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 New growth (solo)

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New growth (solo) Empty
PostSubject: New growth (solo)   New growth (solo) I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2011 11:16 pm

It wasn't until he as navigating the labyrinth like tunnels that Stratus noticed that something was different. He walked in darkness for some time; his hands blindly holding onto the walls for guidance. He could feel the spiritual pressure of his comrades and used it to try and find the proper path. In a matter of minutes he found some familiar tunnels and started towards hideout. What was familiar was the fell, he could feel Moldales spiritual pressure in the tunnel rather faintly. Still surrounded by darkness he proceeded, but suddenly his head grazed the ceiling at certain points forcing him to bend slightly. His first thought was that the tunnel had shrunk, but that was impossible; tunnels don't shrink. It was possible that since Moldale had used the tunnel it was just small from the start, but recently Moldale had grown. The once dwarf like hollow was now of decent size and width. Proof that he was heading in the right direction came in the form of the the luminous crystals in the wall in a small cavern ahead of him. Their soft glow was welcome to his straining eyes. Walking in darkness his eyes had adjusted slightly to the low light, but he still managed to bump into things. While it didn't hurt him at all, it was getting annoying to hit his head every few feet. Some light was quite welcome at this point.

As he entered the open cavern he decided to sit and orientate himself. Stratus was closer to the signals he had felt earlier, unfortunately that meant nothing when faced with the maze of tunnels before him. At best it would be nearly half an hour before he reached them. With a grunt he continued to the far side of the tunnel and continued his journey. A left tunnel here, a right tunnel there, it all looked the same after several minutes. The half hour passed and then another, soon he found himself right beside the signals of his comrades. Upon entering the cavern the only warning of the incoming attack was the loud hiss as Rei’s head slammed into his chest. Having just cleared the cave opening he didn’t have any time to defend himself. The large serpent head flung him off the ground into the side wall. The rock wall cracked at the Stratus hit, before he had a chance to fall several of Moldale’s spikes shot forth and pinned him in place. The initial shock hadn’t worn off from the first attack Stratus looked at his attackers in disbelief. Confusion faded into anger.
“What the hell!” he roared as he tried to struggle free of the multiple spears holding him down. “Let me down from here!” As he spoke electricity arched over the twin headed hollow’s body as it prepared to strike again. It didn’t seem like he was ready to listen. The spikes retreated and Stratus dropped to the ground with a loud thud. Rei hissed in displeasure.
“Why did you let him down?” the electrified snake spat angrily. Moldale’s response was a chuckle as his hoof pawed the ground. Slowly he trotted closer to Stratus as he lay face down on the ground.
“Look at his mask you dolt.” he finally said after examining their visitor for a moment. “Doesn’t that face look a little familiar?” The ever silent Roun moved it’s head closer to examine the downed hollow. The head retracted as a low growl issued from Stratus.

The small growl turned into a roar as Stratus rose to his feet. As his spiritual power rose the armor on his shoulders rattled and sudden it separated. A familiar sensation flooded his body to when he grew the additional arms, but there was different. This went unnoticed by the enraged hollow as the armor darted forward on extended tendrils.
“You bastards!!!” he snarled one of the tendrils launched forward at Moldale. The horse hollow avoided it with a small hop the armored tip of dug into the ground where he had been standing. It was the sight of the strange limb that brought Stratus back to a more rational state of mind. He looked at the strange tendril that was connected to his body. Even more alarming was to see the five others hovering waiting to strike.


“Calm down, boyo!” Moldale grunted. Such words had little effect, startled by his own appearance the tendrils started to dance and wave. One shot into the roof of the cavern, two more slammed into the ground. The rest started to whip to and fro menacingly. Moldale shot forward as bone plates covered his body. He rammed into Stratus head on like a battering ram. The attack caught the perplexed hollow and together then went full speed into the back wall. As they crashed the tendril retracted back into Stratus’ body with only the tips folding back into the armor covering his chest. Moldale pulled away from the prone body of the other hollow with a sigh. “Guess that’s why he felt different, he’s been gone so long got himself a new look.” Gently he tapped Stratus on the head, there was no response. “Weak like a newborn chick.” he snickered. “We’ll have a long chat once he wakes up.”

Appearance change:
Upon becoming Adjuchas Stratus' body has changed. His arms have gotten slimmer, but his body seems broader. He is now 6'10 in height. His weight is higher due to the armor he wears made from a dense bone substance. Said armor is in fact the claw portion of his newly formed tendrils.


Ability change:
Stratus 4th ability is no longer to growing of new limbs, but is the tendrils that are always active. Rather than 4 extra hands, he now has 6 spiked tendrils. While he can shoot slime from the holes in the armored section he cannot from the length of the tentacle. The limit these can reach is 15ft.
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New growth (solo)
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