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 A hunter in the night (solo)

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PostSubject: A hunter in the night (solo)   Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:26 am

The night was fresh as Apollo sat among the roots of a knurly rowan tree, trying to calm his troubled mind after the embarrassing spectacle he had made of himself when he picked and lost a fight he had picked with the squad eleven captain. Apollo’s thoughts snarled and snapped in his head as he chewed himself out, how could I have been so stupid, it is not like I didn’t know she was a captain. Her robes and authority stated that fact clearly.

The full moon had just risen over the trees as Apollo heard someone trying to approach his glade stealthily. “You know sneaking up on a stranger that carries a blade is a very bad idea right?” Opening his eyes Apollo scanned the clearing and was surprised to see that no one was there; when he concentrated he was frustrated not to feel any other reiatsu than his own. Standing up he walked out towards the center of the clearing, “I know you’re out there, I heard you, now show yourself.”

“It may be stupid not to carry a blade, but I shall not need it to stop you.” Apollo’s eyes went wide as a gentle, although threatening voice chimed in his ear. Turning a full one-hundred and eighty degrees Apollo drew his blade in a flash, but was stopped dead by the sight that greeted his startled eyes.

A silver-haired, blue eyed girl was standing there where Apollo had been sitting not two moments before. She wore the robes of an academy student though they appeared to have been made for someone much larger than herself. Her hands and feet were hidden in the folds of the robe, along with who knows what else, though she appeared to be unarmed. “I saw your fight against the captain yesterday, I am sorry that you were beaten to a bloody pulp.” The silver-haired girl chimed with a sympathetic smile.

Snarling he glared at the girl, “So you came here to stare at the student that everyone has deemed unworthy to join the 13 court guard squads, is that it?” Apollo’s voice took on a tone of disgust as he continued, “You are just like all the other students at that disgrace of an academy, leave now while you can still walk away.”

“Who said I was a student>” the young woman smirked as she stared at Apollo locking her gaze with his. Her unearthly gaze seemed to penetrate all the way through him as if she stared at the true essence of Apollo.

“You wear the robes of a student, and judging from the color you are the same year as me.”

Pulling the robes tighter around herself the girl smiled, “Oh no I am not a student, I merely borrowed these. I do love the color though, it really brings out my eyes, no?” the girl raised her arm to brush her hair away so Apollo could see her eyes better, as she did so he noticed her nails were the same translucent silver as her hair. “That and they are rather warm on a chilled, moonlit night like tonight.”

“So you are a thief?” Apollo voice took on a practiced calm as his blade fell so that the point was perpendicular to the ground and held lithely in his left hand. This stance was practiced and only a trained eye would see that he was ready to attack in an instant. “If that were true, how did you see the captain and I fight?”

“No, I merely borrowed the robes because I was cold. As for the fight; you really should be more careful with your locations. I was in the same tree that you so recklessly stabbed that sword into.” The girl’s face went pouty for just a second as she continued to stare him down. “Though it was worth the danger to see someone like you get beaten to a blubbering mess, I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of the tree.”

That was the last straw; Apollo sprang at the girl his blade coming from the side to strike the girl’s shoulder with the flat side. “I am tired of your interruption, if you came here to make fun of me, I will make you leave.”

The girl smirked raising her hand and catching his blade the girl flipped Apollo into the air and kicking him into the rowan tree. “Rule one: Never fight mid-air; it is quite impossible for someone like you to dodge.”

Apollo was dumbstruck, how can she possibly move that fast, and be that strong? Struggling to his feet Apollo’s face was a mask of grim determination. “That was pretty good for a thief; let’s see if you get lucky again.” Apollo charged once more this time, he switched hands and attacked from the right.

Seeing the change in tactic the girl smirked as he got in close she caught his blade and held it there as Apollo struggled to get it free. In a quick succession girl landed five punches across Apollo’s chest. “Rule two: When fighting an opponent that is able to use both hands independently avoid close combat all costs.” The girl smirked as she let go of the blade and Apollo stumbled backwards breathless.

