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 Walking in the night (Solo)

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PostSubject: Walking in the night (Solo)   Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:41 am

As the time of his graduation from the Shinigami Academy approached, Curio Meru, a young Shinigami was taking a look at the garden of the Academy from a window in his room. The young man stared at the trees. They reminded him of the trees he had in his garden's house... He wondered what could have happened to these trees. Did somebody cut them down after he died or did anybody start taking care of them? He could not have known... At least while he was in Soul Society, it would be impossible to learn.

Then, the man took a look at a few flowers. They reminded him of a few flowers he had in his garden, as well. He used to irrigate them every day. He was taking good care of them. By looking at the flowers of the garden in the Shinigami Academy he wondered what could have happened to his own flowers...

However, no matter for how long he tried to find an answer, he knew that there was no way he would find one as there was no way for him to get back to his house. Instead, the only thing he could do in his current state was to show his skills to graduate from the Shinigami Academy as fast as possible and get sent to a division in Gotei 13... He could not figure out something else that he could do while getting stuck in Soul Society...

With that in mind, the trainee Shinigami grabbed his sword that was inside a black seath and started walking out of his room. He decided to take a walk to think of a way about how he could graduate faster from the Academy. Apparently, he could not wait to graduate. He wanted to be a Shinigami no matter what and was always thinking of possible ways that would help him graduate.

As he got out of the Academy he started walking in the garden. In the begining, he walked in the garden, he continued by getting out of the Academy's place completely and kept walking while staring at the sky that was dark because it was night. The moon was full and it seemed to be bigger than ever. It was a real pleasure to take a look at it...

"I wish I could see this moon with Ori..." he thought as he looked at it. Meru was always thinking of her...

But, as he walked, something strange happened. While walking, he listened to a scream. Something strange was going on! Interested in seeing what could it be, he started running towards the place where the scream came from with his extreme speed. In no time, he reached the site of the event and what he encountered was something that surprised him! A Hollow appeared out of nowhere and was chasing a little boy. The little boy was running away desperately, hoping to escape from the Hollow.

However, as he was running he accidentally fell on the ground. The rampaging Hollow raised its hand and then it attempted to smash the little boy in order to kill it. In the last second, though, Meru appeared in front of it and raised his sword to block the attack, saving the little boy from the Hollow. Then, he jumped high on the air and moved his sword diagonically, causing a small slash on the Hollow's chest, damaging it.

The Hollow, though, would not let itself get defeated that easily. Instead of chasing the boy, it decided to kill Meru first in order to take its revenge. Then, it would continue pursuing the boy, after taking care of the Shinigami.

On the other side, Meru, was not eager to let himself lose against the Hollow. This was his chance to prove that he was strong enough to graduate from the Academy. If he defeated the Hollow, he would prove his strength to anybody that doubted it and he would be one step away from being sent in a division. With these things in his mind, he moved his sword once again, this time cutting down one of the Hollow's legs and making it fall.

The Hollow screamed in pain and fell on the ground. However, it was still able to battle. After falling, it started moving its hands up and down quickly in an attempt to smash the Shinigami. Meru, though, was dodging each attack quickly, thanks to his great speed. The Hollow was too slow for him and so even if he did not possess great strength overally, he would be able to outsmart it and overpower it thanks to his speed.

And so he did. After the Hollow tried to attack with several smash attacks, it got tired and could barely move. Then, Meru grabbed the chance. Without losing any time at all, he jumped above the Hollow. Afterwards, as he was falling on the ground, he pointed towards the Hollow's head with his black katana and prepared to pierce through its head. While falling, his sword pierced through the Hollow's head. Meru felt his sword cutting through the Hollow's brain and watched it as it came out from the other side of the head with its blade colored in red, thanks to the blood of the Hollow.

He smiled and moved the sword out of the head. While removing it, he finally landed on the ground and placed it back and started cleaning the blood on it. As soon as he was done with cleaning it he placed it back at its seath and asked the boy who was watching with awe "Are you alright?". The boy looked towards the trainee Shinigami horrified. He said "Y-Yes sir.". "Good." Meru responded and then he run away, using his great speed. In no time he disappeared...

And so, after defeating that Hollow, his night stroll came to an end. Tired from the battle with the Hollow, he returned back at his room and decided to have some sleep to relax and rest.
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Walking in the night (Solo)
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