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 Rubiks Voidium

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Name: Voidium, Rubiks

Age: 442

Height: 5.10

Weight: 178lbs.

Gender: Male

Looks: Shaven face with a brown military cut hair. He wears a black beret with three vertical stars over a seal in the shape of a skull. He wears a cape over his shihakshou. His body is slender yet he is extremely strong. Rubiks cape is black and has a chain that connects the two ends of it. His eyes are a creasing blue but reflect green. The collar of the cape wraps around most of his head excluding his face. His regular attire is his shihakshou with the cape over it but when he is on a combat mission he wears a combat suit with many pockets, some of which hold items and other holds nothing so he can collect small samples or even large samples of something, the suit also permits for Rubiks to stay as agile as possible in combat.

His body is cold to the touch like steel. The palms of his right and left hand has a black star tattooed on them, for what purpose only Rubiks enemies may know. Rubiks complexion is light brown. His feet are laced in boots that conform to his feet. On Rubiks Chest is a huge skull that appears to smile when Rubiks flexes his abs.
For formal events and missions he wears a special grey cape with a grey knitted shihakshou. The Shihakshou is still combat ready with several internal pockets and two external pockets. When on assignments that don’t require combat he wears a regular black shihakshou without his cape and with a haori that rest over both his shoulder. His hands are tough and powerful. Rubiks carries around his neck a vial of black liquid. A scar runs the length of his left arm and his left eye.

Rubiks teeth are all pearly white and straight. His fingernails are all clipped identical to one another. When not on official duty Rubiks where’s a crisp black suite, from the movie equilibrium. With black glove and shade, his hair is pulled back and greased.

Rubiks originally wore the standard uniform with little to go by in means of deviation, including the sandals typical of the shinigami. Shortly after he began to wear a long white coat with large lapels and tight fitting sleeves suited better to close combat. Two long silver chains connect the lapels together on both sides, enabling him to wear the coat over his shoulders comfortably like a cloak if he so wishes it. The material of the coat is that of the material used in haoris, although this is only due to the material being light and well suited to close combat. Under the top half of his black uniform he wears a close fitting white garment which is similar in style to the top half of his uniform.

Personality: He is Intelligent, resourceful, and self sufficient. He has a deep curiosity and a great hunger for invention. Rubiks is a highly trained warrior who doesn’t like to take himself very seriously. His attitudes easygoing get the job done and then relax and have some warm sake. Rubiks although easygoing can become extremely anal when it comes to organization. He is a friendly person that enjoys making friend as well as rivals.

Generally, he is a very blunt individual with a love for metaphor and an avid interest in puzzles and riddles. He values logic highly and subconsciously analyses his surroundings and their inhabitants. Strangely, he hardly ever consciously applies this talent unless it is to something he deems highly interesting or important, or to simply prove a point. Once his attention has been caught however, he will devote most of his time and energy to the puzzle or problem at hand with an almost obsessive passion.

Rubiks is humorous and loves to laugh, he has a secretive side to him and he is a quick learner, he is able to escape physically from his body by meditating. He likes to let everyone know that he is in the room and he enjoys undermining authority sometimes to get his way. Sometimes Rubiks gets caught up in manipulating those around him. He enjoys observing, he believes by observing something you will always be able to gain some new knowledge.

The wise type on the exterior. He maintains a level of approachability and is always willing to give his take on a problem. No matter who‘s problem it is. He tends to be soft spoken within the walls of the seireitei, but when in the heat of battle his will to protect his comrades, the innocent, the week and to judge the guilty is the most evident thing about him. his presence was always felt no matter what company he kept captains or commoners. But he never thought himself better than anyone.

Using his master observation skills Rubiks, appears quiet but will strike enemies, and even allies. Everyone to him is an experiment and ripe for experimentation. Rubiks can sometimes be cruel, and by him using unusual methods to get results he can appear to be a total asshole. But some will tell you of a kind and gentle Rubiks, and others of a sociopathic lunatic whose primary joy is to experiment (torture) souls.

