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 Zanpakuto Training

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Ryushiro Rayone


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PostSubject: Zanpakuto Training   Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:51 am

Ryushiro sat in the classroom, drowsy from sleep deprivation, as he watched the teacher walk in to the room, as the rest of the students took their seats, and the classroom was quiet. The teacher spoke softly, but with a sense of firmness in his voice. "Good morning class! We will be having a Zanpakuto training sessions today!" The teacher said nothing more as he led the class out to the training grounds, and each student grabbed their training wooden sword, and began swinging it around. Ryushiro wasn't going to bother himself with the trials of pity swinging of swords that didn't even make an impact on the target. He withdrew his Zanpakuto from his side, being that he was a noble student, he was allowed to carry his around. He walked closer to a target and slashed the wooden man in half, easily sending shrapnel across the room. He was careful not to impact the target in a way that any shrapnel would fly towards the other students. A tall student walked up to Ryushiro and swung a leg towards his skull. Ryushiro quite shorter than the other man, easily stopped the huge leg in it's track, and with a flick of the wrist, Ryushiro shoved the man backwards. Ryushiro said nothing as he sheathed his Zanpakuto. He grabbed a wooden katana and lowered himself into a fighting stance. If this man wanted a fight, he would be getting a fight. The man, enraged by the counter, grabbed his wooden sword and charged at the man, grunted quickly as he sprinted towards Ryushiro. He was impressed by the man's speed, but his directness was annoying. Ryushiro easily dodged the attack, as the man stumbled past Ryushiro. He said nothing at all as he swung his wooden sword into the back of the man's back. He heard a crack as the man fell hard to the ground, literally eating the dirt.

Another student, presumably the mans friend, ran up behind Ryushiro and placed his blade, sharp edge away from his neck, around Ryu's throat. Ryushiro knew that the man wasn't going to make a strike, or he would have the blade turned around. Ryushiro shifted his feet and ducked down, easily dodging the second mans counter attack. Ryushiro swung his wooden sword, sweeping the mans legs out from under him. He looked over and noticed that the first opponent was starting to rise to his feet. Ryushiro appeared next to the target as he jumped with suprise. Ryushiro swung his sword, making a hard contact onto the mans spine once more. He fell hard to the ground, and instantly began trying to rise to his feet again. Ryushiro took the hilt of his sword and smashed it into the back of his skull, knocking him unconscious. Ryushiro turned around just in time to raise his sword to block the other opponent's downward strike. Ryushiro smirked a little and immediately wiped away the smirk as he slashed at the mans ribs with the wooden sword, cracking a few ribs, instantly bruising them, and knocking the wind out the man. He doubled over in an attempt to breath. Ryushiro kicked the mans knees in, making the man fall to his knees. Ryushiro then spun around, gaining momentum, and smashed the hilt into his mans face, sending blood spewing out of his face, as he fell over unconscious as well.

Ryushiro looked up, panting lightly, as he noticed that the entire class was watching the brawl go down. Ryushiro was worried about getting in trouble for fighting on a purely training day. The teacher walked up and laughed at Ryushiro's concerned face. "Don't worry, young one. I know what happened, and you will not be punished for it. These two boneheads will be. The teacher said as he picked up both of the unconscious men by their shirts, and dragged them off to Squad 4's HQ. "Ryu! Take the students back to the class and dismiss them. The teacher called over his shoulder. Ryushiro said nothing as he simply looked at the students and threw down his wooden sword. His hand smoothly went to his Zanpakuto that was attached to his waist. He looked at the students once more, and then to the path back to the classroom, and the students nervously hurried their way to the classroom. Ryushiro walked slowly behind them until everyone arrived in the classroom. "Arrive here in 3 hours for the next class! Be there or I WILL find you! That's all! Dismissed!" Ryushiro called out, speaking for the first time in the entire day as he looked at the door, signaling for the students to get out. Ryushiro walked outside and noticed a tall tree with a branch that seemed that it would support him. He ran up the trunk of the tree and grabbed onto the branch, and swung himself topside, as he effortlessly settled into a smooth seated position on the branch, leaning his back against the trunk of the tree. He reached inside his kimono, and pulled out a pure white cigarette. He lit the cigarette with a match that he had in his pocket. He flicked the match away, and breathed in deeply, inhaling the smoke, and then blowing it out, forming little smoke clouds. He then looked up to the clouds, rolling over the light blue sky. He enjoyed watching the sky, for some unknown reason, and he hated it when it was completely too cloudy. He noticed the clouds were becoming scarce again, and it made Ryu happy. It took another hit from his cigarette and blew the smoke from his nose, imagining that it was what a Bull would look like if it had a cigarette before every rodeo.

Ryushiro finished his cigarette and jumped from the branch, landing softly on the ground, as he instantly began walking towards his barracks. He had a sudden change of heart, and decided to change his path to that leading to the training grounds. He was going to the grounds to look for a fight.

(OOC: This thread is done and ready for Eval, however a second thread will be branched from this that will be a PvP thread)
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Zanpakuto Training
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