before had now moved on to the scorched parts of the forest. The three of them quickly looked up when they heard the snap of a twig not far from their location. Just as they looked up, they caught site of ash being kicked up into the air by an unknown force. One of the omnitsukido members signaled for the other two start heading in that direction, splitting up into three so they could attack the trespasser from three sides.

Sanagu City

The plane landed without any problems and pulled into the designated hangar. They waited until the plane completely stopped before unbuckling themselves from the chairs. Sumiko got up from her seat first and walked passed Tatsuya, making her way to the exit. Tatsuya slowly did the same, hunching over as he made his way outside. Once he made it onto solid ground he began to stretch out his large body, twisting and turning, popping any joints possible from his neck down in an effort to loosen up. "I don't think I will ever get used to that." Sumiko shuddered slightly upon hearing Tatsuya's joints pop, causing him to chuckle at her response. "I mean it. It sounds like someone is squeezing a sheet of bubble wrap." She said stretching herself out, but not using as much effort as Tatsuya. "I can't help it. Unlike you, I feel like I'm stuffed in a box when I'm in there." He twisted one last time before walking up to Sumiko and putting his arm around her. "I hope you feel better, because we have to squeeze you into another box." She giggled and reached for the hand that went around her shoulders as she led him to the black SUV that waited for them. "Well I spent the last fourteen hours stuck in a plane, I'm sure I can deal with a few more minutes in a smaller mode of transportation." He reached over and opened the back door to the SUV and let Sumiko in before closing it and walking to the other side to get in.

"Such a nice city." Sumiko commented as they were driven to their hotel. "Hmm? Oh that's right. You didn't get to enjoy the city last time." Tatsuya turned towards Sumiko. "I'm sure we'll be able to take in some of the sites this time." He gently smiled and grasped her hand. "We are definitely taking in the sites." She boldly commented causing Tatsuya laugh. "Fair enough. We should be able to find some things to do. Zamoreus doesn't have anything scheduled for today." He let go of Sumiko's hand and checked the planner to confirm. "Yup. Clear day." He reaffirmed his assumption. "Great. Once we get settled in, I'll talk with the concierge at the hotel and get some recommendations." Sumiko's face was beaming with joy as Tatsuya smiled.

For some reason the ride to the hotel felt like it was taking longer than last time. The closer they got to the hotel, the more Tatsuya felt an certain uneasiness within himself. The same Tatsuya, who had been pleasant just moments ago, was now replaced. Tatsuya seemed to distance himself from his surroundings, trying to locate the source of his uneasiness, to no avail. Tatsuya's gaze was distant and unfocused. He had even failed to notice that they had already arrived at the hotel. It wasn't until Sumiko touched his arm that he shook his head and turned to her, unaware that she had been calling out his name. "Is everything alright?" She asked with unmistakable concern in her voice and on her face. "I don't know. Something feels off...ominous, even." He admitted before shaking it off again. "Maybe it's just me. Probably the jet lag." He tried to justify the feeling and put on a smile before opening the his door and stepping out. Sumiko got out through her side and walked over to Tatsuya who was looking towards the burnt forest. "Maybe it's just a bad memory." Sumiko said, refering to the hollow he fought not long ago. "I guess you're right." Tatsuya acknowledged before taking one last glance at the forest and leading her inside the hotel.

They quickly checked in and were escorted to their suite, it was the same as they last time. A Private elevator took them up to the suite, only two buttons on the panel itself; one going up and one going down. It would never stop on any of the floors inbetween. Once they made it up, they stepped off the elevator directly into the suite. The bellhop left their luggage by the door and waited to make sure Tatsuya and Sumiko found everything to their liking. Tatsuya quickly gave the suite a wide once over and determined everything was fine. He turned to the bellhop and gave him a tip before he left. Tatsuya reached for the luggage and took it to the bedroom. Setting it down, he took a seat on the bed and stared out the window. He still couldn't shake the ominous feeling he had. Once again, he lost himself, not noticing that Sumiko came into the room. She got onto the bed and made her way behind Tatsuya, throwing her arms around his neck. Tatsuya let out a deep breath as he placed his right hand on top of Sumiko's hands, which were rubbing his large chest. "You should go check it out. " Sumiko whispered into his left ear. "It's probably nothing." Tatsuya's left hand gently rubbed Sumiko's face as she placed her head on his shoulder. "True, but we can't have you this wound up for the rest of the stay here. So go check it out while I plan for later. She gave him a light kiss on his neck before pulling away from him and laid down on the bed. Tatsuya reluctantly let her go before standing up and reaching into his pocket. "I guess you're right." He said before pulling out a gikongan and swallowing it, forcing him out of his gigai. "You know I'm right. Now hurry up and check it out so we can have some fun." She playfully tossed a pillow at at him to hurry him up. Tatsuya laughed as he was slugged with the pillow and walked over to the balcony. "Back in a few." He turned giving a quick smile before leaping off the balcony.