Amongst those that dwarf his power though Rubiks idolizes them only in hopes of one day surpassing them and over powering them so he can experiment on them. Laughter is the antidote for any and everything in Rubiks opinion. Those that don’t laugh Rubiks thinks are foolish.

Rubiks is a very loyal subject to all those around him his personality like him is unorthodox, a lot of times he contradicts himself or he forgets things. He is a pleasant person sometimes but for the most part he is decent to those around him. His words can be harsh and uncalled for but he is only a little bit serious.

Talking to Rubiks can be a bit awkward he is only susceptible to criticism from those who are more powerful than him and if he has made up his mind about something and hes wrong then he’s right…. No need to talk it over. Once you get to know Rubiks though and become a part of his world you can stay… but don’t ever get to comfortable, you get to comfortable and like white blood cells in the human body Rubiks emotions will tear you a new asshole.

Sealed Zanpakuto: The zanpaktou to is a simple wakizashi with an overall length of 31 inches (57.7 cm). The tough, sharp silver steel blade’s length is 20inches (50.8 cm) and the hilt is purple and has a length of 8 ½ inches (21.6 cm). The scabbard is also purple, made of plexi-glass, which induce its weight significantly. The sword’s weight comes to about 2 lb. 17 oz. The hilt of the sword is shaped like an eye and so is its bud. The braid on the handle is made from a special fabric that makes it easy to hold on to. Rubiks is ambidextrous so he can wield his zanpaktou by both hands very well; he prefers not to use his zanpaktou and will only draw it when he really is engaged in his battle.


Spirit Power:30



Fighting Skill:20

History: Rubiks was left at the age of 3 in the care of his aunt and uncle. Rubiks was orphaned when his mother and father contracted a rare disease. Although he would never forget his parents, he enjoyed his life with Aunt Beth and Uncle Joe. When Rubiks went off to boarding School for high school he enrolled into weight lifting and fencing. When Rubiks graduated top in his class he was dismayed to find out that his guardians couldn’t attend his graduation because they had fallen ill with the same disease his parents had. Rubiks had received every award an academic scholar could get. But all he could think about as he crossed the stage was his aunt and uncle laying on their death beds. His girl friend’s mom videotaped the graduation and sent a tape with Rubiks home that same night

After they passed away Rubiks began a relentless inquiry into his family’s disease. In doing this, Rubiks realized the wonders of technology and its advantages. Rubiks was unable to solve the mystery so he hired an assistant. Her body was amazing, and her face, making fucking her a miracle. After their ravenous sex they would work on solving these diseases mystery, with the help of the assistant Rubiks developed a serum that would reduce the symptoms of the disease. The young lady assistant Rubiks had hired later became his wife at age 22. Her name was Leticia she was quite attractive. But in the end had done Rubiks very wrong.

Leticia had convinced Rubiks to stop his research and live his life happily with her. This is how his life ended…The sun had long ago set as an average looking man steps out the doors of a multistory office building. Rubiks is of an average build and height not too skinny but by no means overweight and walks with a hurried pace. Rubiks looks to be in his late 40’s by the wrinkles on his face coupled with the receding hairline Rubiks possessed. He had deep dark circles under his eyes which suggested that he did not have the luxury of much sleep.

The clothing that Rubiks was wearing as well as the objects Rubiks carried gave one the impression that the circles under his eyes were not the result of insomnia or some other sleeping disorder. Rubiks wears a dark blue suit made of a mildly expensive looking fabric with a striped tie and polished black dress shoes. In one hand Rubiks carries a cup of half drunken coffee in the other hand an expensive looking attaché.

Rubiks was more than the average cubicle inhabitant; his clothing could not possibly have been obtained by such a low paying job. Yet Rubiks could not have been anyone too highly placed on the leadership board either, for if Rubiks had been Rubiks certainly would not have been coming out of the building so late. Rubiks would not have had those circles under his eyes born from many an all night shift on the job. The wrinkles on his face meant that he had more than the normal workers share of stress and worries something the highest paid and ranked members of any company did not share. They had hoards of assistants and always left work early. One could only draw the conclusion that he was more than likely middle management at best.

