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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 becoming one with Godai

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PostSubject: becoming one with Godai   Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:45 pm

Leden sat in the park under a tree with his legs crossed with his zanpakuto on his lap. he could fell the calling of Godai. the wind blew across his skin and he opened his eyes . he was no longer in the park. the land scape had change and become miles and miles of flat land filled with tall grass but to his left he saw a tall steep hill. the air smelled fresh and the wind was calm. the sky was many different colors. leden took a moment to take this all in . after a long moment he turned his sights to the the hill and he went to take his 1st step . he fell to the ground . his body had become extremely heavy. he struggled to get to his feet . as great beads of sweat came down his forehead.

(what is this place is calming but so intense ...why cant i stand)

*the plums of his hands were covered in dirt and he was starting to grow angry *

(why can i stand ...i am stronger then this )

*there was a flash of red in front of his eyes a long serpent like red dragon with gold scales was flying in front of him*

-so your the guy-

*the dragon spoke in a gruff voice *

i am what guy ...who and what are you

*the dragon laughed at leden *

when the time is right you might find out till then good luck ...

*the red dragon turned and flew off heading towards the hill leden yelled after it to come back but it did not come ....leden push hard as he could to get off the ground but no luck . if was as if a great weight held him down . leden had put so much of his strength in trying to get up and had exhausted him self . his vision became blurry and before he knew it he had blacked out*

*leden heard screams in his dream ...his mothers screams ...he ran to the door and opened it but found nothing ....he could her the screams...were was she he looked around there was nothing ...he screams echoed in the nothingness ...leden cryed out to her

(MOTHER WERE ARE YOU ...WERE ARE YOU ...MOTHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

*but her screams did not stop ...leden started to run in the nothingness yelling to her ...but no response but her screams ....leden fell to his knees covered in sweat ...
(why can't find you ...why can i protect you ...why can i save you)

=because it is not in you power to do so=

*Leden awoke to find him self in the warmth of some ones lap ....with a gentle hand stroking his head he turned and looked him at the face of a beautiful brown Skin female with eyes like the sky looked down at him . she had a gold crown on her head engraved with dragons and encrusted with large gems...he found that his cheeks were wet ...he must have been crying *

who are you

*she smiled at him *

=Sora ...and you are leden=


*he looked around he was on top of the hill and still in the strange land*

were am i

=in order for me to tell you that you will have to with stands Ka Flames …=

*leden looked at her confused this woman was crazy …did she want him to stand in some ones flames ….and who was KA …he did not know how to answer her but he nodded to her *

=stand up =

*he did so and he found that he could stand he was surprised*
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PostSubject: Re: becoming one with Godai   Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:52 pm

thread locked until you have the required ZE to get shiaki
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becoming one with Godai
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