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 Power Gauntlet (Zamoreus Invention App)

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PostSubject: Power Gauntlet (Zamoreus Invention App)   Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:24 pm

Character's name: Zamoreus Nebulous

Name of invention: Power Gauntlet

Invention type: Combat (Offence and Defence)

Description of invention: A metallic gauntlet on a fibre-weave base, connected to another section covering his entire forearm, the metal having a slight purplish tint to it from having absorbed Zamoreus' spirit power. On the wrist piece is also a computer display, allowing him to control the energy flow distributed into the device.

Invention's effect: The gauntlet serves as a powerful shield, equalling a shinigamis zanpakuto in strength. Beyond this it also serves as a catalyst for his telekinetic abilities. Using it to draw forth one of his force blasts, he is able to instantly summon it up to the force it has after having been charged for one post, but it can only be used for a direct contact punch rather then being thrown. It can also store charges of the blasts, allowing him to keep a charge ready for use whenever he needs while still being able to throw other blasts and utilizing his telekinesis, these charges only last for an hour so they cannot just "be there" at the start of a post, I will have to charge it during the thread. Beyond this it also serves in the manner of being able to be controlled by his telekinesis, allowing him to punch much harder by forcing his hand forward using his mind rather then just moving his arm.

Link: Power Gauntlet
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PostSubject: Re: Power Gauntlet (Zamoreus Invention App)   Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:29 pm

Approved, but should noted "As strong as a zanpukto is rather relative as the zanpukto's strength (form) is just condensed spiritual power to some extent. For most its equivalent to a fine metal sword. That aside, enjoy your new toy.

The Mad King

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Power Gauntlet (Zamoreus Invention App)
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