“I thought I would never finish that project. I just wish for once that damned lazy boss of mine would do his fair share of the work, I haven’t been home in days my wife is going to….”Suddenly he stops mid-sentence and mid stride as if he had just come to the realization that something he had said meant nothing anymore. His left hand darts towards his empty ring finger and he brushes his hand over it for a few moments before gloomily declaring, “Ohm that’s right the bitch left me last month.”Rubiks continues on his downtrodden way, down the lonely quite streets that he walked each and every day.

His wife had won their home the car and custody of his children in the divorce and ever since then he had been living in a run-down apartment that barely passed for humane.He worked each and every day hard and long and all his money went straight into her ungrateful pockets. She had left him left him for a more attractive and higher paying member of his very own law firm.He had caught her cheating on him in their bed and Rubiks had forgiven her.

Yet somehow he had been the one served with divorce papers and due to the position that the particular attorney that his wife was having an affair with, held Rubiks had come out the looser in all aspects of the divorce. Yet that was not the worst of it by a long shot, the man who had stolen his wife away from him was his very own good for nothing boss.

His few remaining friends had recently become too disgusted with him to be his friend anymore. They questioned how Rubiks could go to work every day and look his boss in the eye and take orders from him. They had urged him to do something against that man but Rubiks had always said the same thing to them in response, “That’s not going to solve anything.”

Even he knew that was a lie the real reason Rubiks could not do anything was that he was far too much of a coward to ever take rash action. Rubiks was a 24 year old man who had reached as far as Rubiks was going to go in his career. Rubiks had lost his wife his children his home and even his dignity yet Rubiks still felt there were meaning in life. The one thing Rubiks looked forward to every week was his two hour visitation with his children. Once a week Rubiks would come home from work to his run down little excuse for an apartment and spend quality time with his children. It was the one thing that kept him going it kept him alive.

A small but noticeable smile spreads across the face of the man as he hurries his pace so that Rubiks might get home sooner. Tonight was the night he was supposed to have dinner with his children today was his birthday. Rubiks reaches his home within the duration of half an hour unlocks the door of his apartment and rushes inside darting towards the dining room half expecting to see them there waiting like they were supposed to be. His smile soon fades when he notices that no one is home except himself.he runs towards the phone hoping he could find some explanation for why they were not here. They must be running late yes that had to be the reason.

He had but one message on the phone no one ever called him except his wife to tell him Rubiks was late with his alimony and child support checks. The only other people who called him were bill collectors and he never answered for them if he could help it.Heshakily reaches for the button that would play the lone message the phone held for him. It beeps and then the message that shattered his very soul was played for him, delivered by a woman he should hate but still loved.

“Yeah I know the kids were supposed to be here for your birthday today but we decided to take them on a vacation a nice cruise so we left early today. You can have two days when we get back bye. Bye the way you’re late with your checks again don’t make me call the cops again. Have a nice birthday all by your lonesome.” The voices fades, that sarcastic hurtful sneering and evil voice. At that moment he felt like blowing his brains out on the spot but he didn’t have a gun and couldn’t afford even silver ware so stabbing himself was out of the question.Hehad no windows so jumping was out of the question and so poor was he that he couldn’t afford drugs so overdosing was out as well. Rubiks was trapped his only option to live until the time his stress would likely kill him for free. Until his heart decided to take the case of his suicide probono he would have to endure his miserable existence.

He goes to bed sobbing until he finally passes out.Hedoesn’t sleep long before he is awoken by the sound of his door being smashed in and an armed gunman ripping his bedroom door off its hinges.heis dragged out of bed into the living room and slammed onto the floor with great force.Helooks up at the man in the mask and gives him a wondering face. “What do you want?” he asks with fear in his voice. "Your life! But I was instructed to tell you why and to do this.” he says as he rips off his mask to reveal himself to be one of the clients that he had represented and had gotten off.

