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 The Last Day Before His Future (Solo)

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PostSubject: The Last Day Before His Future (Solo)   Sun Mar 27, 2011 7:39 pm

The surprise Graduation was tomorrow. Kyro paced in his room, the tension in his body and mind having built to an unnerving crescendo. He'd already taken care of everything save for his goodbyes, but he was getting ready to do that now. He would go before each class formally, and say his goodbye before everyone in the classes. That was what he had decided, and that was what he would do. However, it was still nerve-racking to know that it was the last day at the Academy, the last day before he was cast into a strange, unknown world. What would it be like to be a real Shinigami? To go to the Real World? To fight Hollow? All of these questions and more were invading his thoughts. The fact that no one could answer them save for himself after he left made it even worse, and an odd feeling hit the pit of his stomach.

Deciding that he needed to get moving, he left his room and headed for the Library to begin with the Librarian. He pulled the door leading into the Library open, and entered, the comfort of such a familiar place removing some of the doubt that had started to enter Kyro's mind. As he entered, the Librarian stood, smiling, to greet him. Kyro walked over to her, slowly, so that he could take in the room completely for the last time. At least, while he was an Academy Student. He wouldn't return to any of the classes after he said his goodbyes, which meant he wouldn't return to the Library until he was officially a Shinigami.

"I came to say my goodbyes, but to you and this Library, it's really just something symbolic, since the Library is open to Shinigami as well, not just Academy Students," said Kyro, and the Librarian gave him a warm smile in response. Kyro shook her hand, and then turned and walked around the Library. In his mind, he said goodbye over and over again, even though he knew he could return after he graduated. He wouldn't be coming back for awhile, though, as he would have to move into his Barracks, adjust, the works. It would still be a while before he could return. He headed back to the door, sighing. "I'll be back once I'm all set up as a Soul Reaper..." he muttered, and then he left the Library for the last time as an Academy Student.

Kyro made his way through the school, taking his time in each class so that everything had a sense of finality. He made his way to the Kidou Training Courtyard, and was asked to demonstrate some Kidou for the class, just so they could see what the finished product of a Student who had been training at the Academy for so long looked like. He performed several of the Kidou that every Student learned, though stronger than some would think, since Kidou happened to be Kyro's specialty, and after he finished, he left to the sound of applause from the teacher and the students. A smile made its way across Kyro's face as he left, and he was finally satisfied. There was just one last thing to be done. Kyro made his way to the Academy's Main Courtyard, ready to finish his goodbyes with the biggest one of them all.

As he reached the Courtyard, and moved to a few feet from the gate that let out from the Aademy. He turned towards the entire complex besides the gate, as its expanse was now laid out before him. He smiled inwardly, and then allowed memories of his time at the Academy to flood his mind. This was the final act of letting go, and he knew it. He allowed these thoughts to slam into his mind, and then he filtered them out, one by one, letting each one go so that he would have no attachments to the Academy when he left the next day. Finally, as he let go of his last memory, he knew he was ready for the final step in saying goodbye. He looked across at the Academy, and bowed before the greatest friend he had ever known.

He stood back up, and grinned, a sudden giddiness overtaking him. He'd finally finished his goodbyes, and it felt so good to do so. This was his first step to achieving his dreams of becoming a powerful Shinigami. In a sudden burst of energy, he took off across the Academy, not using Flash Step, as he wouldn't be able to master that until he was a Shinigami, but instead simply sprinting as fast as he could. He ended up making a complete lap of the Academy, ending up back in the Main Courtyard, out of breath, and yet grinning at the same time. It wasn't the same kind of energy burst he had experienced a few weeks ago during Kidou Training in the middle of the night. It had simply been his giddiness culminating into a strange energy boost. He leaned back and erupted into laughter. That was what he called a goodbye!
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The Last Day Before His Future (Solo)
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