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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Kyler's Massacre

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PostSubject: Kyler's Massacre   Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:13 am

(OOC: This is a story that i was writing for an RP site as a background story for the character. Don't ask about the name of Kyler, cuz it has some painful memories. FEEL FREE TO MAKE COMMENTS!)

The dark-skinned man covered his face with the ski mask before walking into the bank with a suppressed Uzi. "Get DOWN!!!" He shouted as he fired the Sub-machine gun and killed the guards around the bank. The banker started getting out the money out of the compartments as the man started to laugh. "i dont want you worthless FUCKING MONEY" He exclaimed as he pulled out his machete and slit the banker's throat. He grabbed a lady that was wearing a short tight skirt and was thinking about having his way with her when, in an attempt to free herself, she slapped him on his hard boney jaw. He was easily irritated and shot her once with his .45 caliber M1911 pistol. He picked up the lady's cell phone and dialed unexpected numbers.

"Hello New York police? Yes, My name is Kyler Phillip, and i will kill one person in this bank every 30 seconds. Don't bother to try to stop me, you won't succeed, and no, i don't want any money, so don't expect to get me with a ransom. You can't ransom a man with no need for money. I TAKE what i want! Goodbye" He said before he hung up the phone and destroyed the device. He grabbed a short chubby man in a raggedy business suit. He grabbed the man's cell phone. "You got family? call 'em and say your goodbyes. NOW!" he yelled at the chubby man as the man was crying. He took the butt of his M1911 pistol and smacked it hard against the man's temple. "DON'T CRY!!" he shouted as he emptied a round into the man's skull, killing him instantly.

The madness went on for a half an hour before the cops finally showed up, despite Kyler telling them not to. Kyler reached into a backpack and pulled out a device that had a flip lid and a little red button. He waited for the cops to park their cars and before they could back out or get out of their cars, he pressed the red button, and ignited C4 that was planted at the bottom of every single police or government vehicle in the city. The cars burst into flames sending shards of glass and shrapnel everywhere, decimating everything in a twenty yard radius. "I told them not to show up. Now you people get to pay for their idiocy!" He stated, turning back towards the interior of the bank and emptied his clip of the Uzi, killing 23 people. "You people are boring. No excitement!" He threw the bag on the ground and took two grenades and threw them into two different crowds of people, killing a total of 40 more people. The explosion sent shrapnel across the bank, destroying the camera that was watching the whole event.

Kyler went up the elevator and went to the roof access, where he was met by a Blackhawk helicopter with a Soviet Russia Insignia on the side of it. Once he realized he was a safe distance, he pressed the button on a second controller, igniting the backpack full of 150 pounds of C4. The building was grounded withing 6 seconds, collateral damage was maximum. Kyler flew back with the helicopter until he was over the territory line of Britain. He climbed his way to the front of the helicopter, with his M1911 silenced, shot the pilot and co pilot and pushed them both out of the helicopter. He hopped in the pilot seat and flew the Black hawk deep into Ireland. He jumped out of the helicopter and parachuted down towards his HQ, letting the chopper drop down and explode on a British embassy. Kyler reported to his commander.

"Is he dead?" The commander asked. Kyler did not speak, only handed the commander a picture of the chubby businessman with a bullet in his head. The man had been a Russian spy that had went to the American's aid in attempt at freedom. They would allow no such thing. "Kyler, Great job at killing this man, but we have an investigation we need you to look into. It would be good for this Mercenary organization if we had one of our best assassins go in for this job. This is why we chose you." Kyler again said nothing, only grabbed the Manilla folder that had 'classified' stamped across the top. Kyler walked back to his bedroom, which was as large as typical American houses. He dropped on his bed and was asleep before his head hit his pillow.
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Kyler's Massacre
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