“You see your wife wanted me to tell you that you are worth more to the world dead than alive. She says she will get more from your life insurance pay off then you will ever be able to give her through the proper channels so she says you have to go. Also she says the fact she hired one of your old clients to do the deed was only natural seeing as how she hates you so much and that would just be one final kick in the shins. By the way I am supposed to tell you happy birthday.” The man cocks the gun he Held in his hands and points it directly into the face of the man who had been his lawyer.

As the Rubiks stares down the gun he couldn’t help but reflect on the irony of it all. He had loved his wife so much but it would appear she never loved him.He had married her on his birthday feeling afterwards that the day was the day he was born and the day he was reborn after marrying her. Now he could not help but feel this final present his final birthday present his final anniversary present was something he and brought upon him. Still he did not wish to die not of course at the hands of someone she had hired and on her terms. She had taken away everything he had and he could not sit well with the fact that she was now taking his life away from him too. But he had no choice Rubiks would die of that he was sure but somewhere deep inside Rubiks wished hecould somehow see her suffer.

“You know your wife is quite a bitch it surprises me you didn’t hire me to kill her but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.” With that he pulls the trigger and a loud gunshot rings out into the lonely night.

In the RukongaoRubiks was always hungry and it had seemed that whenever he got excited or angry people tended to faint. Everyone around him disliked him because he ate so much, one instance he barged into one of the low nobles compounds and raided their pantry eating everything before the guards could stop him. He didn’t understand why he was so hungry until he was approached to take an exam. He took the exam and was immediately catapulted into the academy. Apparently he had excelled in each of the exams sections. Rubiks accelerated in all of his exams and classes; he was a tornado of knowledge. Girls fell head over hills before he graduated from the academy. But they didn’t interest him much he had a goal and that was to exceed through the ranks and become a captain. No amount of pussy was going to stand between him and the glory of Captaincy. His academy instructors all said that he would be a prime candidate for 12th division Captaincy.

Rubiks wasn’t much of a social bug because of his nerdy intellect. He had to know everything about everything. And he would secretly practice every day after class alone .Academically he was an exemplary student who was expected to graduate from the academy as a seated officer in one of the Gotei 13 Divisions.

But Despite his non intimidating appearance, Rubiks had already begun training in the four basic combat techniques, as he demonstrated when he was being bullied by three older recruits because of his nerdy intellect.

Given this, the outcome grew greater than he could imagine. Rubiks is pretty shy but once you get to know him you feel that you have friend for the long run. Competitiveness is not his taste although he does want to move in the ranks he still feels that cut throat-ness can get you nowhere.

Role Playing Sample:
The laboratories dedicated to the brilliant minds of the 12th division; places dominated by imposing mechanical structures, tubes full of bubbling iridescent liquids, and the occasional flash of light accompanied by a thunderous boom. The personal workspace of Rubiks was no exception to this stereotype; in fact it was a testament to what one would expect from a member of Division 3 embroiled in their research. The room he called his own was quite well lit (wouldn't want to strain his eyes, after all), and two neat stacks of digi documents covered in cryptic diagrams covered every available desk. Even if someone cared to begin deciphering what they contained, they would quickly discover that every word of his neatly inscribed notes was rendered unreadable by a complex self compounding cipher.

Why the secrecy? Some people would be quick to explain it away as 'just one of those quirks' that people of Rubik’s persuasion tended to have. Those people would be only partially right. Others would see it as a justifiable effort to protect the propriety of his research; one never knew who would seek to steal the research of another for their personal gain. Again, their guess at Rubik’s paranoid nature would be right in part. The alternate, darker theory that he had something to hide was probably the closest to the truth. Rubiks valued his research, and the better portion of it had nothing to do with anything that would earn ire or disapproval from the his Captain. The ultimate goal to which he had dedicated himself, however, was the creation of the most powerful item in existence.

