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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 How it all began part 1 of 4 (more to follow later on...SOLO)

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How it all began  part 1 of 4 (more to follow later on...SOLO) Empty
PostSubject: How it all began part 1 of 4 (more to follow later on...SOLO)   How it all began  part 1 of 4 (more to follow later on...SOLO) I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 4:30 pm

[ooc: This is an expansion on Felix's History, more to the point this is how he goes about acquiring his zanpakuto. And yes I know that Soul reapers dont remember their life, but that is a gray area in the debates, and the show as well.]

Walking down the dark tunnel Felix’s thoughts were out of control “What is waiting for me down here that I must face alone?” He whispered to himself his voice bounced off the walls reinforcing his desire to find out. Felix hated secrets even as a small boy, to hide a secret you have to lie and then you have to remember that lie so if asked about later you can lie about a lie, just too much trouble.

Then he saw the light at the end of the tunnel [ooc: no pun intended him being dead and all] and running towards what he thought was the end of the tunnel; he found not the end of his journey but, the first of the four apparent choices he would have to make.

In front of him was four doors made of the same strange stone as the entrance each had its own marking on it and under it, thankfully, was translated in to English. He walked to around reading them aloud as he passed. “Demon way…hallucination…it is dangerous…” feeling the fourth door as it was dimly lit Felix could find no translation, on the strange symbols. “Well guess I’ll save you for last then since I don’t know what you hide behind ya…”

Walking back to the first door he place palm on the center, and this time Felix used the roaring in his mind as his focus. Almost instantly the door gave, the words and symbols lit up “Demon way” he spoke as he peered down yet another dark tunnel this time he could clearly see a well lit room not fifty feet away.

As Felix entered the perfectly round room lit by torches along the wall, other than him though no one else seemed to be in there with him, turning to leave Felix came to a startling realization. The hallway which he came down was gone; there was no way out of. Panic flooded through him, as he thought that this was the end.

“You know, there is only one way out of here and to get there you have to beat me.” A sinister voice replied, manifesting out of thin air. “That is if you can beat me, you know why this is called demon’s way? It is because you have to face your demons, and in this room we take a physical form.

Turning around Felix came face to face…with himself, “This can’t be real, I mean really, I got to fight myself.”

The demon spoke a wicked grin flashed across his face, “You don’t get it do you, I am your biggest demon, you were a thief that thought he was doing right but, you were actually doing harm to others. You never thought of the consequences of your actions and now you have to face me.” Holding his left hand out in front of him the demon spoke one inaudible word and a large sword formed like mist in his hand. “Now you have to make a choice, you can die like a man, or draw out your suffering.” He stabbed at Felix’s gut.

Dodging sideways the sword cut through his shirt so close to his skin that Felix could feel the cold of the steel “I will become a shinigami, I made a promise that I plan to keep…” he said to himself as much as the demon, the roaring in his head was so loud now that if he wasn’t concentrating on hearing words he couldn’t hear anything at all, but strangely enough he thought he could here words through the roar.

“Heh…you did better than I expected dodging that first stab but, I say it was luck. Let’s find out how long your luck can hold out.” The demon sneered, unleashing a barrage of cuts, stabs, slashes and kicks. “You made a promise to someone who you don’t even know; all that sham of a promise is are empty words.”

Felix couldn’t believe the speed at which the demon moved, he could even begin to block all the shots, after the barrage stopped Felix felt as if ever bone in his body had been broken then healed sloppily and then broken again. He fell face down on the cold floor; his clothes were in tatters as he lay there motionless. “I can’t give, I made a promise; even if I don’t remember who she was I promised I’d watch over her…” he told himself, though do to the pain it came out sounding like he was gargling water and blood. The roaring in his head had become an all out storm in his mind his vision was beginning to go. “He says he’s my personal demon but, how can I have a demon when I can’t even remember what I did as a mortal.”

