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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 The light that breaks (TBC)

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Auryuu Spire

Auryuu Spire

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The light that breaks (TBC) Empty
PostSubject: The light that breaks (TBC)   The light that breaks (TBC) I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 1:12 am

(Auryuu's view)

Auryuu had departed soul society a while ago, maybe a week or so had passed since. He had been just relaxing in his human world house, his violent flashbacks, becoming ever more cryptic and much more violent. They came daily, and quite frequently and assualted his psyche rattling him mentally. Auryuu had been given time off from the higher ups of his squad, gaining entry to the human world simultaniosly, this was like his vacation time, even though he couldn't enjoy it fully.

Auryuu had begun to piece together his flashbacks, realizing a theme. A dirty building, a temple, and a sickly mother. He didn't remember too much, but had attempted tracking down where his past life had taken place. He knew it was in Japan, but could not find the spot. He was having a tough time tracking down his past.

He awoke in his bed on the outskirts of Karukara town where his human home was located. He stared at the clock disapointed, and decided to get out of bed, and get dressed, soon after taking a long shower. Auryuu made his way to the kitchen, and organized breakfast as he turned on his t.v. to the news, watching with much boredom.

(Lem's view)
The sun set over a new days sky as he awoke on a plain white hotel rooftop. It was ironic that he was to poor to actually live in a hotel room, but he could live on top of the hotels rooftop. That being said, he slept comfortably in the summer sun, his skin never seemed to tan or burn so he never had to worry about that. Lem was living a peaceful, but lonely life, maybe it was always like this. He couldn't seem to remember, he had just woken up in soul society a few years ago. the life of the shinigami was not for him, the former 9th squad member was not accustomed to their ways and fled soon after gaining his shikai. He protected souls wherever they were, and killed hollow on sight.

Lem shunpo'd off the hotel roof, slowly decending from a sizable height. He casted feather fall to slow his fall, before he hit the ground. He was primarily skilled at kido, and prefered it next to using sword strikes and stabs. Lem hit the ground with no noticible noise, walking casually as he landed. He was currently in Kyoto, Japan. It was a pretty big industrialized city, which held a lot of people within its space. Kyoto was busy during the morning, people rushed to get to their destinations, and cars flooded the streets, with stop lights hung over them as they passed by.

Lem was invisible to humans, as he slid his hand down his blade. He unsheathed the blade prior to landing. As he slid his hand down he leaned against the hotels wall, people walked causually by, as he did this. Lem silently spoke, "Predict, black epiphany", his black sealed zan, changed into a bone-like skeletal black sword. His sword glow an ominous purple, and he began to drift has his head seemed to recieve thoughts.

He recieved visions, although strange through this technique, sometimes they led them to people like him. Shinigami who couldn't remember their human lives. He had traveled around continent to continent, helping shinigami search for their past, often encountering souls that haven't passed on. Although he helped find their memories, he was still haunted by his, and could never end the violent flashbacks that riddled his mind. These flashbacks never particularly showed anything specific, so it confused him when he had them.

(Auryuu's view)
Auryuu, stood in the kitchen, as he brought milk and cereal out of the fridge and the pantry. He mixed the two in a bowl, having more milk than cereal as his eyes, adjusted to the morning light. He put the milk and cereal back in their original places after he finished making his breakfast. Auryuu took the bowl walking steadily careful not to drop it, slowly walking onto the carpet of his living room, as his left foot came off the bamboo flooring.

Auryuu flipped past news after news, bored. The news just got progressively boring as they repeated the same story, over and over again. He concluded the news was just becomming more and more boring as he turned off the t.v. from the remote control. Auryuu dressed into more casual non morning clothes, as he walked outside. Opening the door, seeing a strange person waiting by his door.

(Lem's view)
Through his vision, Lem witnessed a strange man, with black hair, and was really tall and muscular. He also noticed a town from the vision, it was Karukara town, one of the most hollow occupied citys, in the whole world. Every shinigami should realize Karakura town. He also noticed a peculiar house on the outskirts of town. Lem understood, he had to find this man, maybe his memories somehow lay with him, or there was a spirit in his house, or something like that. Lem shunpo'd as far as he could moving at a constant pace, as he looked to arrive in Karukara town.

Lem eventually reached Karakura, in a few days time. He had been taking breaks daily, but had made good time, or atleast he hope he had. Lem searched for the house circuling the outskirts, of Kurakara, as he came across a familiar sight from his vision. It was the forest path that gave away it's location, he had noticed it from just a short glimpse. Lem debated on what to do, as he waited by the door. He wondered if he should knock, now realizing the man was now a shinigami, as he was very keen at sensing reiatsu. The door opened soon after, revealing the familiar man.

To Be Continued...
In another thread.

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The light that breaks (TBC)
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