Every time he entered his personal sanctuary, and many times when he was out and about, Rubik’s thoughts drifted to what would be needed to create such an Item. Each and every time, he came to the same conclusion. A master of Item could make even low level Item into techniques of impressive power. The problem was not with the item that currently existed, but with the imperfect sources of power behind them. If the power of a creature's spiritual energy could be drawn out and used in a pure state, without fear of the consequences of its use, only then could a 'perfect' Item be divined. That was what brought him to where he was; a quest to rip out, seal, and harness the very soul of a creature to use as a 'battery' for the item.

The unfortunate subject of his research, a 'Screamer' type hollow sat suspended in a glass cylinder full of a liquid that couldn't quite decide whether or not it wanted to be aqua blue or a striking shade of green. A computer-like apparatus stood attached to the containment cell, listing various figures that Rubiks monitored with a great deal of interest. Setting down his digi document for a moment, he placed his hand against the glass.

"Remarkable specimen this is, now to see if we can harness its energy for a greater good of the Saishuu"

At his words, Rubiks pressed a button that in turn sent a powerful current of electricity racing instantly into the chamber. The creature within appeared to give a silent scream, looking at the readings that had spiked on the monitor next to him, the young scientist calmly retrieved his digi document and made a few concise notes.

Pausing for a moment after his latest scribble, Rubiks raised the pen he was holding to his lips and bit lightly on its end. It was fairly apparent based on principle alone that the closer a creature was to death, the easier time one would have of attempting to rip out its soul. The tricky part wasn't so much containing the energy of the spirit itself once that task was done; a sufficiently powerful Bakudo had the ability to isolate and restrain just about anything but a object was what Rubiks was looking for.

Rather, one of the major constraints that worried him was the tendency for a spirit to scatter into traces of Reishi the moment it was separated from its host. He could contain the damned thing, but it would near-instantly disperse itself into a form that was completely useless to him. Therefore removing the spirit while the host was still living was an unavoidable part of the equation; the only way to remove it as a whole construct, if only for a moment. Once it had dispersed, that was it. Even with all the technology of the 12th Division at his fingertips, he had never even come close to rebuilding a soul once it had decomposed. Intriguingly enough, his research presented another interesting possibility: Reviving the deceased with an artificial body.

That wandering thought was a matter for another time, however. Turning his attention back to his victim, Rubiks studied the battered form of the creature. Under his 'care', it had been cut, burned, suffocated, and most recently; electrocuted. Each 'loving ministration' was administered with the utmost of care, and with quite little of his power placed behind it. His meticulous methodology was to place the body in peril for the longest possible amount of time before attempting the extraction at the last moment before the creature finally died. In this way, sucking out its soul should technically require the least amount of effort as possible; vital in trying to avoid damaging the fragile thing. Speaking of which, Rubik’s measurements indicated that the creature had most likely reached that point. Unless he went through the counterproductive process of healing the thing, it was likely that any further attempts to 'soften up' his guest would just lead to it dying on him.

His conclusion reached, it was going to be time to terminate the hollow he had taken captive at any point it suited his fancy. He hadn't reached a point where he would be able to make use of its soul yet, but his scientifically documented research on just how much abuse various creatures could (and would) take before they were perfectly 'ripe for the picking' was coming along rather nicely. In some twisted way, it had started to become beautiful in his mind. A fragile balance, the reward growing greater the closer it grew to the edge of the abyss. One false move would tip the scales and ruin everything. His pulse quickening at the thought, Rubiks shook his head and chuckled. There was such as thing as getting too excited over one's research, after all.

Rubiks typed into the control panel and a robotic arm removed the specimens container, leaving Rubiks to his own lone devices. Rubiks put down the digi document and walked out of the research lab.

