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 Too Fast (Solo)

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PostSubject: Too Fast (Solo)   Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:21 am

A small ray of light shown through the last space in the clouds. The ray made the water sparkle as the cool breeze gently brushed the the Lilly on the river banks. The shade tree was not of necessity. However the tall stump leading to the greenery of the large oak made quit a rest for Katsumi. The day seemed to be gloomy and quite for the most part. A few Cardinals and Blue Jays were singing the evening to sleep and the slow move of the rivers water made it seem almost heaven like. However the dark and gloomy heart of Katsumi seemed to bring the entire scenery to ache with despair. Katsumi couldn't help but think about the life he was now living. It seemed as if everyday that passed was filled with so much responsibility and troubles. One could grow weary of just the mere thought of the tasks a shinigami must accomplish in a single day. Some days were more hectic then others and every once in a great while you get a day off to yourself. Today happened to be that day. Katsumi decided to spend the day away from his normal atmosphere. On the outskirts of Rukongai a few months ago, Katsumi found this haven of rest. Time spent here was precious to Katsumi as it gave him time to collect his thoughts and recuperate from from the stress that was bearing down on his life.

Katsumi reached down to the water and dipped his hand in and began to move the water. As he did, he began to think about the control he had over the water. It has no mind to tell it not to move. No will to decide where to go. No feeling of cold or hot. It's just a substance bound to the will of those who consume it. Katsumi lifted some water and let it drip back into the river out of his hand. Katsumi looked up as the ray of light began to be enclosed by the clouds. "It looks like it's going to rain today." Katsumi thought as he rose to his feet. Using his wet hands, He began to comb his hair back with his fingers. "I guess I should get going." As Katsumi turned around, standing right behind him was Michiko. Katsumi was a little startled by her and stepped back as he saw her. "Is it going to hurt for you to warn someone when your around Michiko?" Katsumi was very calm and spoke firmly. Mickiko began to smirk and bowed her head. Katsumi chuckled as she did so and placed his hand on her shoulder. "It does me good to see a friend. How have you been?" Michiko was taken back by the way Katsumi responded to her presence. Katsumi was normally very abrupt and uncontrolled. Something about him was different. Michiko wasn't sure how to react to him. "I..I'm fine I suppose." Katsumi smiled and brought his hand off her shoulder. "That's good to hear Michiko." Katsumi said as he walked passed her. "Wa..wait a minute. Where are you going?" Michiko wasn't sure what to expect from Katsumi. He was acting so different. She couldn't figure out if he was about to go on a dangerous mission and was feeling hopeless or if he was genuinely sincere. Katsumi turned back to see Michiko with a confused look on her face. "What's the matter Michiko?"

Michiko looked up to see Katsumi smiling. "What do you mean, what's the matter? You are completely dead. You use to be lively and outgoing. What happened to you?" Katsumi began to smile at Michiko as he walked back towards her. Michiko took a step back as she didn't know what to expect. Katsumi grabbed Michiko's shoulders at arms lengths span. "You worry too much Michiko. Everyone has to come to a point when they realize what's important. To me, it's more to live in order to better serve the Gotei 13. What good am I as an ambitious rage? I would be dead before I can even make a difference." Katsumi's words cut Michiko deep. She grew saddened and upset. Throwing Katsumi's hands off her shoulders, Michiko took a step back and she had an angry look on her face. "You think that just because your in the Gotei 13 that your work is going to appreciated? Your just another pawn in the game. If you die, they will never miss you." Katsumi looked on with interest. He wasn't sure what was going on with her, but for some reason she resented Katsumi getting involved in the Gotei 13. However if this was the case, why was she helping him so much in learning so many things? Katsumi was taken back by all of this. "Why do you resent the Gotei 13? From what I see, your a shinigami. Shouldn't we be on the same team?"

Michiko quickly changed her attitude towards the situation and grew a large smile on her face. "I don't resent the Gotei 13 Katsumi. I just think that your giving too much of yourself towards your duties." Katsumi looked at Michiko with confusion. He had seen her change her attitude before. It's not like it was something new. However this time, there was something different about it. For some reason, it didn't seem real enough to him. "I think it would be best for you to watch what you say. If one of the Captains were out here, you would be in a world of trouble for the words you speak." Katsumi spoke to her hard and with a tone of voice that seemed authoritative. Michiko stepped forward to Katsumi grabbed him by the coat. "You would be careful to watch how you speak to me you ungrateful little brat." Katsumi wasn't willing to stand down to Michiko this time. He had a duty to the Gotei 13. Katsumi grabbed Michiko's hands and pushed her away from him. As he did Michiko's reaitsu began to flare and her green eyes and Zanpakuto's began to glow. "You should consider the consiquences of your actions Katsumi." Michiko jumped in the air and came down towards Katsumi. As she did, she drew her Zanpakuto's. Kastumi drew his Zanpakuto to meet the strike of Michiko. Using his Zanpakuto and his sheath as a guard against her attack, Katsumi stood ready. Michiko came down on Katsumi harder then he expected. Katsumi's arms were thrown back and into his chest. Michiko's Zanpakuto's carved into his shoulders just deep enought to draw a little blood. "What the hell is wrong with you Michiko?" Katsumi once again pushed her back and as she was thrown back he charged towards her. Jumping a few feet into the air, Katsumi spinned with his sheath forward which met Michiko's Zanpakuto's. Then with the swing of his Zanpakuto he struck Michiko on her left arm. Landing on the ground, Katsumi stepped back to find Michiko laughing. "You think at your level you can cut me?" Katsumi's eyes grew larger the blood that was filling his coat began to dry. Katsumi began to feel hopeless. Michiko began to smirk at Katsumi. Katsumi held his sheath and Zanpakuto forward to be ready for Michiko. As he stood there, Michiko moved. It was as if he she had vanished. Before Katsumi saw her again, a warm sensation flowing down his left arm. He dropped his sheath and turned in astonishment. There was no way he could have blocked that attack. Katsumi saw Michiko standing by the water as he turned. By the time he made a full turn around, another warm sensation went flowing down his right arm. And again down his right leg. Katsumi dropped to one knee in pain. Michiko began to laugh. Katsumi could here the echoes in the wind. Unable to move, Katsumi stayed knelt there for a few seconds. Then as he began to rise to his feet, Michiko rushed in and stood in front of him. "Don't ever test me again." Katsumi placed his hand in her shoulder to help hold himself up. Breathing hard he uttered an apology. As he did so, Michiko's reaitsu began to settle. Coming down to a normal level where Katsumi felt comfortable again. Again Katsumi uttered an apology. "Why are you apologizing again?" Katsumi managed to bring out a smirk. "Bakudo 11, Bound Lightning." Michiko dropped to the floor quickly with utter surprise. Rising up again, she saw Katsumi laughing. "You really want me to hurt you don't you?" Althought the two had an acquired relationship. There was something about the tolerance for each other that would make people wonder.
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Too Fast (Solo)
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