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 Changing ones appearance (Solo)

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PostSubject: Changing ones appearance (Solo)   Wed Mar 30, 2011 6:00 pm

So far things were going without trouble, he had been able to pick up some help from a 12th division squad member, and he had permission to stay out in rukongai without any chances of being branded rogue, still he was reported to look into some bandits, and that was also what he was going to do, but that would be a secondary objective to him, his primary objective was to find that elusive necklace that had eluded him for so long, and now he was also getting trouble seeing if it really was his or if it was something else that had triggered him remembering it like that, and was it really to preserve himself that he was after it now, or was it something else that was pushing him ahead towards getting it.
However he had too much reputation around rukongai, so if he was to walk around and get wind of the necklace he would have to be unknown person, and he too had to be subtle about it, he would not want them to actively hide the information from him, so much had to be taken into consideration, Lavi never just went head on without thinking first anymore, at times he might even be over thinking stuff, but it had also saved his behind from time to time.
First Lavi went to a saloon to get his hair fixed, he would stand too much out with the red hair and the eye patch, he could also change his outlook on many ways, the eye patch had always been a choice for him to wear, his eye worked fine, to some amount at least, it could look very disturbing to some people, that was why he had used the eye patch to begin with, but it would be perfect to make sure no one will remember him, even though he would doubt that many would, not unless they were out for revenge, which was pretty likely due to Lavi's time killing for a living.
At the saloon Lavi had hair cut slightly shorter, and dyed to black, it took some time due to the whole thing of his hair being red at the time, but after getting it cut a bit shorter it was not so big a problem, as he stepped outside he was in his street clothes, he had not worn them for a long time, he had kept them around just for the memories, he never thought they would actually come in handy at any time.
He looked pretty much average for the area, his clothes did not remark him as a lowly street bum, but neither did it make him stand out as someone too wealthy, but certainly well off, he just had to use it well.
And so the hunt went on, Lavi asked around people, mostly no one had seen it, here and there he came across people who said they saw it at time but could not recall when, the search was going as well as ever, he was sure it was in rukongai somewhere at least, but some of the rumors he heard was confusing, that it was the property of some wealthy noble family years ago before it was stolen, that did not go over with Lavis own memory as there he had been the owner for a long time.
Lavi had stopped in an alley to double think his findings "Lavi you look really worried, are you sure that necklace was with you back then" Lavi had almost forgot about the little spirit that kept following him, it had become so natural with time, so he barely noticed it anymore "yea I am sure, my memory do not often betray me, I had that necklace when I arrived here, I amn sure of it" Haru sat on his shoulder looking a little worried "Okay I just think this might be getting dangerous" Lavi looked at his shoulder were Haru was "it was from the start, but I am not giving up now" He looked back towards the street, and he though to himself 'what is it really that is making me push so hard to get it' he went back to the streets, he could not get much more done tonight if he was to pick up Arawn in the morning so he headed back to his safe house, it was an old dusty building, he remember coming there a long time ago, it was pretty well hidden away, and no one had come there ever, so it was just little place for taking it easy.
He took the rest of the time to rest and let his mind slip into dreams where he could further think about what he had found out.

Everything was blurry, and he heard a faint voice "whats the matter boy, cant you find anything decent?" it was a tall figure, but he could not see anything but the figure in front of him, who could it be that was talking "yea you can be right about that, none of these looks very fancy or fits you well" Looking around him there was building and a street, he was not sure where it was, but he felt very small with the surroundings "okay I think I got something for you around here somewhere, how about this one, it is not really a necklace, it is more like a key, maybe you will someday discover what it unlocks?" as he looked back at the figure the man was handing him the necklace he remembered from wearing in the rukongai, he grabbed hold of it, and examined it in front of himself, but then darkness spread over everything, and when he could see again the necklace was gone.
Lavi flew up from his blankets, it was just a dream he thought to himself, he looked outside, it was still dark, figured there would not be long to sunrise, he had to go to the southern gate where he had said he would meet Arawn, he got up and made his way to the meeting point at the gate.
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Changing ones appearance (Solo)
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