The roaring in his head only got louder but, now he could understand some of the words; “Are you just going to give up and die, you’re not worth being a shinigami. If you don’t have the strength to keep a simple promise you won’t live [ooc: again no pun intended] very long, maybe if you admit your defeat, it will end quickly.” The voice inside his head growled its comments and for an instant Felix considered just lying there and dying.

Then breaking through the fog of his mind he saw that blonde haired girl once again, “I promised I’d watch out for her…for Jamie…” and that is when he broke the mental block. All his memories came flooding back everything he’d ever done good and bad; light and dark. Pushing himself up onto his hands and knees, so that the demon stared surprised, he spoke with renewed confidence in his voice. “I made a promise to my little sister, to Jamie. I said I’d watch over her, and if I die now it would break my last promise to my little sister…”

“SHUT UP!!!” The demon said as he slashed downward hoping to lob off Felix’s left arm.

Grabbing the blade with his bare-hand a dark gray reiatsu surrounded him, “I have to keep this promise.” Felix spoke as he stood on his own two feet, the gray reiatsu radiated brighter as he spoke causing the demon to scream in agony “I haven’t always been a good brother, I lied and stole. Telling myself it was to help my family but, you were right. I was hurting people, robbing them of their hard earned cash sure it got my family through hard times but; what right did I have to force that on others. As far as I can see, I was offered a second chance, and this time I’m not going to screw it up.”

The demon watched with horror as the reiastu moved to surround him, he could feel it sapping away the strength and speed. “Eh…so your finally able to here through the noise in your mind.” His monstrous voice changed into a seductive, persuasive nag “I can tell you what that is; I can teach you how to make it go away. You would be finished in this mediocre task, just invite me in, into your soul and mind.”

As if in response to the demons offer the gray reiatsu became stronger more fierce and protective of Felix for an instant then just as quickly as it retaliated it calmed. “No…I have taken the easy path before and because of it you were created because of it. So as tempting as that offer is I have to decline it.”

“I’m truly sorry to hear that; you would have been an easy partner to manipulate. Now I’ll have to kill you; looks like you won’t be to keep that promise after all.” Trying to pull the sword from Felix’s grip the demon soon realized it would budge from where his hand held it tightly by the blade.

Felix showed no pain as blood flowed onto the blade to drip off and land in a small puddle at his feet; looking down he was surprised by the amount of blood on the floor. “Looks like I’m a disadvantage here see, you have a sword, whereas, I have nothing; only a coward would fight an unarmed opponent with a sword so…” with a flick of his wrist Felix snapped the sword, and though it was only a simple movement, the blade shattered like glass dissolving as it hit the floor. “I’ll even the odds. Now it’s just you and me.”

The Felix witnessed something amazing, as he through his first punch at the demon, at himself the gray aura surrounding became so bright that, for an instant Felix couldn’t see anything. When the light dulled he was staring at an old mirror along its brass sides; words and symbols were written in a scrolling hand reading, “One must face his own demons before any others.” Looking around for any trace of what might have transpired between him and the demon.

Nothing was left of the fight not even blood on the floor; then he noticed that the archway whence he came from was directly behind him. “How can that not be real?” his words echoed off the walls as he realized his body was no longer in excruciating pain. Looking down at his hand he could see the only evidence to what had transpired, along his palm was a small pink scar from where he had gripped the sword.

Turning his back on the mirror Felix started to walk back to the main rotunda of doors, when the roaring returned so suddenly it forced him to his knees. “You…id…ll…may…decen…gami…” was all Felix could make out of the strange voice; before the roaring subsided to just the edge of his mind. Standing he leaned against the sides of the tunnel as he made his way back.

Looking around the main rotunda Felix stared at the two doors with translation under them, “Two left, and then I have to figure out what to do for that one.” He glanced at the mysterious fourth door when he noticed that the first two of the symbols were glowing in a golden light. “Well if I want to find out what’s behind you I guess I better get through your friends here first, huh?” he said talking at the fourth door.
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How it all began part 1 of 4 (more to follow later on...SOLO)
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