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 An Important Decision (Solo)

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PostSubject: An Important Decision (Solo)   Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:52 pm

It was three days before Kyro would leave the Academy behind forever. Three days left, and yet, he still hadn't said a single goodbye, or prepared beyond collecting his things. Why? Because he had to make an important decision. What was this decision? Kyro had to decide what the first Squad he was going to apply to join was. There were 13 Divisions, and yet, he had no idea which one he wanted to join. He had ruled out the 11th Division, since straight out hand-to-hand combat was in no way his specialty. He had also ruled out the 2nd Division, as he was definitely not a silent person in battle, or anywhere else for that matter. That left eleven other Squads to choose from. However, none of the other squads really specialized in anything, meaning that he had to choose one based more on preference for numbers than preference for specialities.

He was currently in the Library, since it was the middle of the day and if he were to go anywhere else he would be intruding on one of the classes. It was odd to still be living in the Academy, and wearing the Academy Uniform, and yet, not actually going to classes. He had to spend his entire library either wandering the halls, in the Main Courtyard, in his room, or here, in the Library. Doing that all day for an entire week didn't exactly make for an exciting time. Kyro was looking at a book about the history of the Shinigami, but suddenly felt like doing something to stretch his legs, so he stood and returned the book to where he had found it, leaving the Library once he had and heading for the Main Courtyard. He had to do something to get his blood pumping, and since the Courtyard was the only open area with no one using it, that was the only place he could go to do something like that. Once he reached the Courtyard, he moved to the center and drew his Zanpakutou, beginning to move through simple sequences to get warmed up.

After warming up, he moved into the more complex sequences, which allowed him to think more smoothly. Which squad would he decide on? He still wasn't sure, and yet, he seemed to be gravitating towards the 13th Squad. Why he felt like joining them was lost to even himself, but that was what he was thinking at the moment. Kyro was startled from his sequences by the sound of Academy Students heading to their next classes. He turned to the walkway that had stairs leading into the Main Courtyard as Students began to head across it, on their way to their classes. Kyro gave a rueful smile, and finally realized that he truly was going to miss this place. This had been his home for an incredibly long time. Everything he knew was here, even the stuff that he hated. However, he had dealt with all of that already. He knew he was ready to leave.

"Guess I may as well catch up on all of my lost sleep while I still have the chance," muttered Kyro, and so he moved to the walkway and began walking to his room. As he walked through the hallways, he received several glances from other students. The names of those chosen for the surprise graduation had spread through the Academy like a wildfire, and now Kyro was constantly being watched by the other students. It was actually a bit awkward for him, to have all of the Students watching him all day. He hated having any sort of attention. As he reached his room and opened the door, he found that he had suddenly grown weary, and simply lay down on his bed and thought of his upcoming graduation from the Academy. Of course, he also thought of what Squad he was to join.

"The 13th Division... something about that just seems right to me. Yeah, I suppose that should be my Squad. I'll need to remember so I can apply to join..." murmured Kyro, and then he drifted off to sleep, as everything happening in the past week, and even before that, finally culminated into an unresistible urge to simply sleep, and to worry about his future when he awoke. That kind of urge shouldn't, and more importantly couldn't, be ignored. So, Kyro slept, and he dreamt, and knew that he had made a good decision. The first squad he would apply to would most definitely be the 13th Division. After all, it was the largest number in the Gotei 13!
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An Important Decision (Solo)
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