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 Shinigami? The Fifth Division Newbie! (Character Story Line - Solo)

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PostSubject: Shinigami? The Fifth Division Newbie! (Character Story Line - Solo)   Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:10 pm

Kyro adjusted his Kimono just a bit, his nervous behavior connected to the fact that, today, he was finally going to be moving into his Squad Barracks. His very first Squad, after changing his mind about joining the 13th Division, was the Fifth Division. He didn't know why he'd suddenly had the last second change of heart, but it didn't matter. He'd applied, and been accepted, and so here he was, standing outside the main gates. With one last look behind him, and then down at himself to make sure everything looked alright, Kyro looked up and strode into the Barracks. He received no stares, not even many second glances. Was he so foolish looking that people didn't even bother looking at him? Kyro's mind began to be crowded with panic, but he continued forward. He was to head to his Quarters and wait for someone to come and take him on a tour of the Barracks.

That's what he had been told, anyways. Kyro began to wonder who it was that would bring him on a tour, and sweat began to bead his forehead as worry continued to gnaw at his mind. Without realizing it, he made it to his room and entered without a single glance at the man standing beside the door. However, as he shut the door behind him, he realized that someone had been standing there, and so he quickly spun and yanked the door open again. He exited the room and stood before the man waiting for him.

"Are you the one who was sent to bring me on a tour of the Barracks?! I'm sorry, I must be late if you're already here! I'm sorry that I shut the door on you! Gah, now I'm pouring out all of my annoying apologies on you! I'm sorry for saying I'm sorry so much!" he cried, rushing the words so that they meshed together and most likely sounded absolutely foolish. Kyro felt his cheeks become red as the man before him laughed, but the red left his face as the man's hand landed on his shoulder. He stood up straight a few moments after it did, and he found himself looking at a man who looked to be in his later thirties, although Kyro knew he was actually far older than that. "Er, uh... My name is Kyro Nerra, fresh from the Academy and hopefully to be able to be of service to my fellow Squad Members....." he muttered, and the man smiled once more.

"It's fine, my boy. You aren't late in the slightest, I was just early, and I understand that you didn't seem to notice me. You seemed extremely nervous on your way over here, so I wasn't that surprised. My name is Sukeno Tennu. I am the Fifth Seat of the Fifth Division. A bit redundant in the number there, but eh, who cares?" replied the man. Kyro paled when he heard that he was the Fifth Seat of the Squad. He'd acted like such a fool, acted like he didn't care the man was here, when he'd been a seated member! Kyro prepared to bow again, and began to, but Sukeno caught him by the shoulder and kept him upright. "Now there's no need for all of these apologies and bows. I don't care about all of that formal crap. Don't call me Fifth Seat Tennu, just call me Sukeno, and don't act so formal, with the bows and such. If I had it my way, I'd just do away with all of it," said Sukeno with a yawn that was obviously fake, done to try and hide the grin spreading across the Fifth Seat's face.

"No, it isn't fine! I was so clumsy, and then completely ignored you just a few moments ago! It's disgraceful on my part! I should have paid more attention! I am sorry, Fifth Seat Tennu!" cried Kyro, bowing once more. He received an exasperated sigh from Sukeno at that, and Kyro's face went red once more. The Fifth Seat gave a small smile as Kyro stood straight once more, and for a moment, Kyro thought he was making fun of him. Then he saw that it was just an amused smile, and so he became even more embarrassed and turned away in an attempt to hide is now fire-red cheeks. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" cried Kyro once again. At this, Sukeno broke into laughter. Kyro once again thought he was making fun of him, so he looked down at the ground in defeat.

"You don't get it, do you? We of the Fifth Division, at least those that I actually associate with, don't care for formalities. If someone of a lower rank, or even unseated, speaks to me about something, I listen as if they were my equal, and try and give their voice a boost with my own. I try and make the Squad Members feel as at home as possible. I HOPE I'm able to do the same with you, but you seem like you'll be a hard nut to crack," said Sukeno. As Kyro listened to the Fifth Seat's explanation, the red slowly left his cheeks, and he realized that he had been over exaggerating with himself. He allowed a small smile to cross his face, which came from his realizing his own stupidity just moments ago. He held out his hand, and the Fifth Seat grinned and shook it. "That's more like it!" he said. Kyro, growing accustomed to simply talking as if the Fifth Seat were his friend.

"Alright, so, can we, uh, go ahead and get this tour of the Barrack's started? Or am I overstepping my bounds by asking that already..." said Kyro. Sukeno grinned; at least Kyro was making an effort. He turned and began to walk away. Realizing that Kyro probably wouldn't follow without him responding, WASN'T following him, actually, he turned and motioned for the new member to come along. Kyro smiled, and, in an act of instinct, bowed. Then he stood and began to follow Sukeno. As the Fifth Seat turned and began to walk again, he gave an exasperated sigh; this guy really WOULD be a piece of work.
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Shinigami? The Fifth Division Newbie! (Character Story Line - Solo)
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