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 Academy Graduation: Surprise! (Solo)

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PostSubject: Academy Graduation: Surprise! (Solo)   Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:11 pm

Kyro, as well as the rest of the students, were in an uproar, though not one of anger. It had just been announced that a select few of the students would soon be chosen to graduate into the Gotei 13 in a surprise graduation for those that the faculty believed to be ready for the duties of a Soul Reaper. Thoughts of finally escaping the Academy engulfed Kyro's mind, and as he left the room with the surge of the crowd, he began to lose himself in thoughts of grandeur, where he imagined himself bravely fighting and defeating the highest of the Espada on his own. Of course, even if it wasn't fantasies that could never come true, such strength was an extremely long ways away. He had no doubt that he would never reach that sort of power, the power needed to face an Espada. Even if such a thing were to ever be possible for him, it was so far away, that he almost choked.

"I can't believe this is happening! I wonder who will get chosen? Definitely not me, 'cause I'm just a newbie here, but what about that kid? You know the one I'm talking about," Kyro heard someone say, and he looked in that student's direction to see him quickly look away. He had been looking at Kyro? Why would he be looking at him? He'd been fantasizing about even getting chosen for the surprise graduation, but some students actually thought that it would happen? Kyro smiled inwardly; it was probably just the naivete of the new students that caused them to think in such a way. There was no way he'd be one of the students chosen.

The students were eventually told to return to their classes, and so Kyro found himself heading towards his next class, basic Kidou training. He moved with purpose, and as the class reached the courtyard for training, he prepared himself to show the other students, and the faculty, what he was made of, just in case some of them really did think that he should be chosen for the surprise graduation. However, before the class could start, he was pulled away from the rest of his class and escorted through the Academy to meet with some of the faculty about something 'of extreme importance.' Tension built up inside of him, and then he reached the main Courtyard, where the majority of the faculty, and about five other students, were assembled. Kyro was escorted to where the other students were, and then left so that his escort could return to the Headmaster. The teachers waited silently, and the six students assembled, including Kyro, began to grow worried. Were they about to be punished for something? Had they done something wrong? The worry continued to gnaw at his stomach, until finally one final teacher came into the courtyard and joined the others. This same teacher moved to the front of the others, and began to speak.

"After deliberating about ourselves for quite awhile, it has been decided that you are the six that will be chosen for the Academy's surprise graduation. You have each shone great skill in almost every area, although every student has his or her weak areas. That, however, doesn't matter at this moment. What DOES matter, is that you six have been chosen to graduate in a week's time. This means that you six need to prepare to leave the Academy. You will not be attending classes, as you will be collecting your things and making preparations for leaving. Be sure to say any goodbyes, as once you leave here, you will not be able to see any of your friends until they graduate as well. Thank you for doing so well here at the Academy. We are proud to have taught such bright students as you six," said the teacher, and then he stepped back and allowed the students to talk excitedly amongst themselves. Kyro didn't join in the conversation. No, his mind had just been completely blown away. Him, chosen to be a special candidate for a surprise graduation! The fact that such a thing had happened to him completely blew him away!

"Now, you six are dismissed to begin collecting your things. Remember, you have until the day before the graduation to finish anything you need to get done. After that, you will go through the graduation, and then will be sent from the Academy to find your squads," said a different teacher, and immediately, all six of the students, including Kyro, bolted from the courtyard, ready to begin getting ready to leave the Academy. Such a momentous occasion made Kyro wish he actually had any friends to tell about it. However, it didn't matter that he had no such things. This honor was, in and of itself, everything Kyro had ever wished for. He made it to his bedroom and ran inside, immediately beginning to collect everything he owned and putting it on his bed. Anything that had been here when he'd arrived would stay, except for his Zanpakutou and a few other things here and there. Kyro attached his Zanpakutou to his hip, and grinned, imagining what it would be like to finally be a real Shinigami. Such an accomplishment! His many years at the Academy were finally paying off!

Suddenly, a hard reality struck Kyro; he'd be leaving everything he knew behind and heading towards a future he had almost no control of. That made him stop and think. There was on way he wasn't going to accept becoming a Shinigami, but still, something on this big of a scale. Then, Kyro thoughts on every lesson he had learned at the Academy came to his mind, and with another surge of emotions, Kyro realized that he was more ready than he would ever be. It was time to let go of everything that had happened at the Academy, and allow his future to be cast upon him. He moved to the center of the room, and bowed, a symbolic thing that allowed him to let go. It was time to look to his future...
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Academy Graduation: Surprise! (Solo)
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