The 12th Division Items and Upgrade Department was where most of the 12th Division seated officers would go to be away from all the noise and commotion from outside. The walls were pretty solid and didn't let sound pass through as easily as the rooms in the barracks did. Too bad you couldn't sleep here where it was almost always quite. The walls were lined with a few shelves spread out around the room containing books and documents that were for the 12th Division's eyes only. It was like a miniature library almost except it was more for doing paperwork for other division items and getting item research done without being disturbed.

It had been a few days since Rubiks had actually had to do any real paperwork; but the department staff had really gotten their stuff together and were actually really enjoying the new digi documents instead of the tedious paperwork. It was mostly files and records of items in the field reports and tasks that were completed by 12th Division Shinigami. They were organizing them into alphabetical order so that they could be properly stored without being a jumbled mess. He made a few notes and corrections on any misprints on any of the paperwork to ensure that they wouldn't be misread accidentally. These files also held most of the bounties that were collected by taking out Hollows whom had a price on their head. People were always happy when they cashed in their bounty rewards and some even went out to celebrate over tea or sake.

Rubiks was almost done with all the paperwork he had been given and was surely going to take a break before he finished his reports. He usually enjoyed spending his breaks taking a stroll around Rukongai and greeting the friendly people. Sometimes he'd simply pack up some home brewed sake and sit under the large Sakura tree by the lake. He really did enjoy good Sake that's for sure; he even enjoyed playing a good game of chess with his fellow peers while conversing about daily things.

Rubiks usually kept to himself most of the times and didn't like getting into confrontations much so he usually would mind his own business and do his own thing. But he had heard that the SSOI was interested in meeting up with him. Thus the reason why Rubiks had brought some home brewed tea with him. He thought he would invite the SSOI to tag along while he went on his break for the day.

He had heard many things about The SSOI but never really cared to obtain the info since he'd rather learn about the person himself. You can never really believe what people speak of or gossip while talking about others since that's how false accusations and stories can be made. Rubiks hated gossip more than anything; he thought it to be childish when people spoke of others while they weren't around to defend themselves. Rubiks was actually quite interested in getting to know The SSOI since he'd never really gotten to actually sit down and talk with anyone in the Division sense he had been appointed as the head of the items department. He always was busy trying to work hard in order to work his way up in the ranks. Thus the reason why he trains so hard and is always willing to lend a hand when it is needed.
Rubiks was very dedicated when it came to work or a mission. He always believed that work should be finished before you had fun. Rubiks could remember the days he spent working his way through the Academy. He was always on top of his grades and made sure that he trained just as much as he studied. It’s very good to become balanced with the way you live and the activities you perform daily. As he began packing up his paperwork and storing it in a pack he heard the door opening. He looked up and noticed a young man with red eyes and light brown hair walk into the room. He stood about 5'10'' and had an interesting uniform which had a fur lining around his collar. Rubiks stood up knowing that this was the person on whom he was waiting for his fellow squad mate, The SSOI of missions Yatsumoya…
-Tough BUCK!!! -

“How does that feel?" The makeshift shinigami nurse had inquired as she Judging by her over zealousness with the wrapping bandages and exceptionally kind attitude it was safe to conclude that this girl was a new recruit to the 4th division. Her crimson bangs glowed a florescent green tint as she applied another coat of healing kidou to the previously bandaged gash; her eyes were closed complimenting a reassuring smirk that he was in good hands. The newly appointed SOI was not one to dwell on any negatives and assured himself in combination with his own optimism that she would not make any mistakes. Although from time to time he had winced from the sharp stinging pain of his slowly closing wound, he did not blame anyone but himself for the discomfort, he had been careless.

Being in the 12th Division was something that could not be taken lightly, virtually every day it was mandatory strenuous training in all scientific aspect. They had to be highly skilled and remain that way in all forms of research and scientific knowledge, thus it is no surprise that the barracks of the 12th Division are always chalk full of research exercises for the purpose of keeping the shinigami within its ranks “sharp”. Though the procedures there were nowhere near as intense or borderline barbaric as the rumored activities that go on in the 12th division captains quarters, however the assigned training regimens were still a great deal for the ruby eyed shinigami. It had happened the other day, during the forensic science portion of the rotations, when he acquired the deep gashing blow to his left shoulder. Being the seated officer in charge of research it was more often than not that Rubiks drew attention on the assigned days he was required to join in and sometimes lead the division’s research training.

