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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Hunting Games

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PostSubject: Hunting Games   Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:18 am

The sun pierced through the leaves of the many trees that infested the forest that is Min Kyung’s territory. A few weeks had gone by now, and everyone heard of myths of those who leave for that forest outside of Karakura town never make it back. Still, stubborn old men who were determined to bring home food to their families took their chance, wandering their ways deep into the forest, where the hunting games began. Min Kyung spotted two particularly fit men, fitting with bows and arrows rather than rifles. Min Kyung assumed that it was so they didn’t make noise, and could bring home more food, but regardless, their stature and strength was amazing. He could feel a stronger presence of Spiritual pressure than most humans, even for Karakura residents.

He watched them as they entered the forest, walking along a trail that lead nowhere important through the forest. Min Kyung followed them by his own means that were the branches, high in the canopy of the trees. His hunger for blood and the souls of these humans was almost unbearable. He held off however, for men of this strength were worthy of a little cat and mouse game. They saw a group of deer and stopped, wielding their bows and readying an arrow each. Min Kyung froze. This was not the time to start his little game, however he was not willing to risk harm to the inhabitants of his forest. Luckily enough, they didn’t have the best of aim, and both missed. The deer scattered away quickly. They continued down the path for a few more meters, before breaking away from the path, going into the brush of the untamed forest. Min Kyung watched the man, stalking their every move for the next hour, as they wandered around until they found the perfect spot. They sat down and made camp, preparing for whatever animal may come their way that they could kill.

It was time for the fun to begin. Min Kyung jumped down from the tree tops, being careful to intentionally make a loud clatter as he hit the ground. He waited a split second before jumping into the bushes. The men caught a glimpse of his razor sharp speared tail before it disappeared behind the bushes. ”Did you see that!? That was weird!” The smaller man said the other man. They both shook their heads, forgetting what they saw. Min Kyung was surprised, and disappointed that they didn’t come after him. He would have to try a little harder. He stalked quietly over to them, waiting until he was right behind the younger man. Min Kyung exhaled, making sure that the man felt his breath on his neck. He completely flipped, squirming his whole body as Min Kyung bit down hard on his shirt, dragging him backwards into the darkness of the forest. ”Kotoramu!” The second man yelled as he raced to his feet, charging after Min Kyung, who was purposefully going slow. The man tackled Min Kyung away from the man, as they both flew sideways into a tree. Min Kyung growled as he shoved his back paws into the man’s chest, vaulting him into the air. He grabbed the first man, whom he imagined was Kotoramu. He dragged him away from the second man, into the deep of the forest, where no man dared to venture. Min Kyung quietly and happily fed on this man, ripping into his flesh, enjoying the physical taste, as well as the nutrition and filling of the soul. Just as he finished, he turned his head at the sound of a twig on the ground snapping. He saw the first man, holding what looked like a tiny capsule. He raised it to about chest level, and it snapped, forming a pistol in the man’s hand. Min Kyung recognized the style and the art on the side of the barrel. ”Hmm… A Quincy eh!? HAHA! A lovely treat that fate has brought me!” Min Kyung growled as he slowly moved closer to the quincy.

The games began at this moment. The quincy squeezed on the trigger and a blue bolt flew from the barrel. Min Kyung jumped to the side, feeling the cool forest breeze sweep through his fur. He turned his back to the man. He swiped his tail, cutting down some trees blocking his path as he ran away. Min Kyung ran off for a good distance before taking to the trees. He traveled back to the quincy, who was weeping over the dead body of his friend. Min Kyung almost felt sad for the man, and then laughed at the idea. The quincy heard the chuckle and quickly turned, squeezing the trigger. The branch burst into shards of wood as Min Kyung jumped from it, just prior to the explosion. He let out his Deafening Roar, letting the sound wave crash into the ground just before the Quincy, who covered his ears in pain. Min Kyung snuck up behind the man, seeping his teeth deep into the Quincy’s leg. The man screamed in pain, feeling his leg go instantly numb. He shot his pistol towards Min Kyung, who had just barely dodged the attack, feeling the blast push him skyward. Min Kyung slammed into a tree and fell to the ground. He felt the rage pulsing through his body. He allowed the burning red markings to surface on his legs, as he felt his speed increase. He moved around quickly, constantly leaving and reentering the Quincy’s sight. Min Kyung saw another opening, and charged in, seeping his venomous jaws into the man’s other thigh. Both legs were numb, and useless, as the quincy fell to the ground helplessly. Min Kyung walked calmly over to the man, and with his speared tail, slashed the gun free from the hands of the Quincy. ”Your fate is the same as that of you friends. Food for victor of this battle. The Territorial Hollow of the Karakura Forest!” Min Kyung barked out as he seeped his fangs into the man’s chest. Within seconds, the poison had made its way through the blood stream, entering the lungs, the kidneys, and finally, the heart. His main arteries were shutting down, and he was dying slowly. Min Kyung did admit to himself that it was a worthy fight, and decided to end the man’s misery.

After Min Kyung was finished feeding on the both of them, he returned to his cave, in the very heart of the Karakura Forest. He entered the deep, dark, cold entrance to the cave. He walked down to his bed that he had laid out. It was skin of a deer that he could not save from a hunter. He would not allow the human to have it, but didn’t have a genuine use for it himself, so he made a soft pad out of it for him to sleep on. He had mixed feelings on it, but settled with the thought that the deer’s spirit would be happy knowing that his body was being used to help The Territorial Hollow of Karakura Forest, rather than being sold around by the likes of humans. Min Kyung could feel the crimson marks on his legs die out, as exhaustion fell on him. He allowed the darkness of the cave to comfort him to sleep, as his body naturally heated up to counteract the cold of the cave. Min Kyung did not know what the next day would bring him, but knew that tonight would be the best rest he would get in a long time. Raindrops echoed throughout the cave, informing Min Kyung of the weather outside. Karakura residents never hunt in the rain, because there is never anything to hunt. Min Kyung smiled as he heard the calm serenity of the pitter patter of rain drops falling on the stone floor at the entrance of the cave, echoing its way to his ears. Within 5 minutes, Min Kyung had fallen into a deep sleep.
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Hunting Games
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