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 Asleep in the Library *Solo*

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PostSubject: Asleep in the Library *Solo*   Asleep in the Library *Solo* I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 3:29 pm

Kaiyo's eyes drifted shut, the background rumblings of the vast library all fading into silence as she slowly lowered her head onto the book in front of her. Her arms moving round her as her hat tipped off her head and lay strewn next to the girl. Silently sleeping of important matters...

The faint echo of footsteps clicked across the darkness. Kaiyo rolled over with a mild grumble, 'No, leave me alone i want sleep'. It had been a while since she'd had a good nights sleep. Lacking in her usual sugary energy, she had been more sleepy, and being unable to release her energy in combat had just made Kaiyo a bit more twitchy. Combined with her blocking out her own Zanpakuto from her dreams, Kaiyo was in a bit of a mess. Tenrai Zanpyou had appeared to change that. The footsteps drew closer, the sound booming around the darkness as Kaiyo shut her eyes more tightly shut. Refusing to allow it. The girl just wanted rest, without the hassle of 'talking' to Tenrai.

In an instant, Kaiyo felt something grab onto the material at the back of her neck. Her eyes opening just in time to be thrown backwards. Flipping straight back the girl skidded to a halt on one knee. It was Tenrai, she knew it was, what she couldn't figure out was why it was so dark. 'Oh i think you've slept enough Kai' The snarling voice of her Zanpakuto floating through the air, it's direction un-determinable. Opening her mouth to question this new reality, she was cut off by Zenpyou's words. 'Remember your inner world is a reflection of your emotional state Kaiyo...You plunged us into this darkness'. Murmuring guilt swept through the girl.

Kaiyo lowered her heard for a moment, sighing heavily as she looked straight back up. 'Then make it light again!' she yelled. Clearly not in the mood for any thought that might concern deeper notions. Kaiyo twisted around quickly as she felt something brush against the side of her hand, Zenpyou's soft lion mane. 'We all know it's not that simple...' The girl clenched her fists tightly at her side, trying to avoid an outburst with all her might.


'How's your hip? New sword feels heavier doesn't it?' the smirking tone of Tenrai was close, very close. The woman's warm breath prickled against Kaiyo's ear as she spoke, flinching to one side. The lack of sight was really starting to piss her off. It was true though, Tenrai Zenpyou was never so weighted at her hip. The sword that's soul resided within her own had been like a feather in comparison. At it's rightful place, and not hidden away with Shiku. Her crystal blue eyes glimmered with anger.

'It's not a new sword, it's just part of' 'Your disguise, we know Kai' Tenrai interjected. The woman herself was starting to sound more angered by the situation as well, her words laced with sarcasm. God Tenrai annoyed her. 'Don't say it like that! I had no choice and you know it!' she yelled back, spinning around where she stood, unable to direct her words. 'You had a choice' whispered venom in her ear. Kaiyo swung around with a hook, swiping straight through the air. 'What and just let everyone i care about suffer!'. Her heart rate was speeding up, adrenaline surging through her body as she held her stance. Her senses on high alert.

An immediate pain at her feet dropped her to the floor, the voice towering over where she lay. 'Oh please, you're not strong enough to handle a few badies?' A mocking voice of Kaiyo's twisted around her ears. Kaiyo dropped her head back flat against the cold floor. Her gaze caught by a thundering bolt of lightning in the sky above her. Engulfed by the black abyss, the rattling energy burst for only a second. A murmur of hope within the abandoned. The girl sat bolt upright, closing her eyes for a steady breath. 'Where's my sword?' she called clearly. 'You tell us' the snarky reply of Tenrai tickled her back.

Kaiyo leapt back up to her feet, her eyes still shut as she began steadily marching forwards. Hey eyes were no use, and she could focus more on sensing it without her vision. It was whispering light that was swaying in the darkness. The thunderous cracking of the sky grew louder as Kaiyo sped up. Tenrai's voice appearing next to her. 'Race ya'. Her foot hit the ground, pressing forwards in an instant as she began to sprint forwards, her arms pumping at her side as a steady intake of air pushed in and out of her lungs. Her hair was flickering behind her as she bounced ever so slightly with each step, her loose clothing pressing rapidly against her body. It was close. Tenrai was still level pegging with Kaiyo, she could tell. Just sense the woman was so near to her.

There it was! Kaiyo turned to her left slightly, throwing her body forwards as she skidded across the ground, her hand grasping the sheath and twisting it around with her as she moved. Pulling the blade from it's case as she spun around, shouting as loudly as her lungs would allow as the shimmering tip of the blade extended out to Tenrai's throat. 'Light the sky, Tenrai Zenpyou!'

The rumbling above faltered for a moment, erupting in a maelstrom of golden light that bolts down to the floor, sending a shock wave of energy sweeping past the girl. Like a rush of air, her eyes widened as the illuminated arena was left in it's wake. The very place she had fought for her Bankai. Kaiyo couldn't help but smile at the rush of power that had leapt and sparking from her body. Her golden yellow reiatsu lashing against the ground like a wave in the middle of the ocean. Curling in on itself as the world turned brighter. Another breeze brushed her soft blonde hair in front of her eyes. 'You can't hide your true appearance in here Kaiyo' Zenpyou padded along the soft blades of grass next to the girl. His golden mane glistening under the blue sky.

Kaiyo's eyes lifted up to Tenrai. Her left hand still holding the sheath at her hip, the girl twisted her wrist, smiling lightly at the blissful serenity her own Zanpakuto brought. The blonde girl dropped the pale be sheath, her hand slowly wrapping around the handle of her blade. The very texture bringing warmth and energy to her. 'Heh, ready to go a couple rounds?' she smirked?' Her large blue eyes remaining confidently on the woman.

Tenrai stepped closer, her hand slowly reaching towards Kaiyo's glistening sword as she pushed it down with her hand. Her expression serene, for once as she spoke. 'I would Kai, but you gotta wake up...' Kaiyo scrunched up her face lightly in confusion, 'huh?'

'I said wake up! This is an area for silent study and not sleeping!' the librarian snapped. The brown haired girl sitting bolt up right in a flash. Taking a moment to take in her changed surroundings, she just stared blankly at the woman. Her lips eventually curling upwards as her eyes softened. 'Sorry Miss' she mumbled, lowered her head to feign sincerity.

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Asleep in the Library *Solo*
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