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 Day off (solo)

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Bishamon Saitou


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PostSubject: Day off (solo)   Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:11 pm

Bishamon stared at the sealing of his room; he was lying in his bed after he awoke from the first proper sleep he had in a while, he tossed and turned in his bed, and then let out a groan and jumped out of his bed in frustration - he couldn't get back to sleep. He looked out of the window of his room, what a beautiful day, he thought, this was the first day in a few weeks were he wasn't meant to be doing a patrol or training today, he smiled at the prospect of doing nothing at all today "i think i might get a drink." He got somewhat presentable; by this he just flattened his hair and splashed some water on his face and headed out.

He walked outside his barracks. He instantly closed his eyes and turned away, the bright light from the sun was not pleasant on Bishamon's eyes that have been in the dark for the good part of 12 hours. "Now where should i go? There are a few places in the seireitei, but im not in the mood for socialising, so i guess there are a few places in Rukongai i can go, but that could be a bit risky, hmm..." he thought about it for a few minutes, not many shinigami's would choice to go to Rukongai for just a drink, but Bishamon was odd to the least "i guess i can go to Rukongai, as long as i don't provoke anyone" and with that he headed out to Rukongai.

The amount of people on the side of the street begging for money was pitiful, they could make nearly anyone feel sorry for them, the saddest part of it was most of them were children no older than 10 years of age. He was about 2 or 3 miles into Rukongai, and he saw somewhat of a commotion, there was a crowd of people shouting, Bishamon walked over and saw, 2 shinigami's laughing he wonderd what they were doing, he then saw a beat up soul on his knees; the man was coverd in cuts, scratches and broses, then one of the shinigami's kicked the man on the chin, the manís head flew back as blood came from mouth, his jaw was defiantly broken, he was lying flat on his back and then the second shinigami stomped on his chest repeatedly, as the man coughed out more blood, the shinigami clenched his right fist and swung back and then threw his punch directly at the manís head, this knocked the man completely unconscious, but even then the shinigami didn't stop he was preparing to repeat the punch; he pulled his arm back and was about to unleash another punch, until Bishamon gently placed his hand on the shinigami's shoulder "i think you have done enough here" he said calmly.

The shinigami turned around quickly so he was face to face with Bishamon, he grunted "who the hell are you?!" he gave a chilling stare to Bishamon, this man had jet black hair a"heh, this man ran into me and spilt my drink, and then claimed he didn't have enough money to buy me a new one"The shinigami stood about 7 foot tall, he was heavily muscled, his appearance was intimidating to say the least "my name is Bishamon Saitou" he responded "now do you mind telling me what the hell you are doing?" his voice stayed calm, even in a situation such as this, the shinigami laughed mockingly Bishamon clenched his fist, this shinigami's personality was enraging the way he made it sound acceptable to be doing this was beyond him, "is that so" Bishamon lost his calm voice, it had changed into one with a hint of anger in it, he then gave the shinigami a quick punch to the face, the shinigami didn't see it coming it was enough to startle him, even though there wasn't much power behind it; it was more of a warning strike than anything. The shinigami quickly moved to were his partner was standing, then they withdrew there zanpakuto's "big mistake." Bishamon reached down to grab his zanpakuto's, his eyes widened with shock, crap i left them in my room, one of the shinigami's took a wide swing aiming for the left side of Bishamon's neck "Bakudo 8, Seki!" a small but sturdy shield parried the first attack, and then the other shinigami pointed his blade at Bishamon's throat, he instinctively jumped back, crap this isn't good.

He tried to reason with them knowing that it was not looking good "surely you realise that using your zanpakuto's against another shinigami is against the law" he hoped this would discourage them, but he knew this type, they think they are above the rules and think itís cool to break them "we don't give a crap" they charged at Bishamon but then they stopped as rocks pelted them, it was from a number of different soulís the area, they were use to this treatment from shinigami's but they didn't have the strength to do anything about it, it seemed Bishamon gave them some courage to retaliate, the shinigami's hastily retreated. "So much for being discreet" he mumbled, he gave a thankful grin and with that he jumped onto the roof of a nearby house and swiftly got out of sight.

He managed to get a decent distance away from the crowd, but at this point he was pretty lost. He wondered around the district for a good 3 hours, he then came across a similar sight, it was the seireitei, at this point he was rather tired and couldn't be bothered to go and find a place to drink, so he just thought he would head back to his room. However he didn't think of it as a wasted journey, he found it refreshing that the citizens of Rukongai still had some fight in them.

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Day off (solo)
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