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 A bloody encounter (solo)

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PostSubject: A bloody encounter (solo)   Fri Sep 23, 2011 8:14 pm

The streets was getting dangerous, there were dangers lurking around every corner, he might as well just be getting paranoid, but he felt that every moment some bandit would spot him out from the crowd, he was not on the best of terms with them anymore, so staying at the higher districts was not a good idea anymore.
His plan now was to get some money for a new set of clothes and a visit at a bathing house so he could get a job in the less infested part of rukongai, but he needed a good amount of money, so he could also stay around the area, sleeping in the alleys would not work, cause that would dirty himself and the clothes too fast.
Zan made use of the shadows of the area to scout the streets, he quickly caught his target, a group of bandits was collecting protection money from stands and stores, and by the looks of it, they were almost done with their route, the purse was pretty big, it looked pretty heavy too from a distance.
He was hesitating if this was a good idea, yet he made up his mind about it, he had to get the money if he wanted away from the lower districts, even if this was a dangerous stunt he was about to pull off.
He followed the bandits in the crowd, patiently waiting for an opportunity to present itself, after a pretty long time he saw it, the bandits bumped into another group, and proud and stupid as they were they began pumping them self up and threaten the other group.

Zan began increasing his pace, he did not want to miss this chance, he got closer quickly, as he was only just a few meters away he set into a run, and bumped into the leader, graping the purse from his belt, and then kept on running, he could not stop now, it was a pretty heavy purse, no doubt they would kill him if they got a hold of him now.
They were quick to get on his tail, he ran into an alley, and slided under the fence there, he knew there was a hole in the lower end of the fence there, he had already planned his escape long ahead of time.
He knew all about these streets, where the shortcuts were, hideouts and of course where he could use things to block their path. After the fence he kept running and looked over his shoulder, seems they were prepared for him, they got past the fence without trouble, seems his paranoia was not without reason.
He made another turn around a corner, he had to set up the speed for a minute, so he could get to one of his hideouts after a few turns it seemed he had lost them, he crawled trough a crack in a building, inside was a storehouse, perfect for hiding.
Zan held his breath as he could hear them run past the crack in the building, as soon as they were gone he let up a relieved sigh, it seemed so unreal that he got away from them, but so far this hideout had not been found, by the looks it was just a simple warehouse after all.

He wandered a bit out, there was usually some food around here he could eat while waiting for the heat to fall down, but before long the gate to the warehouse was opened, and there stood the bandits from before, Zan froze completely, no way they could have found him "Thought you were pretty clever hiding here ey?" The leader said and began walking towards him, and his four companions followed him, they were all carrying knives, Zan looked towards the crack, he could still escape that way, he quickly tried to run, but their leader got a hold of his collar and threw him towards a wall, and blocked his escape route.
He could see the light from outside disappear as the gate was closed, he was really in trouble now "Seems its time to get rid of you little punk, you been causing too much trouble recently, I am sure the boss will be happy when I tell him you are gone" A smile spread on the bandits face.
Zan felt fear and despair rise in him, he had to do something, he got onto feet, there had to be an escape somewhere, no way he could take them all on "No last words, no begging for your life?" The bandit said in a very confident tone "Fine then die!" the small blade was swung out at Zan, in an attempt to avoid the attack Zan was cut over his palm and blood began coming out "That wasn't a smart move kid" the bandit laughed, Zan raised up his hand and stared at his palm as the blood began coming out, his eyes got blank, his head felt dizzy as he kept on staring at the blood.
Zan then began smiling and giving out a small chuckle, the bandits gave him an awkward look, his eyes opened up completely wide and he began laughing out loud.
The bandit leader took a step back "Dont be scared boss, just take him down!" one of the bandits yelled out "Yea he is simply breaking down, finish him off" With the support of comrades the leader attacked once more.
Zan counter attacked this by dodging the knife and taking a hold of the leaders arm, and then hitting him in the stomach with allot of force, so he lost the knife, Zan then pulled out his own knife and stabbed it into the leaders chest.
Zan began laughing again, as the leader of the bandits feel onto the ground with a knife stuck in his chest, he was still alive, so Zan quickly sat down on him, pulled out his knife and began stabbing like mad, laughing all the way trough.
The bandits were so scared they could nothing but stare at the disturbing scene "DIE! DIE! DIE!" Mania began screaming out as he kept stabbing down the bandit.
After a minute or so he stopped and looked up at the four others that were just looking terrified at the scene, Zan pulled the knife out the bloody corpse, he was bathed in the blood, he stood up, the blood dripped from him as water drops from being out in the rain, he just kept smiling and walked closer to them, they all began stepping back from him, Zan did not hesitate as he stormed fourth the cut the throat of the next bandit, the blood sprayed out and Zan did not stop smiling "every man for himself!" said one of the bandits and pushed the other towards Zan, and made a run for the door himself, Zan reacted quickly and threw his knife into the back of the one that, and then stormed up to the next, he was clearly frozen in fear, so Zan took a hold of the hand where the knife was, and drove it into the bandits stomach, killing him with his own knife, the one that tried to run was struggling to get to the gate, Zan walked over to him, pulled the knife out, and turned him around to see the last moment of despair in his eyes before he drove the knife right trough his skull.
The whole warehouse was one big bloody scene now, he took his knife back and placed it back in the sheath he hid in his sleeve, he could not stop himself from making small chuckles as he moved back trough the warehouse, he stayed in the warehouse for a few hours, waiting for night to come, before he left the warehouse in the night, he had to clean himself up, going around covered in blood was not going to work well for him.
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A bloody encounter (solo)
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