The items field test groups that particular day happen to be uneven and so naturally his overly optimistic personality persuaded his rational thought that volunteering himself to take on a group of four gifted recruits was a good idea. Although for what it was worth he had held his own in good fashion, demonstrating why he was a SOI without a seat, though fending off four enemies at once with nothing but the common steel of a zanpakutou was no walk in the park. On more occasions than he would have liked to count he found himself dodging to whisk himself from close calls and cleverly executed combo attacks. Looking back upon the events, he realized that his misfortune could have totally been avoided, as oppose to meeting the four of them head long at once he could have used his superior analyzing capabilities to take out the item wielders individually.

As a result of overestimation in his abilities, partly from his excessive optimism he found himself locked up between ingenious triangle barrages of shurekin of three automated throwing shurekins, allowing his fourth opponent to slash his shoulder with the ungodly force of the throwing shurekin. The actual severity of the strike did not hit him until after he had done away with the four recruits and went to sheath his sword, the stinging pain it caused him just to stow away his katana rose a red flag in his mind, and at which point, he knew he would have to drudge on over to the 4th division. It was not that he felt any sort of way about that section of the court, it was just that he was so terrible when it came to navigating through the retarded system of mazes that connected the entire society. Whoever the genius was who decided that facility for navigation was a good idea needed to be readmitted to the shinigami academy to be reevaluated in his opinion. “Thank you, its fine now. I really need to get going, sorry.” He replied as he took back his shoulder from beneath the nurses green glowing palms and swiftly whisked the top of his kimono back upon his shoulders.

“What the heck happened to you?” Captain Algren turned to inspect the bandages. “I volunteered on the advice of SSOI Yatsumoya to assist with field testing and training, is it just me sir or am I just the division Guinea Pig?” Rubiks aid groggily. Captain Algren caressed his chin, he was developing a bit of peach fuzz, he noted that and began to speak, “Rubiks-san, you do know that this division isn’t a combat division… don’t you? “ Rubiks nodded, “I ask you this because I don’t think you fully understand that our role isn’t to fight or kill but our job is to make things convenient and efficient, your last creation demonstrated those principals, that is why you are in this division, your combat skills are exceptional but the dilemma is that you have too much on your plate and you want to do too many thing.” Captain Algren said explaining to Rubiks, as they walked into the 12th Division Barracks. Hmmm I never viewed it that way sir but now that you put it that way your right”, Captain Algren smiled “You have the potential but take it one step at a time I want you to heal a bit before going back to the Items Department understood?”

