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 Technique skill chart

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PostSubject: Technique skill chart   Wed Aug 24, 2011 12:35 am

As some many have noticed there has been a change to the stats. Instead of the Intelligence, there is now Technique. This chart is to better explain what Technique is and it's the benefits.


This stat covers you're skill with kido, cero, and other powers. High Technique allows users to unleash spells with greater power as well as resist effects. It also allows a character to grasp abilities more quickly and construct complex inventions and tools. Inventions cannot be more powerful than the creator, and are subject to review by staff via applications. Applications will be submitted HERE (Please view template)
When submitting Kido applications shinigami receive a bonus reduction on word count according to their skill. TECH x 5 = Reduction bonus.
The temporary bonuses are not cumulative. EX: Once you obtain the 10 point bonus to Spirit your bonus is only 10, not 15.

5 - Allows use of kido past rank 0 and use of energy attacks. Ability to sense other reiryoku within 10 feet even if target suppressing their power.

10 - Resistance increase. A temporary bonus of 5 to Spirit when defending against spells/abilities/cero. Creation of small hand held item is possible (up to 1ft in height, length, and width)

15 - Increased power. A temporary bonus of 5 to Spirit when using spells/abilities/cero.

20 - Invention of medium size item (up to 3ft) Creation of second small item is possible. Cero charge time reduced by 1 post.

25 - A temporary bonus of 5 to Speed when moving and evading.

30 - Invention of second medium item is possible. A temporary bonus of 10 points to Spirit during spells/abilities/cero. Cero cooldown reduced by 1 post.

35 - Double spell (simultaneous casting) is possible. Third small item possible. Detection of reiryoku within 15 feet even if target is hiding reiatsu.

40 - Invention of Large item is possible (up to 9ft). Temporary bonus of 10 points to Spirit when defending against spells/abilities/cero. Cero gains 1/2 Spirit per post charged.

45 - Third medium invention possible. A temporary bonus of 10 Speed when moving and evading.

50 - A temporary bonus of 15 to Spirit during spells/abilities/cero.

For every 5 points over 50 the character may apply for another invention of any size.

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Technique skill chart
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