“Guess I better stop holding back.”

“You would do well to remember these rules; they might save your life one day.” The little girl chimed as she laughed innocently then her face went deathly serious. “That is if you can survive the initial lessons.”

Throwing his blade at the girl’s torso Apollo charged after it and dived aiming to snap her ankle with kick. “Catch!”

The girl’s smile faltered as the blade scratched her shoulder, side stepping the slide kick she landed a hard blow on Apollo’s right shoulder, smiling to herself as he felt the bone pop and crack. “Rule three: When striking an opponent, aim to disable the region you strike, with one blow if possible.” The girl’s blue eyes had turned cold as he picked up the sword and stuck it into the ground by Apollo’s head, “Get up your lessons aren’t finished yet.”

Apollo’s vision was swimming from the pain in his shoulder, I can’t pass out now, I refuse to give in to the pain. Standing Apollo glared at the girl as his reiatsu became visible and crackled into the air. Trying to move his left arm was futile, he grimaced in pain as he tucked it inside his robe to keep it from thrashing about as he pulled his blade from the ground. “You are really quite a fighter, though you made the mistake of getting yourself trapped between me and that tree. I have you now that you can’t dodge.”

He charged once more prepared to use the sharp side of his blade when the girl jumped straight from the ground to the lowest branches that stood 20 ft in the air. “Rule four: Never fight a cornered opponent when you don’t know what he is capable of.” Then with a few well placed punches the girl sent branches down raining sharp broken side first, it took all of Apollo’s concentration to dodge, he didn’t notice the girl jump down behind him. “Rule five: Never give your opponent the high ground.”

Turning the look on his face was pure fury, “How did you?” Apollo was speechless as he thought up a new plan in his head. Planting his blade into the ground Apollo pointed with his good arm, “Hado number four: White Lightning.” The blast arced through the clearing racing towards its target.

The silver haired girl smirked as she raised her hand deflecting it with only her palm, “Rule six: When fighting an opponent with magic, never use magic against him unless you are sure you can overpower them. I could kill you with what you do not know, but I find playing with you is much more fun.”

The repercussion from the blast made the girls hair blow sideways as it hit a wall of trees to the girls right, sending splinters and shards of trunks raining down on them both. Apollo swatted a few of these toward the girl and then hoping to throw her off balance a quick spell, “Hado number one: Cho!”

The spell had no effect, but to make the girl smile as she dance between the shards, not one had hit her. Clapping she applauded Apollo, “Good you already know Rule seven: If forced to fight a stronger wielder of kido, use what you know efficiently with as little strain as possible.” The girl smirked and laughed again, “You have also demonstrated a comprehension of Rule eight: Always fight with your entire being, hold nothing back.” The little girl charged Apollo ready to go on the offense for the first time, “Now who is the one trapped?”

How can I be so stupid, letting her take my only exit away? I will give her this much she is fast…really fastApollo was ready to defend, as he dodged two of the girls attacks and managed to counter attack once, but was quickly backed up against the tree, the girl was getting ready to finish the fight, Now I have lost to two little girls, I will never live this down. Stumbling Apollo feel backwards as the girl approached.

“Rule nine: When trapped, always remember there is always a way out; you just haven’t tried hard enough.” The girl landed another punch on his right shoulder as she dislocated it she spoke again, “And finally we have Rule ten: Finish with some cool dialogue, no matter whether or not you win matters not.” As she drew her arm back for the final blow she smiled, “Now Apollo I hope you remember these, they are going to save your life one day, but as for right now it is time for you to wake up.”

The final punch never made contact as Apollo fell from his chair in the library, What was that…a dream, a vision, or something else? Rotating both of his shoulders he groaned as he inspected them both, and was not surprised to find two bruises already dark and purple. “It was you wasn’t it?” Apollo asked looking towards his blade that was laid across the table.
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A hunter in the night (solo)
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