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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Healing Ginto?!?

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PostSubject: Healing Ginto?!?   Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:21 pm

German name: Heilen.

English translation: Heal

Effect: A Quincy opens up a Ginto tube and spreads the liquid Reiryoku over a wounded area. Then, after applying a small bit of their Reiryoku the Ginto acts as a strong healing salve. This salve is capable of sealing lacerations and healing major burns

Drawbacks: This technique is a constant drain on the users Reiryoku and takes at least ten minutes to heal anything greater than a small gash. Each Ginto tube can only be spread in a 1-2 square foot diameter.

Rank requirement: 1-6

Rank 1 - Able to heal 1st degree burns over 10 minutes and 2nd degree burns after 20 minutes. Small cuts are healed after 10 minutes and fairly shallow gashes, 2-4 inches deep in 20. 1 square foot diameter
Rank 2 - Able to spread one ginto tube over a 2 square foot diameter with the same effects as rank 1.
Rank 3 – All times from rank 1 are cut in half with the addition of being able to heal 3rd degree burns in 30 minutes. Gashes that reach the bone can now be healed. A a 3 square inch diameter pierce of the body such as an arrow going through your shoulder can also be healed in 30 minutes.
Rank 4 – Able so spread one ginto tube over a 2 square foot diameter with the same effects as rank 1.
Rank 5- All times from rank 3 are cut in half. This salve is now acts quickly enough to mend shallow sword cuts in battle. Three posts to mend a shallow cut from a sword and five to mend a 2nd degree burn.
Rank 6- Limbs can now be reattached but leaves the Quincy vulnerable for a three hour period while the salve is in effect. At this level of healing the combined Reiryoku of two Quincy, including the person with the DE limb if he is spiritually aware and conscious. is needed. One Quincy’s Reiryoku is used to prevent major blood-loss while the other’s to focus on the actual healing of the tissue and bone.

Ginto tube requirement: 1+

German name: Gerinnsel

English translation: Clot

Rank requirement: 3

Ginto tube requirement: 1 per section you wish to prevent from bleeding.

Effect: The Quincy applies the liquid Reiryoku of the Ginto tube to an area that is bleeding profusely. The Reiryoku then stops all bleeding temporarily after saying the chant.

Drawbacks: Maintaining this technique is a minor drain on the Quincy’s Reiryoku pool.

Chant: May the Chalice extend my livelihood through this turmoil.
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Healing Ginto?!?
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