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 Practice with a Shinigami (Jimbobfloba)

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Dominic Cartwright


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PostSubject: Practice with a Shinigami (Jimbobfloba)   Sat Apr 07, 2012 6:18 pm

It had been two days since the incident at the academy and reconstruction of the dorms were already underway. Though classes had resumed, they had to end by six o'clock so that they may be cleared out and set up for the students to sleep in. Until the reconstruction was finished, the students had to room with each other in the classrooms. Depending on the size of each room, one may have to room with anywhere from two to five others. The sleeping arrangements did not consider gender since there were to be large groups rooming together. That and honestly students fooling around with one another was the least of the shinigami's concerns at the moment.

The investigation into the fire was still underway and not much had been discovered about it. So far, their findings reported that it had been at least one explosion that had started the fires though no information on how or why. Dominic wasn't allowed to leave the academy other than to walk its training grounds, which is where he found himself now. Even with all the Second and Twelfth Squad shinigami around investigating the attack, they were still posting Squad Eleven members everywhere to ensure no additional harm came to the students. That and to make sure no one left without an escort. It was not yet ruled out that a student hadn't started the fires and until that happened, no student would be allowed to leave for any reason.

Dominic noticed a shinigami sitting on a bench beside the sparring grounds looking quite bored. There weren't any other students around though he assumed that didn't mean the man was allowed to leave his post. Upon further inspection, the man appeared to be a member of Squad Five, not eleven. This interested him, perhaps some of the Squad Eleven members were on duty elsewhere and this chap was filling in. With little thought put into the action, the first year approached the guard. "Excuse me, sir. If you don't mind me saying, you look bored as hell. I've a free period at the moment and I was wondering if you would like to spar with me for a little while. I could use the practice and you look like you'd be able to handle yourself while still monitoring the area. What do you say?" Dominic picked up two bokken from a nearby rack and smiled at the man, offering him one.
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PostSubject: Re: Practice with a Shinigami (Jimbobfloba)   Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:54 am

It was a normal day of looking after the academy students, the sun was high in the sky and nobody was about for him to talk to, the academy students rushing in and out between lessons, or even readying themselves for exams; it had reminded him of his times here, the rushing about and no free time other than to spar or train on his own, it had all seemed like it was only a couple of days ago. He sat himself down on a bench that was near, just looking around, he lay his zanpakuto on his lap and sat with his head in his hand as he peered around the grounds.

During his daydream an academy student decided to walk over to him, asking him if he would care to spar. Tariasha wasn't sure if he was allowed to do this, but it wasn't exactly against rules was it?; after all it was helping the student. He grabbed the bokken that was offered to him, it had a while since he had held one of these, the last time was when he had been practicing with for his exams. He walked over to a spot where he set up his stance. 'How long have you been at the academy?' he wanted to get a clue of the mans experience, it would be unfair if Tariasha went to unload all he had against a new person; without knowing how good he was.
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Practice with a Shinigami (Jimbobfloba)
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