Sengoku Forest

Tatsuya walked through the forest, keeping his presence hidden. Something had him on edge and he didn't need anything getting the jump on him because he didn't conceal himself. He slowly made his way between the tree remains. As he got closer to where he battled the hollow he felt the presence of three entities. Tatsuya could immediately tell that they were shinigami and wondered what they were doing there. His pace slowed even more as he approached their location. He stayed hidden as best he could as he got closer. He was surprised when he was able to notice that they weren't shinigami, but infact the omnitsukido. Once he saw them he knew what they were looking for. He knew he had to get Sumiko and himself out of the city. He couldn't take the chance whether they knew he was there or not. The thunderous snap of a twig beneath his right foot could be heard as he turned to leave. Just as soon as the snap sounded, Tatsuya instantly used shunpo and moved behind the burnt remains of a tree, hiding his body, but leaving visible evidence that someone was there when he inadvertantly kicked up some ashes. "Damn Damn Damn." Tatsuya mentally beat himself up for giving away his presence. He knew they were on to him, only they didn't know it was him at the moment.

His head shifted from left to right, trying to find out how they would go about capturing him. He didnt feel their presence and couldn't hear them, but he knew they were going to try and surround him. He didn't want to risk leading them to Zamoreus, and more importantly, Sumiko, so running was out of the question. He decided to wait there as calmly as possible for them to appear. He was sure they wouldn't attack before identifying the intruder. "Stay where you are." A male voice called out just before quickly appearing right in front of Tatsuya and as the other two appeared just as quickly to his sides. "T-T-Tatsuya Okibi." The man took a small step back in surprise at who they had found. Tatsuya didn't hesitate. As soon as he sensed that surprise he dashed forward, connecting his right hand to the mans face, and sending him rolling backwards. The other two were just as equally surprised at their predicament when they saw their partner get hammered in the face, but Tatsuya's attack on him gave them time to compose themselves and they charged at him from both sides. Tatsuya turned around to his right as his assailants closed in, grabbing the extended arm of the one to his left as he was punched at. Tatsuya pulled him in front of the other and quickly twisted the man's arm and pulled in the opposite direction, flipping the man around and dislocating his shoulder. The other man jumped over his partner has he was flipped in front of him and came down with a drop kick aimed at Tatsuya's head. Tatsuya side stepped to his right and stepped in, making the man's calf connect with his shoulder, cushioning the blow. His left arm quickly wrapped around the man's leg and in one quick motion, slammed the man into the ground and snapped his leg at the knee. The man cried out in pain as Tatsuya let go of his leg.

"Sorry about this, but you were never supposed to find me. Be happy that you will live." Tatsuya looked down at his disabled foe before walking around him. He barely had time to cover a few steps when fourteen members of the omnitsukido surrounded him almost instantly with shunpo. "Tatsuya Okibi, by order of the Shihoin Clan, you are hereby placed under arrest. Do not resist any further." The man directly in front of Tatsuya ordered. Yeah, no, that's not an option. You see, you have the wrong guy, and I'll be damned if I get put to death because of him." Tatsuya slowly turned his head from side to side, making sure he would not be attacked. "You can explain your case to the elders." The man tried to sound sincere, but knew the elders would not believe a word from Tatsuya. "Tempting. But we both know what will happen when I return to Seireitei." Tatsuya stared at the leader, knowing not to believe him. "I'll make you guys a deal. You let me go and not follow me and I promise I will return to Seireitei in time. I just need to find the proof of my innocence. What do you say?" Tatsuya threw out the offer knowing it was a long shot. "That won't happen." The man bluntly replied. "Can't blame me for trying." Tatsuya let out a small chuckle, the leader was less than amused. "Last chance Tatsuya Okibi." The other omnitsukido members quickly drew their swords causing Tatsuya's right eyebrow to cock up, but little else. "Return quietly with us to Seireitei, or we will kill you." The man raised his hand into the air waiting for Tatsuya's answer. "Sorry, you guys dont have what it takes to kill me." Tatsuya placed his hands on his sheathed zanpakuto and moved his right leg behind him, preparing for their charge. "So be it." The leader swung his arm and the others charged forward.

Tatsuya quickly drew his sword and made a quick 360 degree turn while holding out his sword as far as he could. His reach was far greater then theirs and it caused them to stop their charge. "Last chance. Leave...Now." Tatsuya looked at the omnitsukido as they circled him, weaving around each other in perfect form. "So be it." He responded to their silence and quickly charged to his left. The two members closest to his charge took up their swords only to have them forced to the side as Tatsuya batted them away with his sword. Tatsuya followed through with a reverse left heel kick, connecting with one of the members, but the female next to him ducked underneath the kick and quickly slashed at his knee on his standing leg. Tatsuya jumped and twisted in the air, her sword cutting away at his pant leg. As he twisted in the air, Tatsuya threw his sword spinning into the air counter clockwise before landing in a push up position. The omnitsukido tried to capitalize on his position but were once again stopped when he flipped feet over back almost kicking the ones behind him and flipping over the first row in front. Tatsuya caught his sword mid-flip and swung hard vertically as he came down between the first and second row of omnitsukido. The omnitsukido member Tatsuya's sword was aimed at didn't have time to react. He saw Tatsuya throw his sword into the air but didn't think he would be able to catch it, after all who would throw their sword in the first place. Tatsuya's sword slashed at the member's chest, spewing blood from the new opening in his body. The man fell back in shock almost unable to believe he had got cut.

