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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 The Scared Ghost (Solo).

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Auryuu Spire

Auryuu Spire

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PostSubject: The Scared Ghost (Solo).   Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:01 pm

Auryuu woke up to have his blinds reveal the sun that flashed in his eyes menacing his vision for a second, "Damn, that's bright", he replied as he turned his head to the wall that faced his bed, he looked towards the closet and approached it as he got off of the bed, I guess I should wear my Shinigami academy clothes, after that fight with that man he had realized it wasn't a matter of going solo and causing destruction to get stronger, it was trying hard to accel and believing in your abilities while holding up the code of the shinigami, of course that was something he had overlooked up until a while ago, Auryuu had made a pledge not to do anything to reckless. Auryuu looked towards the door and saw a sword, not his sword that he had found suited to him, but a average looking katana that had a orange ribbon coming off of it, "What!?, wheres my blade, this isn't mine", he lifted the blade by it's sheeth, like he hadn't held one before, and quickly unsheathed it. It was a beautiful blade that gleamed the sun off of the blade, as he had touched it a heavy mist had engulfed his room leaving it too foggy to see, Auryuu quickly found his way out of the room, wondering what had just happened, (Thought) what is this sword it's not mine, he thought to himself (Thought)", a little shadow had appeared in the room and followed him out he was suprised to see, well he didn't know what it was, but it was too cute for his liking, a tiny ghost like creature had floated next to his feet staring at him with a puppy dog face, "Booooo", the ghost like creature had said to him, he stood there baffled not knowing what to say or do, Auryuu jumped backwards and ran into his kitchen as the small ghost started crying and following him, Auryuu came to a halt as a misty trail he had left behind had now left his hallway a mess of mist, he looked at the ghost and with a sad face said, "I'm sorry, it's okay little buddy", he didn't know it but it appeared to have feelings, the ghost opened its mouth to spray out words made of mist that had read, "Take care of this ghost for me, and take care of my sword, P.S. the ghosts name is Pollo", Auryuu stared at the words with amazement not knowing what quite to do or say, but he couldn't bring the little guy with him unless, Auryuu rushed to the closet by the door to see a old backpack and tried to pickup the ghost, but it was futile as the ghost turned to mist and re-materialized before his eyes, with a look of frustration Auryuu told the ghost to hop in the backpack, the ghost had replied with a "Boooo", again, Auryuu was guessing that was all he could say, and pretty much all he could do but he would later be dead wrong.

Auryuu closed the door behind him, making a loud slaming noise and hearing something inside his house break, "Damn", he quickly rushed off with the little ghost inside his backpack, and his sword sheethed, he wasn't sure about anything that was going on but didn't care, his skateboard he loved so much was gone now, so he would have to walk to the academy and probly be late. Auryuu rushed past the many shops and homes that had lined the area, his uniform he hardly wore, had been a little dusty when he pulled it out of the closet, which he expected it to be. Auryuu didn't notice but the sheeth had prevented the fog from appearing behind him.

Auryuu arrived at the academy and was given smirks and smiles by some he had never seen, and some he had seen before, Auryuu smiled back at them not letting it bother him. Pollo had been shivering and looking at things through the bags zipper, Auryuu had quickly gotten the impression he was scared of other humans.

After the academy was over he looked into his backpack to see the ghost looking at him with big puppy dog eyes and it quickly went through the backpack, he quickly shielded him with his body, making sure no one would see him, he thought the ghost would embarass him, and he really didn't feel like being laughed at, he quickly motioned for the ghost to go into the bag, "Boooooo", it had yelled at him while going into the bag, then the ghost saw a shinigami coming down the hall and started shivering again, Auryuu quickly ran home knowing that the ghost was scared in that enviroment.

Auryuu had arrived home and had let the ghost out of the backpack, "boo", it had replied at him shaking, "Yeah I know, your mad at me, and your a big scaredy cat", Auryuu gave him a apologetic smile and quickly rushed to the bedroom to sleep, the ghost had followed him in frowning.

Auryuu woke up and opened his eyes to see nothing but white the next morning, the ghost had flooded his house with the eerie fog, "Pollooooooo"!, the house had been completely covered in mist inside and outside.
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The Scared Ghost (Solo).
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