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 An interesting way to train (solo)

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Bishamon Saitou

Bishamon Saitou

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PostSubject: An interesting way to train (solo)   Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:44 am

It had been a while since Bishamon done some tranning with his zanapkuto's, it's not that he was too lazy to do it; which is usually the case, it is the fact that he simply had no time for it as of late, but today however he had a free day and considering he the enemies he was up against were gettting stronger and stronger it would be in his best interest to get better at weilding his swords. However because wielding two zanpakuto's is somewhat of a rarity, he didn't have many people that could teach him, thus why Bishamon's fighting style is soley based on instinct alone; which has it's advantages, being unpredictable in battle is a good way to land some critical shots on his opponents, but the way he strikes leaves him open to some counters, but his fast reaction time is usually what keeps him out of danger. Despite some flaws in his fighting style, he does like it and it suits him just fine.

Bishamon was standing in the garden just behind the dojo; this was usually used for a little spar of sorts, but today it was empty, probably due to everyone being asleep, the sun was just about to rise; even though Bishamon spends most of his time sleeping he does usually stay awake at night and sleep during the day when he can, he likes the peace and quiet of the night as opposed to the day where everyone is awake, rushing to get to classes or to do jobs.

As soon as the sun began to rise Bishamon began to do some stretches and then drew his zanapkuto's, he stood still for a moment taking some breathes to keep calm, i will start off with some shadow fighting; pretending you have a enemy in front of you and fight them, an easy concept. Bishamon then kept his eyes closed until he got a picture of someone standing in front of him, and then he swiped down with his left, he imagined the foe dodged and was about to counter Bishamon blocked with his right, he then turned his left zanpakuto so the blade was pointing inwards and delivered a blow to the right mid-section of his opponent, the opponent dodged, by jumping up, the opponent gripped his sword with two hands and swung downwards, Bishamon crossed both of his zanpakuto's and caught the strike, they were in a stalemate, Bishamon took the initiative and spun off to the left, he let go of his zanpakuto's as they fell to the ground, at this point his opponent was off balance, he came round to the side and kicked the side of his foe's right leg as it bent inwards and then delivered a left straight to the side of his face, the opponent fell to the ground.

Bishamon took a breath, "round one to me, we will do nine more" it took about an hour for him to finish, he won seven rounds to three however this was only him fighting a shadow, he couldn't be sure if it was accurate, but he did work up a sweat, he then got a handful of stones and threw them into the air, he attempted to chop them all in half, which was incredibly difficult, the stones were very small, it wasn't easy by any means but he still tried it, his first attempt he managed to get three or four, second attempt he got the same and so on, he stopped after about five minutes, i'll do this for an hour, and so he did, at the end he could get around about ten stones give or take a few, he was pleased with what he accomplished in those two hours, but he still had a problem.

Kidou; i still haven't found a way to properly defend myself against kidou, he was pretty close to exhaustion by now, but he thought this is good, this is what he would feel like in a prolonged battle, he then pointed his hands out in front of him "Hado 17! Smite!" the large octagonal battering ram appeared in front of him, he quickly jumped over it and was now standing in front of it, ok letís see what will happen, the block slowly approached him, Bishamon swung both of his blades down like a hammer, he was repelled instantly and flew back landing hard on the ground, he slowly stood up and tried the same thing this time he put all of his weight behind him, but was once again thrown back, his back smashed into the brick wall, damn it, he punched the ground in frustration, and then the block disappeared, Bishamon struggled to his feet, but he quickly fell to his knees, a smirk grew on his face, "heh, looks like i'm done" he slowly rose to his feet; he was completely exhausted, i guess i will just dodge or get hit when it comes to kidou.

He made his way towards the exit as students were just entering for their lesson. Despite not being able to deal with the kidou too well, he did feel a sense of accomplishment, and left with his head held high heading for his room where he could get some much needed rest.
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An interesting way to train (solo)
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