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 Dray's shikai and first ability

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Dray's shikai and first ability Empty
PostSubject: Dray's shikai and first ability   Dray's shikai and first ability I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 09, 2012 11:03 pm

Call out phrase:"Surge, Arashi."

Description of released form:
Shikai is being able to create electricity from his body, which he can shape into any form he likes, once the electricity is no longer touching his body he cannot control it, so he could make a net and throw it in a direction but once he releases it he cannot control it anymore. However it cannot forcefully interact with physical objects, so he could make an electric spear but he couldn't block with it. Mod Approved, Admin Vetoed

Description of released form:
His Shikai is a constant release in the shape of a gauntlet on this right hand.:

Abilitiy: The gauntlet is capable of generating electricity which Draylon can manipulate and shape (shields, blades, walls, etc). The objects he creates are solid and at the same time retain the properties of lightning/electricity. The things created originate and are anchored to the gauntlet. Once he releases the object it fades away. It is possible to fire bolts of energy, but with a cooldown of 1 post for the energy to build back up. The electricity is blue and white arcing about in the shapes he forms.

Looks: his weapon is a Su yari type spear.

The blade of his spear is 15 inches long and silver. The handle is about 6 feet long and made of black metal with a gold dragon design on it.

His weapon generates electricity which he can fire as a bolt of lightning out of the tip. He can also charge for a larger bolt.

In battle due to his weapon generating electricity, anything that touches the blade or that the blade touches will get electrocuted. Anything that touches the shaft will get shocked.

Dray is immune to his weapon's electricity.

Ability 1: The electricity generated by his weapon has great effect on the control of the body of anything it hits. Potency ranging from minor muscle spasms to full blown paralysis. The more electricity they are hit with the worse it gets.

Decoding my posts,
Normal letter is actions and stuff
Italics are thoughts
Teal is stuff he is saying.

Rank 3
Seat 8 of Squad 12
Character sheet

Shikai info
[21:50:31] * DarkMaster gives dray a gold star

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Dray's shikai and first ability Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dray's shikai and first ability   Dray's shikai and first ability I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 09, 2012 11:50 pm

I give my seal of approval. Happy Hollow Hunting!
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Dray's shikai and first ability
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