“Yes Sir” Rubiks said falling onto his mat and knocking out.
Rubiks had been bed ridden for three days now and had begun to feel like a lazy butt. Lying in his bed he turned and picked up the Digi Document sitting on his dresser and started reading through the items upgrade list approving and denying ridiculous request and approving others. “Now didn’t I say no work Rubiks” Captain Algren said flash stepping on to the chest of Rubiks knocking the wind from him. “Siiiiiiiiir” Rubiks exclaimed, grabbing at the captains sleeveless haori. Captain Algren jumped off his chest and patted Rubiks chest. “I’ve come personally to inform you that your little experiment broke out of its containment and is running lose around the 12th Division labs, I’ve had everyone hold off on killing the little buggard to allow you to do the honors, and plus every time anybody gets close the darn thing screams kill it that’s your first assignment, I think its somewhere in the prosthetics level” Captain Algren said retreating. Rubiks sat up in his bed and thought for a minute, pondering the thought of the little hollow getting out and running amuck in the Division.
Rubiks got up and grabbed his sword and strapped it onto his belt than moved toward the door and left his room. Grabbing the hilt of his sword he entered the courtyard enjoying the beautiful scenery. This thing could kill me, especially for the fact I’m its torturer and now its executer, my first hollow kill sense the academy, and Rubiks thought of the murderous intent in the hollows beady little eyes. Opening up the door to the building he then turned to the elevator and pushed the up button. Then he waited…. PING sounded the arrival of the elevator.
“Prosthetics labs please” Rubiks said as the doors closed.
The wait was excruciating, the tension could be cut with a knife as he stared up at the floor numbers, 1G…2…..3……4…..5…..PING. The doors opened and Rubiks paused for a moment…. Partially listening and partially crapping his pants. He took a step out of the elevator and crept slowly to the door to the labs. A slight humming came from the lab… The dumb hollow had trashed the entire lab and turned on several f the machines in the room. Papers and tools were thrown all over the place chairs toppled over and several shinigami had fallen out clutching their ears unconscious, Rubiks slowly entered, as he did he the humming got louder.
Rubiks looked around to find that the hollow was in the corner, a purple small creature with a large mouth, and several rows of teeth, it resembled a gargoyle. Its hollow hole was located were its heart should be.
It spotted Rubiks and closed its mouth, and then with an evil intent in its eye it reopened its mouth and let out what would be a blood curdling scream, disorienting and causing its immediate listener to fall unconscious. But not Rubiks, he had taken the bandages off from his wounds and stuffed them in his ears, the humming sound had came from the hollows constant screaming but that was it. Rubiks quickly crossed the lab benches and closed the distance between him and the screaming hollow. The humming became more intense and began to formulate into a full blown scream.
Rubiks became a bit disoriented, drawing his sword weakly than trying to focus himself. The hollow didn’t move at all it was like a statue, unmoving. Rubiks was right in front of the hollow now; it could reach out claw at Rubiks now. Rubiks focused in on it and moved to the left of it, taking his sword and angling it to match the hollows throat, then pulling towards him and applying force out ward he sliced the throat of the hollow. Blood shot from the hollows throat spraying the room, blood soaked everything. The screeching scream ceased and the hollow snarled leaping up into the air dashing for the labs doors. Rubiks had fallen to his knees from the screaming feeling some relief that the hollow had shut up, but then he looked up watching the hollow run for the door. Surely the darn thing couldn’t of survived a blow to the throat, Rubiks thought.
A button on the wall grabbed Rubiks attention and he quickly dived to push the button. SNAP… the doors to the lab locked shut, the hollow smacked hard into the door trying to push it open to make its escape. It shook its head and turned around staring at Rubiks with pure hate, blood dripping from its open wound. Rubiks impaled the ground to balance his self to get up. “The only way your leaving this place is through me you monster”, Rubiks said bring his sword up slanted ready to attack.

The Hollow took its stubby little hand and placed up against its throat, and in a very raspy voice it began to speak. “You call me a monster… You call me a monster because kill to survive were as you kill to realize. You’re ….” The little hollow said. Rubiks grew tired of being lectured and had taken off running towards the hollow sword angled down to his side. When he reached the hollow he dragged the sword up wards slashing through the hollow, splitting the little devil into two.

From a surveillance camera Captain Algren watched the spectacle. “He’s tough I think he is ready for the field testing will send him out with the next Living world patrol” Captain Algren said his left hand playing with the red little ball. “Now get a cleanup team down there for Christ sakes”, Captain Algren laughed and turned away walking out of the surveillance room.

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I am sorry mate, but you can not start out as a captain here on The Bleach World you may choose to start as a rank 0 student or you may go to a squad as a rank 0 but captains and seated officers have rank requirements. If you would please change your application appropriately.
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Gotcha.... Check..... (Chest Jargon) Sorry my mistake i always do that pay attention... And the Rp sample can be handled as a hypethical right.
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Okay... Approved

Welcome to the site and the academy.

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Rubiks Voidium
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