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 The search for a Hattori~ (Solo) pt.1

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Auryuu Spire

Auryuu Spire

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The search for a Hattori~ (Solo) pt.1 Empty
PostSubject: The search for a Hattori~ (Solo) pt.1   The search for a Hattori~ (Solo) pt.1 I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 20, 2012 1:25 am

A large pile of books lay concealed in Auryuu's closet. The books were part of a list he was interested about. Daily trips to the library seemed to cause his books to increase, and soon, he was taking more than he was reading, causing a increase in used up space, in his small rukongai home. One book seemed to catch his eye, as it flowed out of his closet, toppling the rest. The book lay furthest from the closet where it once laid.

Auryuu sat down by his desk, his zanpaktou sitting beside him. Auryuu had been afraid of it lately, it's bloodlust, it's pride in battle was something to be feared. Auryuu eventually stopped acknowledging it. The blade wasn't a killing blade, it just more or less liked a challege. Auryuu gazed from his zanpaktou, still sheathed, and then turned his eyes back to the black spined book. The kanji was faded, the book had some wear and tear, including water damage, and some ripped pages. The spine also was not in favorable condition, it was flimsy, and about to come apart. The book definately held some age. It was definately older than him.

Auryuu turned the cover slowly, gently handling the book, as he revealed the first few lines. He began to read into it further. A healthy mind, was a strong fighter, and also a strong will. People died because of ultimately their own decisions, not because of natural selection. Auryuu had begun to write his own book, disagreeing with Charles Darwin, about many things. Humans were no longer animals. They were something more complex and harder to understand than everything else. Millions of possibilities could exist in one being. The possibilities were endless. Human beings were truely unique. Life was to be treasured, all forms of it. That's what kept Auryuu going as a shinigami.

When he started out, he was just a stupid kid. Arawn and Kaiyo, had taught him so much, and by now he was independately training himself. The books were part of it. Another aspect that taught him were his combat experiences. Battles taught him things he never wanted to know, but the ones with the strongest minds excel. There was always a .1% chance of something happening to change the tides. The tides were violent and reckless, a brain could surpass it with thought. Keeping a cool head, helped freeze the water. Even when the water was at high tide, and there seemed like there was no glimmer of light.

Auryuu continued to read the book, it contained information on the segoku period. It talked of the legendary Hattori Hanzo. A strong ninja, samurai, and a rumored blacksmith. The book displayed information about location of his swords, but didn't hold any exact proved information, but each was a theory, and if you took one persons theory, you'd get closer to the answer. That was a simple scientific rule. The art of elimination.

Auryuu read things like this because he couldn't remember like others could. Other shinigami could reminesce through eachothers human memories, Auryuu couldn't so he filled the void, with others. Found in books. Books displayed whole lifetime works, enough to keep him busy for the rest of his life. Books just were made and made, and never stopped. They were documents of the past, and predictions of the future.

Auryuu read further into the book, a list of locations lay written inside. Hattori's last words suggested he had in fact made swords. The information however was still cryptic. Auryuu sped through the book like nothing, and picked up his zanpaktou on his way to the human world, looking to kill some boredom, with his newly discovered information.
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The search for a Hattori~ (Solo) pt.1
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