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 A stroll out of the Academy... (Tenshineko, Denno, Frost)

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PostSubject: A stroll out of the Academy... (Tenshineko, Denno, Frost)   Thu Aug 25, 2011 5:37 am

In a dark room in the Shinigami Academy, Curio Meru, a young shinigami who was almost ready to graduate, grabs his sword and starts walking out of the room. Apparently, the young Shinigami was doing nothing more than figuring out ways to graduate from the Shinigami Academy faster than usual. During the last three years, since he started attending, he had become much better in anything. After intense training, he managed to gain great speed that even some Shinigamis that were fighting for Gotei 13 did not have. However, despite the fact that he did that, only a few people were taking a look at him. Most people were ignoring the fact that he was very fast and he could not understand why. Was it because they were jealous of him or was it because they were afraid of him? He did not know and probably he could not have ever known...

After walking for quite a while, the trainee Shinigami got out of the Academy. He looked around him. The trees and the flowers... Each time he looked at them he was always thinking of his life in the Real World and his own home. He had a garden in his house that had a few trees and a few flowers. However, even if he thought of them, there was nothing he could do to bring them to Soul Society. He knew that it was impossible and tried to forget them. Instead, he focused on his training so that he would become a seated Shinigami one day and have his strength aknowledged by most people, including the Captains of Gotei 13.

With these things in mind, Meru walked in the garden... And he kept walking for quite a while heading at the outskirts of the Academy without even noticing... And that would lead to a fateful encounter...

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PostSubject: Re: A stroll out of the Academy... (Tenshineko, Denno, Frost)   Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:18 am

Cant delete the post, but I do not want to post in a thread with 4 people, that is too many people.

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PostSubject: Re: A stroll out of the Academy... (Tenshineko, Denno, Frost)   Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:27 am

Walking with cation the feline-like hollow walked trough the feild of flowers close by the Shinigami Acadamy. It has been awaile since she had been here she had to stay focused. She may have good intentions but the shinigami would not see it that way, in the distance she noticed a Shinigami Student. Tilting her head to the side letting out a low snarl hopeing that he would not come near her. Just then the wind blew off some of the Cherry Blossoms from a near by tree. With the petels blocking her view.
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PostSubject: Re: A stroll out of the Academy... (Tenshineko, Denno, Frost)   

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A stroll out of the Academy... (Tenshineko, Denno, Frost)
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