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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Books Make Men (Solo)

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PostSubject: Books Make Men (Solo)   Books Make Men (Solo) I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 03, 2011 7:16 pm

A faint tapping noise could be heard from the left, & a boring un-needed yawn came in from the right. 'Are all people unestatic about the library. I mean I don't like the smell or the endlessness of the place either but come on.' Suu was sitting quietly & calmly in the center of the library, reading a decent book about Zanpakuto. ' A Zanpakuto's name must belearned in order to call out it's true power....' Suu looked at his Zanpakuto, hidden in his sleeve. " "Sooooo you have a name huh?.....I just been calling you all types of things. Everything from Emmanuel to Yowaki....sorry." Suu looked back at his book & turned each page. Then someone walked over Suu, a big guy possibly from another class. Suu looked up, with a sharp glare as he did not like being hovered over, stared upon , nor intruppted. ".....And you need what from me, exactly?" The big guy put his hand on the book, Suu placed his hand over his hand adjacent over top his so Suu could stab him if needed. "You wanna let that go?." Suu put a grip on the book with his other hand, & stood up the guy was way bigger than Suu was but not that much taller. The guy tugged & with the added extra weight the guy had pulled Suu & he fell a few feet away. Suu was astonished at how powerful this guy seeing how easily he chucked Suu. 'What the hel-.......THAT BASTARED THREW ME!' Suu abruptly stood up. The guy was pondering at the book confused, even holding it in an awkward position. Suu seemingly calm walked up to the guy & punted him directly in his abdomen. The brute curled over & gasped for air, still holding the book with his vice grip like hands. Suu tugged on the book attempting to pull it apart, but the guy just wouldn't let go. "SHHHHH!!! Trying to read." Another student was trying to find a book in the aisle next to where Suu was & he couldnt concentrate. Suu tugged on the book & quietly yelled . "NO YOU STAY THE FUCK OUTTA MY BUSSINESS!" Suu then turned back to the brute holding his book. "LET GO OF MY BOOK!!!". The guy tugged & Suu tugged , then Suu got tired of tugging & slit the guys wrist. He howled & the sound echoed through out the library as his hand dripped with blood & his grip on the book was released. Suu's temper soared, it took all that just to get a book! ' What is this guy's problem! Apprently he needs his ass beat. But yah know what imma just go before too much attention is drawn here' Suu quickly took off with the book in hand. He didn't want to be banned from the library for such a stupid act, but it was required, still other wouldn't see it as that. "Another day, another problem, I wonder if hell would have been better for me?"
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Books Make Men (Solo)
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