Tatsuya quickly jumped over the fallen man and turned to the remaining eleven members of the omnitsukido that attacked him. Their leader's eyes blazed in fury as he watched his team fail at capturing Tatsuya. It had been sometime since he had encountered them, no doubt they failed to realize his power had grown. They now kept their distance from Tatsuya. He needed to end this quickly, he wasn't sure if they had already called for back up. "Forgive me. But I didn't want to have to do this. Time is short" Tatsuya lowered his gaze to the ground and held his sword in his right hand towards his left side as his reiatsu steadily rose. "FALL BACK!!!" Their leader shouted out, but it was too late. Tatsuya quickly appeared on the other side of the omnitsukido, his sword now held low on his on his right side. "I warned you." He turned his head to face the leader as blood sprayed from the still standing bodies of the omnitsukido team before they collapsed to the ground. The leader's gaze narrowed on Tatsuya as he spoke but he did not acknowledge. He removed the small sword from his back and dropped it to the ground, making Tatsuya stare curiously at him. The leader quickly disappeared and Tatsuya dropped his sword while lifting up his left arm, blocking a kick from him. Tatsuya's hardened gaze stared directly into his attacker's and both quickly disappeared, appearing about ten meters away, Tatsuya's punch stopped by his cross armed block. A smaller opponent as good as the leader was hard to find, he wasn't taller then six feet four inches but he held up well so far.

Both disappeared once again and reappeared some distance away when harder blows were blocked or connected, but it was only for a brief moment and they quickly disappeared again with shunpo. They moved quickly, fighting at an inhuman pace. One could only hear the impact of the blows as they moved with haste. A solid kick to the Tatsuya's face sent him straight up into the air and just as quickly as he was sent up, he was sent crashing down with a double hammerfist to the back of his head, as the leader quickly appeared above him. Tatsuya crashed into the ground on his hands and knees, cratering the ground beneathe him. He quickly flash stepped away just as the leader stomped the the ground, cratering it further. Tatsuya appeared above the leader with an elbow aimed vertically at his head. The leader use his own elbow to deflect Tatsuya's attack and both disappeared once again at high speed. This was the first time Tatsuya had fought at such a pace. His exile from Soul Society severly hampered his training options, so he never had the oppurtunity to exercise high speed combat within the second squad. He was getting tired, but he had to maintain the pace against his opponent. The leader landed a hard punch into Tatsuya's abdomen causing him to spit up blood and quickly jumped, kicking Tatsuya in the face sending him backwards before disappearing again. Tatsuya barely regained himself, turning around to block the leader's knee heading for his back and once again they disappeared.

"Damn it. I can't keep this up." He thought as he continued his pace blocking and attacking. He was relying completely on instinct against the leader, he didn't have time to think of any proper counters or techniques. They returned blow for blow, quickly disappearing trying to catch the other off guard. Tatsuya appeared behind the leader with a round kick aimed for his side and he quickly disappeared and reappeared infront of Tatsuya with his own kick at Tatsuya's gut. "GAAAAHHH" More blood spit from Tatsuya's mouth as the kick connected. "Got you!" Tatsuya latched on to the leaders leg with both hands and quickly flashed stepped with him causing the leader to lose his balance. He quickly turned around 360 degrees and slammed the leader through the remains of a tree with a sickening crash. Without letting go Tatsuya swung the leader around once more and slammed him into the ground and then quickly slammed him a second time for good measure. Tatsuya fell to one knee after he let go of the leader and watched him. For a second he thought he may have killed him, but after a sharp intake of breath from being winded, Tatsuya was relieved. He was unconsious, but alive. The others we're in a similar state. Tatsuya quickly made his way to his sword, picking it up before he headed towards the hotel.

Sanagu City

Tatsuya quickly arrived on the balcony and walked right into the suite. "Sumiko!" He anxiously called out. "Sumiko!" He quickly walked into the bedroom to see their luggage on the bed and still packed. "Are you okay? I felt alot of activity from the forest. And I thought..." Sumiko said from the restroom and walked out seeing the damage to his body. "I'll be fine. We have to go." He quickly pulled out a soul removal glove from his luggage and without warning used it on the gikon inhabiting his body. He entered the gigai as quickly as he could and put the glove back in the luggage. "But we can't go. Not without telling Zamoreus." She stated Tatsuya got into the gigai. "I'll call him from the SUV. I just took out an omnitsukido team and back up is probably on the way if not hear already. He'll have to understand the circumstances." He stated while quickly grabbing the luggage witht he important items and headed out the door with Sumiko following closely. From the SUV Tatsuya called Zamoreus and explained the situation. When they arrived at the hangar the plane had been fully fueled and ready to leave. Once they were in the air, Tatsuya relaxed a little and looked out the window down at the forest as they passed.

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