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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Trainee's First Time (solo)

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PostSubject: Trainee's First Time (solo)   Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:04 pm

Dray looked around from the rooftop on which he was standing, it was night and the streetlamps flickered in the darkness with the occasional car passing by, few people were out this time of night and for that he was grateful, then he heard some noise behind him and sighed. He didnít like going on patrol much, it was so boring. It was long and dull, and few hollows were ever strong enough to put up a challenge when they did show up. The problem tonight was he had 2 fresh trainees out of the academy with him, who at every opportunity seemed to be talking to each other, apparently they known each other before they joined the academy and that was fine except they talked a lot. Normally that wouldnít be a problem, if they were paying attention, but they were not paying attention at all. Keichi seemed pumped up about beating his first hollow and Braden one seemed rather nervous.

Dray sighed again and turned around and said, ďItís fine if you talk but pay attention to your surroundings if you keep getting distracted a hollow very well might attack you and kill you before you even notice it.Ē The Keichi said, ďBring it on Iíll rip them to shreds!Ē while the Braden looked around. I wonder how they will be in real combat. Will the coward become brave and the brave a coward? You never truly know how people will react until you really see them in a combat situation.

He felt a bit of hollow reiatsu coming from the west and motioned for the trainees to follow him as he headed over, the lept across the rooftops at a rapid pace, Draylon was moving rather slowly but it still seemed the trainees were having a hard time keeping up with him. They reached the area and Draylon saw that it was 3 of the lowest form of hollow cornering a few wandering souls, he turned to the trainees and said, ďYouíre up. Do your best and donít die, Iíll step in if I need to.Ē Keichi lept down at them Braden short behind. They landed between the hollow and their prey.

The hollow werenít happy and quickly went on the attack, Draylon was surprised at the teamwork of the two trainees, but it did make sense after all they had grown up together. Keichi seemed to be doing all the forceful blows and blocking head on while Braden was more content to dodge and cripple while taking advantage of Keichiís moves. With their teamwork they rapidly defeated the hollows, a triumphant cry coming from Keichiís lips after the victory, While Braden walked over to the souls and began to soul burial them. Dray jumped down and gave Keichi a meaningful look and said, ďArenít you forgetting something?Ē Keichi looked confused and looked around until he saw Braden performing soul burial on the last spirit. He turned to Dray and sheepishly said, ďOh. Right. I forgot about that.Ē Braden walked over quietly as Dray congratulated them on their first victory.

Dray smiled openly at them, they had done extremely well for their first time fighting real hollows, the academy had trained them well. The rest of the patrol pretty much went without incident Dray only having to step in once to take care of a powerful hollow leading a few others in concert against the trainees. Over the course of the patrol he found himself starting to like the trainees more and more and before he knew it he was having fun chatting it up with them while keeping an eye out.

Before too long their scheduled patrol time was over and the next group came out to take their spot, they had been given a short patrol time because there were trainees who werenít used to long patrols yet. Once the patrol was over and they were back in Soul Society Dray took them out for few drinks at a nearby tea house, he didnít drink himself and apparently Braden didnít either, though Keichi wanted a drink or two. They talked for about 30 minutes or so until some of their friends from the academy showed up and Dray, sensing an awkward moment decided to finish up pay and leave, leaving them to party the night away with their friends.

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Trainee's First Time (solo)
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