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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 On the Prowl(solo)

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PostSubject: On the Prowl(solo)   Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:46 pm

A whisper, a word, a deadly one, one that can drive someone insane… Driving someone to insanity is a powerful urge, one to harm, one to gain equality, one to take life, This word is revenge…

Junko was hunting, her chainmail removed, and her platemail was on. Her boots removed, to make her lighter on her feet. One snap of a twig and she would be in a spot. She was dirty, her body damp from sweat, She was tracking a scout from the bandits that had killed her parents.

Tracking is something she was good at as a child, and with 700 years between then… she was rusty, but this scout was either deaf or ignorant, and most likely the latter.

Junko’s feet were clad in the plate that ran to her ankles and no more… the feet clad in leather shoes.

There was a snaping of a twig behind her and Junko knew she was in trouble.

5 men and 3 women step out from the tree’s… each about 50-70 feet away, and the scout rushed back making it 9 on one…

“You seem keen enough to track our activities, and yet dull enough to fall into such a simple ambush, Now tell us how you know of our scouting…”

Junko had dropped her weight low, her hand on her zanpaktou, she would die… and these bandits had already outfoxed her here… Next thing you know was that she would fall into a pitfall trap.

“You refuse to tell us, fine Kill…”

“Hado 3 Crimson Strike!”

Junko drew her sword and stuck her palm torward the scout, It happened to interrupt his command, which means she had about a half a second before they reacted and charged…

This gave Junko the time to start,
“Bakuto 5 Senko!”

She thrust her hand in the air as the kido activated and closed her eyes… She opened them and surveyed her surroundings quickly…

5 of her attackers had fallen, clutching their eyes in pain… 3 of them were still charging, the closest was the only woman still standing, probably not even out of her teenage years in appearance, However she knew that the years did not have the same toll on a person as in the real world...

Junko said,
“Hado 2 Reel”

The kido tripped her up, Junko had to sidestep and left an arm out and let the girl’s head hit her forearm plate… Hard…

The two that were coming had closed the distance slower than expected, probably expecting the girl to take her down pretty effortlessly.

They were wrong, and Junko was ready to deal with them… Junko waited, waited, waited… NOW!!!

Both men attacked… One with a stab with his katana, and the other with his arms up in the air for a downward slash…

Junko deflected the stab with her blade and stepped forward and back, leaving the man with his arms raised open and in range to her left… Junko finished him, a spin and a slash left him trying to hold his intestines in his body… Junko looked around… the other bandits were recovering…

Junko ran back the way she had come from… Yelling as her arm trailed…

“Hado 4 White Lightning!”

She skewered the remaining unaffected man… and she sprinted for her life… escaping to the district to where she had started her prowl…
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On the Prowl(solo)
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