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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 The Unleashed Fury of “Something Crazy” (Solo)

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PostSubject: The Unleashed Fury of “Something Crazy” (Solo)   Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:01 am

Part 8 (Final)– The Unleashed Fury of “Something Crazy”

Tatsuya trained for an uncalculable amount of time to reach his destination. Tonight was the night, the complete culmination of his unfettered determination. Tonight he walked into the wooded area with not so much as a water bottle. All he carried was himself and his zanpakuto. Tonight he would take the final step to the completion of his unnamed technique. He walked deeper into the woods then before, he wanted to be completely isolated from the populace.

When he reached a suitable destination he drew his sword and looked over it. As long as he has had it, he never really took the time to admire it. The fullmoon in the sky did well to accent the blade, making it shimmer in perfection. He lightly swung it through the air and admired the deadly beauty. Back when he first started training, he had already decided for the final trial, that he would do so only once. He reminded himself that if he made one misstep or got even the slightest scratch, all of his previous training sessions were worth nothing. He would not warm up tonight, he wanted to train as if he was in an unsuspecting fight; no time to stretch and warm up the muscles.

Tatsuya dashed forward through the woods and quickly unsheathed his zanpakuto with his right hand, slashing horizontally straight through a tree positioned just slightly to his right. After slashing through the tree Tatsuya could hear it beginning to topple over slowly. He threw his zanpakuto spinning straight into the air as he continued pass the falling tree. Using shunpo, he went in the air himself straight towards another tree giving it a quick hard flurry of punches and kicks causing that tree to fall over. He used shunpo again and grasped the sword at the height of the throw in his left hand. He sliced through the first tree that had been falling towards him at the time he targeted the second tree, making it smaller.

He then threw his zanpakuto at a spinning downward angle and kicked the upper portion of the tree he had sliced through twice. He used shunpo and arrived on the ground only to pound on a tree with three powerful palm strikes. Tatsuya quickly turned his body to the left, dragging his right leg forward, and gliding his hands through the air, while his eyes were focused off in the distance. The sword passed perfectly through his gliding hands nearly cutting off his right hand; missing it by a hair. He gripped the hilt with both hands at the exact same instance the blade embeded in the tree and just as instantly, cut straight up, splitting the tree down the middle.

Just as Tatsuya split the tree in half, he heard the first tree hit the ground and then shortly after that, the second tree did the same. He had been moving at an incredible speed. He never really guaged how fast he was moving, and he was pleased with the result. He walked through the area, examining the trees he had attacked. Each one had clear indentions where he had struck, and the cuts were prefectly smooth. He decided that it would be best not to stay in one area for a particularly long time. He didn’t want to attract any attention if anyone was near by, even though he was sure no one was in the immediate area. He was extremely happy with the results of his training. He had finally completed his technique. He began to walk to a different area to finish out the night. With the sword in his right hand he threw it spinning into the air over him as he walked forward. Maintaining his motions he kept his gaze forward and grasped his sheath with his left hand, pulling it forward as far as it would go still tied to his sash. The sword came spinning down and landed perfectly inside the sheath as Tatsuya walked forward. “Heh, now what am I going to call this deadly technique. All I know is that it is ‘Something Crazy’.” He smiled and commented to himself as he searched for a new area.


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The Unleashed Fury of “Something Crazy” (Solo)
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