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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Embracing the Sadness (Don't Look, Solo, Not of rank,Just bored)

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Rizt Djem

Rizt Djem

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PostSubject: Embracing the Sadness (Don't Look, Solo, Not of rank,Just bored)   Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:11 pm

Skill: Remembrance
They came up over the forest next to Kurakara town, the hollow crows, had now completely populated the area and Tett had grown to sick to fight after that last battle, she was poisoned by that Shinigami's zanpaktou and she knew it was uncurable as it was a incurable unique poison only possible to exist by zanpaktou. Before she had passed she left Rizt's stomach, for she new it was time hers and his, Although she and Rizt had solely repopulated her kind with all of their work they had made the creation of the new home her and Rizt have created a new utopia for them. her goal was accomplished, for that was all she could ask for. "Rizt it's my time may I speak to you alone", she said, he had noticed the sickness affecting her through his appearance and her voice, "Sure anything for you old friend", he replied trying not to cry, he then followed her battered wings to the altar they had built for her in the preparations of her death to monument her greatness, she perched herself gently on it, "Rizt I can release that Amnesia that has been bothering you although it is in a unreversable if the memories are too tough to handle", she suddenly coughed showing off her condition, "..But....How?", he said in a quiet haunted voice, for a part of him didnt want to remember, What if my memorys are dangerous, why else would Elder Touka seal them in my head with such a powerful seal? he thought to himself but he knew he had to know of his own past for better of worse. "Tett old friend please remove the seal", he said in a impatient voice which was totally out of character for him, even he was suprised by himself. "Okay I will release it as my dying gift to you", She then turned to pure reiatsu all of her feathers floated down to the ground, "Tett thank you", he than began to cry uncontrollably a thing you would never see him do usually, it was a total betrayal to his usual nature he suprised himself again, he couldn't even recall the last time he felt a tear cross his eyes.

His eyes went dark quick flashes flashed before him slowing down ever slowly images of blood, massacres and strong amounts of violence, and then came the flashback that made him realize,What is this a war, no wait, the flash back stopped, the hands of the person he was seeing through were covered in blood, this was him, then he understood That is me, no it can't be I would never do this. The flashbacks ended he regained his balance his mental disturbances made him uproot tons of trees fortunately this was unpopulized area of the forest, what made him regain his mind and return to reality to witness a shining figure appearing before him placing a hand on his forehead "now you understand who, or what you were but now all you can do is atone and define further who you are", it was Touka.Touka, but how, I know he died how is he here this isn't possible this has got to be a dream"This is not a dream", Touka replied laughing. "Wait you can read my mind how", he said so extremely shocked it almost gave him another mental breakdown, "you have awakened a new power my son", call me anytime when you need your old man around to set you straight" he said with a wide smile. "Thank you father" more tears fell down from his face.

Rizt had left the forest temporarily wanting to understand this strange power that baffled all knowledge he'd ever obtained about the next life, this was somewhere taboo, very taboo anyone and everyone would kill him if they knew about this technique it was very risky information to have but regardless he had to learn more about it. He had also taken his oldest female crow with him, which was almost as old as Tett and was prepared for battle, but still couldn't replace her. Tett left me so many gifts, I should've been able to better protect her, but in the end she protected me, damn. Rizt arrived at the secluded location and used the new technique he held his hand to his head and thought of the person he wanted to appear, Touka please appear I need your help, Touka appeared instantly, "well what do you want I already saved you the other day", he said in a cocky voice that Rizt sort of expected of him. "First, I would like to see if I could summon more than 2 beings, lets see", he then called out for Reitu who did appear but Touka began to disapear. "Reitu I have a new ability to bring back people from the dead with my own reiatsu", Reitu was silent, "Isn't that taboo, if the soul reapers knew they would", Rizt interrupted him instantly, "Yeah I know and trust me I'm hiding it and keeping it to myself, although they don't interfere with me only the hollow bigots confront me, they've finally realized me as a neutral hollow. But I still can't rest I lost Tett the other day....."I'm sorry", he said in a apologetic voice,"It's okay she's still in my heart and thats were she'll live for eternity', he said with a smile while sorrow lurked through his eyes, he couldn't deceive Reitu even if he tried, even in the afterlife he retained his most annoying attribute. Goodbye Reitu, "I'll call you some other time okay, thanks you've been a great friend and to a hollow like me that means so much", Reitu nodded and disapeared hiding a tear in his eye, Rizt turned towards the hill and dissapered into the horizon. He thought about home and Tett, little did he know behind him the landscape had turned to the forest in hueco mundo, and his hollow whole had glowed dark black, Tett was still with him in spirit.

He tried and tried but he could never summon Tett he figured she died once she turned herself to reiatsu he thinks about her everyday and does not forget about the great sacrifice she had made for him, in a way he had fell in love with the crow in a wierd way his heart was crippled when he never saw her again, or atleast not in the next 5 years....
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Embracing the Sadness (Don't Look, Solo, Not of rank,Just bored)
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