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 The Karakura Threat Arc Sign-Ups - Arc One in my Character's Personal Story Line

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PostSubject: The Karakura Threat Arc Sign-Ups - Arc One in my Character's Personal Story Line   Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:44 pm

Alright, so I've decided to make different arcs in my character's personal story line. Some of these are major events, so that's why I'm declaring this separate from the Forum's official story line. The events do happen, but they're sort of like the Bleach Movies; the events are never discussed or mentioned in other stories. Anyways, onto the point of this thread. Sign-Ups for the first arc in my Character's Story Line, for the threads that follow the first two, which are introductions for my Character to his squad, and then introductions to another person or two so that my Character can sort of become a bit more known, as he's a complete newbie in the Gotei 13. Bla bla bla, I'm done rambling on! Here we go!

The Karakura Threat

Kyro Nerra is new to the Gotei 13. He is a member of the 5th Division, and is Unseated. However, events around him are about to start unfolding at an incredibly fast pace. He has been chosen to head to Karakura Town to help with a small-scale Hollow attack. Even though this is only a small strike, it is still his first major mission, and so his nervousness truly shows. Accompanying him, however, with the other people, who are all strangers to him, is the 5th Division's 5th Seat, Sukeno Tennu. These aren't the only people going, obviously, but those accompanying him he will be meeting for the first time. He'll have to learn to trust them quickly, however, because Nekrus Vularo, Espada No. 5, has plans for the small group of Shinigami...

You get the picture, right? Remember, this is not a site story line, this is my character's story line, so it will be centered somewhat more on him than others, except for any major fights or other events in the story. Anyways, if you happen to be interested in joining this first Arc, please reply and let me know, so I can go ahead and put you down on the Roster. Oh, and there are only five spots available besides me, as the 5th Seat is an NPC. Once the stories begin for Arc One, I'll also be adding them onto this post as well through edits, to easily be able to find certain parts... The roster of those currently going to participate are below.

Cast Roster:

NerraKyro - Kyro Nerra
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The Karakura Threat Arc Sign-Ups - Arc One in my Character's Personal Story Line
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