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 Keep on running (solo)

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PostSubject: Keep on running (solo)   Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:45 am

He was running, he had no time to look back for the fear that his pursuers was getting closer, just made him running, capture meant death or something even worse, he could hear a voice yelling "stop now and you are dead kid, do not stop running!" of course he already knew that, but they always had to say stuff he already knew, it was such a big nuisance, but there was nothing he could really do about it.
He quickly turned around the corner, he was heading into a dead end now, his eyes scanned around for anything that could be used to get away "down in the corner of the fence you idiot!" His eyes feel upon a small hole at the bottom of the fence, it was small, but he should be able to get trough there.
He increased his speed, and then when close he dropped his body down and slided along the dusty ground, he was through the fence, but he was not away yet, he could his pursuers trying to get over the fence on the other side of the wall.
His was beating really fast, and without much hesitation he got up and began running again, he had to find a safe spot, he was going to run out of stamina sooner or later, and he did not even want to think about what would happen to him if it ever came to that.
He got a quick flash of a bloody scene with corpses around, and blood all over the ground, he shook his head to get it out of his head, that was not him, it could not have been, there was just no way.

He got to a small market place, it would be the perfect place to lose his pursuers, they could not keep track of him between the large crowd.
He pushed in between some people, and kept on running until he was sure they could not see him, he took out a cape with a hood from his satchel, it is not the perfect disguise here, but it should be good enough to fool those bandits, the smarter ones should have fallen behind now, so fooling them should be a breeze.
He slowly advanced through the crowd, trying to get out the big crowd, and away to a secure location where they could not find him, suddenly he saw one of the bandits make an appearance from the crowd, Zanshin froze up, he felt his hearth skip a beat, but he was lucky this time, he was not seen, and the bandit passed him by.
Zanshin felt relief surging through course through his body, that was simply too close to comfort, for each second he stayed there, the higher was the possibility of being found.
Finnaly he reached the end of the market place, his eyes searching for a free way to pass unnoticed. He saw a way, and to his luck a small group of people were headed that way, he quickly went over to them and walked as if he was part of the group, and when he saw his opportunity he slipped out of the group, into an alley, over a fence and then stormed of to safety...
about half an hour later he was sitting in an alley catching his breath, he felt this was the most dangerous he had done so far, sneaking into a hideout and stealing their records was no easy feat, and he was also discovered before getting out of there.
He had to stay away from that part of rukongai for a while now, if they saw him now they were going kill him, or torture him until they found out who he had stolen the papers from.
As he sat in the alley, a few men circled him "So?" Zanshin took the folder from his satchel and held it up to them, and they threw a small pouch at his feet, Zanshin opened as they began to leave, but when he countered it was nowhere close what they had agreed on.
"Hey this is less than half of what you said you would give" The man in front turned around and was simply smiling "Well it seems there was trouble with economy, so that will have to do kid" The man began began laughing and went out of the alley.
Zanshin wanted to do something, but there was nothing he could do about it all, he was just one kid, no way he could take them all on alone.
Zanshin properly counted the coins, but there would barely be enough for him to buy food and water for two days, it had been so dangerous, and he barely got anything out of it, and neither could he return to tell who had the records, as they were going to take him down too.
"You should just have killed them all and taken what they had" he heard a voice say "You saw them, there is no way he could have taken them down alone" another one replied quickly "shut up you wimp, they were just some weak weakling" Zanshin just curled into a ball in the alley as a big discussion was raging in his head, he felt so down he would not even join the talk at all even though he did that after some time normally, he just sat there waiting for the sun to go down, so he could sleep and hope to wake up from this bad nightmare.
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Keep on running (solo)
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